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Rock City & Don Cannon – PTFAO: The Saga Continues (Mixtape)

blame it on Shake August 31, 2009

The Rock City boys link up with Don Cannon for their latest installment of their P(ut) T(he) F(ucking) A(lbum) O(ut) series. Until I get a larger version of the artwork, the above shot is all you get. I’ll update when one comes through.

Tracklist + Download link after the jump…

DOWNLOAD: PTFAO: The Saga Continues | Megaupload

  • Guess what?

    I heard Charles Hamilton wrote this

  • twoface

    thats what he would tell you..haha

  • Jaybird


    has the cover images. :) RIGHT ABOUT NOW!

  • AreEn

    Seriously, are they ever putting an album out?

  • “has the cover images. :) RIGHT ABOUT NOW!”

    umm… yea, there the same size as what i got. i want atleat 500px or i aint changing my post.

  • Spektah

    Are these guys any good?

  • bonitoave

    ^ rock city are hella good

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  • Are these guys any good?

    ^ too good!



  • JuSt So YaLL KnOw.
    I’m DrE FrOm BaCk iN tHe DaY FrOm
    N.W.A FroM BlaCk AnD ThE GrAy FrOm
    CHoKiN uP B!TcH To sMaCkiNg HeR FaCe FrOm
    STacKiNg uP BoDieS To (RaCKinG THeiR KiDs?) FrOm
    RaCKinG uP HiTZ To sTaCKiNG TheM cRaTeS Up
    I’m StiLL HuNgRy AnD I’m BaCk WiTh a TaPeWoRM
    AnD We WaS HaPPeNinG AnD RaP EnTeRTaiNMeNt
    Me AnD sHaDy FoR uS CoMpetition [email protected] TheRe AiN’t NoNe

    dATE dERe Be Da MuRDaHOuZ….VerBal sTiDdaL…

    aINt No OnE tOuChIn Any RaPPeRZ FrOM DA sOUf…..

    Aint nO NYc rAPPer And No WesT cOasT rAppER….

    Ya Run iS oVa….NOW THE SOUF RUNZ HIP HOP/////


  • Muzzie

    ^How the fuck is your keyboard still working? I’d slit my cables if I had an idiot like that using me.

  • Pancakes!

    These cats are and have been consitant w/ the quality of music they’ve put out. I haven’t heard a bad tape from them yet….PTFAO!

  • Jaybird

    This one isn’t as good as the last, and I can’t stand it when DJ’s like Cannon shout their name all over the tape, even though Cannon restricts to just the start of each song pretty much. But still…it’s annoying as balls and ruins the songs IMO.

    Wish there was a DJ-less version.