Wax & EOM - Relax (Video)


New short film/music video directed by Casey Chan. This video contains Wax and EOM's Relax and half of Wax and EOM's Money. Also contains a snippet of Paycut by Wax and Herbal T.

One number, one pair of parenthesis, one word... (2)dope

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  • Dan

    Wax is dope

  • CoolMane

    where u been shake u late as hell lol

  • http://twitter.com/ComplexTheMC ComplexTheMC

    Finally yall start putting Wax up here. Now yall need to get that new Prince Ea, Canibus, Sick Since, and Presto track up here

  • http://www.2dopeboyz.com Shake

    what am i "late" about?

  • KD

    WORD! Wax & EOM are sooo ill! Dope video as well!

  • A fan

    That video director Casey Chan is amazing!!

  • Ten Inch Tim

    Wax & EOM are fuckin' great! Glad to see them gettin' some shine here. Their album Liquid Courage was one of the best underground album to come out last year.

  • lovsicfrs

    I love the beat from Doug on nickolodean

  • http://blog.nobodyfamousmusic.com Nobody Famous

    love it!

  • shayan

    updated daily, clothing, music, and everything else you love

  • 1

    lol is that kevin nottingham as the big bossin the dream ??

  • http://stoopiddope.blogspot.com Dre

    holy freakin gosh this video is amazing!!!!

  • http://www.marlymarrr.blogspot.com marlymarrr

    Wow, I'm shocked to see this on 2DB. But this is a pleasant surprise. Been a fan of Wax's for over a year now. Dude can spit.

  • sick

    yea its great to see Wax here. dude can spit. big ups to Wax on winnin that A1 contest!


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