NandoMcFlyy - Amsterdam f. Peter Bjorn & John

Speaking of DMV artists, here's something new from the artist formerly known as NandoMcFlyy.

DOWNLOAD: NandoMcFlyy - Amsterdam f. Peter Bjorn & John

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    I mean this is dope but the second peter bjorn track rocked over by more than one artist? come on man your an artist this is your job do your research

  • Wow…

    Wow yet another undeground rapper changing their name as they get a fan base, following B.o.B., P.CASSO, Print and all the others... It never gets old, and doesn't hurt your fanbase at all.

  • robocop

    i dont like this nigger giving me the finger when i come to my favorite website

  • black

    i know a'lot of dope dmv artists who submit music to this website yet i never see none of their shyt get posted but this guy get's posted? it's ok he needs work

  • George Clooney

    Why is that considered a feature? If he jacked a Rolling Stones tune without their knowledge and rocked it like his own song, would you call that a feature too?

  • Lega-c

    Nando murdered this song! Haters please step back..


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