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Pac Div x Alexa Chung (Video)

blame it on Meka August 31, 2009

Like, Mibbs and BeYoung on MTV? Maybe more of this type stuff will get me to stop crossing out the “M” now…

“Whiplash” >

  • sanetomo

    no vid keep the M crossed

  • james dean

    ^^^ no bullshit

  • peeee


  • Smh, they probably realized Pac Div is actually music and panicked.

  • s_

    sorry this video is no longer available? wtf. SMH

  • dev

    my tongue will run circles around Alexa Chung. YUMMMMMM

  • s_

    directly at MTV we can watch it – http://www.mtv.com/videos/misc/432755/pac-div-as-hip-hop-underdogs.jhtml#id

    so proud of the boys.. ppl are gonna be schooled on pac div in no time

  • If U Notice MTV is putting on alot of these rookies

    Asher Roth – whos always ont ehy comercials and he was at spring break
    same for Kid Cudi and Drake and they got Wale performing at the VMA’S
    they gave Murs spotlight before,

    MTV jams is always playing the freshman class its a great look

  • Mark_One

    yea I noticed that too glad to see that.. Pac Div is ILL people will soon start listenin I got much respect for these dudes. Glad their holdin down for SoCal

  • No longer available?
    This is the bullshit.

  • I actually write the scripts for all of the reality shows on MTV

  • i love how t.v shows use brit’s as hosts because of their accents now *cough* *cough*. and i was just forced to watch a 15 second ad when the video is unavailable, what kind of b.s is this… soon actual songs will have ad’s like this -_-

  • Dolce

    I chant Whiplash whenever someone gets a face full of karma lol.