• js

    good to see these coming early now. good shit, shake.

  • jet

    lmao...support and make a baby

    good shit...thnks shake

  • http://www.kittycapital.wordpress.com kris M. fonzarelli

    on point like always thanks Shake

  • http://www.myspace.com/OJDAJuiceman OJ Da JuiCeMaN – TRaPMAsteR

    DaMN....NO OJ Da JuiCeMan Or gUccI mANe poR wAKa FlOcKa?>.

    WhuT U cRAzY...wWe Be Da tRap StarZ O Da SoUf....We DoIn It bIgGa dEn aNyOnE In diSs gAme....YaLL SoMeLaMeS

    ItS aaLL GoOd DOe...I AM At da TrAPhOUSE WIt A ThINk bItCH...ANd yOU knOw Im GeTTin MoNeY

  • Stringer

    ^^^^^^^^Isn't there some South blog you can go visit and make people dumber with your comments?

    Or maybe just a bridge you could find yourself @ the edge of?

    PS How long does it take to make comments with every other letter capitalized? like an hour?

    Whose the lame now?

  • kanne

    i still cant believe people like that gucci mane and oj da juiceman trash

  • WheelChairJimmy

    Get emmm.

  • The Kid CK

    I guess they sell keyboards in "Da SoUf"' with like a blinking Caps Lock button or something..

  • Syzzy

    Nahhhh....... he thinks just it looks cool.. which is definetely not

  • http://myspace.com/thebigu33 NEWR

    lol it seems like the weeks fly by so quickly when i see these

  • The Business

    That Brandy song is really old. It was originally recorded by Megan Rochell. I actually like Megan's version better.

  • Ezra

    Fun fact. Neyo got a unreleased song for every time you got laid.

  • willmatic

    damn who is the broad in the picture?

  • Near

    that is leona lewis, hott

  • T-Dot

    Shake i love you man
    (very homo)

  • whoisthis


  • bondi boy

    Thanks, Shake.

  • http://www.whatsthebeat.wordpress.com Beatz

    Man, What the HELL are they doing with RichGirl. All thier recent stuff is so transparent, disposable and scatter-brained. We need more tracks from Rich Harrison, none of these other producers have a unified vision.

    Oh yea, Props to the mOst sIgnifcant one.

  • http://urbanfrugalchic.com Cynthia

    Another winner Shake!

  • RSX

    London >>>

  • Bob

    reup por favor?