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Saigon Talks Slaughterhouse, Entourage, Amalgam, etc (Video)

blame it on Shake September 7, 2009


lyrically I cosign Joe Budden…..he’s just a fuckin faggot

Sai sits down with Ms. Drama to talk about Warning Shots 2 (and The Greatest Story Never Told), his deal with Amalgam Digital, how he feels bad about Joe Budden (but still semi co-signing Slaughterhouse) and warns him to keep his girl out the strip club. Part 2 will feature Saigon’s thoughts on Tru Life, Jay Electronica, Drake vs J. Cole, and Jay-Z. And speaking of Joey… hit the jump for a little a capella rhyme he did at Slaughterhouse’s first headlining show at Toad’s Place.


  • Fantum

    Ummmm didn’t Joe Budden basically body Saigon on Pain In His Life?
    Just saying.

  • We, as HipHop, have the rudest people in our genre.
    Talkin’ about nigga’s girls & such. Ugh, so stupid.

    I just don’t understand why there is so much hate towards each other. Why can we all just get along and make dope music?

  • jekfam,vdksal

    co-sign saigitty
    budden coo on the mic but nigga is a straight fag.

  • peaceofpi


    Not really. Sure it was full of funny punchlines, but Saigon’s diss hit harder where it counts.

  • FastHungry

    what’s a Saigon? used to be dope rapper now talking trash b/c no buzz, oh another one of THOSE guys again.

  • Fuck Game

    Saigon gave Budden a spanking (pause)

  • S

    Anti from Escape Route is fire

  • AbuSaud

    Joe Budden is a talented rapper who follows the 50 Cent school of thought of starting shit for the sake of getting attention to sell albums, Saigon is another one of those rappers, but Joe Budden is a shit starter through and through. Crooked I, Royce, Joell, never start shit unless it is shit that is worth adressing.

  • kdilla

    who cares

  • mrak

    What he said ^^^

  • daveg

    Saigon is real, he shows respect where its due but is also quick to call out a muthafucka for being a fool. Keep pumpin out the music saigon. gsnt

  • fox

    sai ur finished nobody wanna hear ur make believe album anymore

  • Knando

    Pain in his life…

  • iEXAM

    Saigon is the dope and I gotta agree with him on the Buddens situation…He nice and all but it seems like all he wants is attention ehh

  • iEXAM

    Erase “the” lol can’t type for shit today

  • and what beef did Joe Budden start?

  • shibby

    “If I could just keep that gun in the house, or for 5 fuckin minutes stop running my mouth, shit I’d be alright” – Saigon

  • My_Pops_Son

    Greatest Story Never Told…. “coming soon”…. riiiiiight

  • apoclyps

    saigons the truth, he was definitely high and/or drunk during that interview tho.

  • fox

    actually joe budden didnt start this beef sai just caught feelings over a line joe used about him running away from the mobb deep incident on his mood music 3 tape joe just said the truth sai doenst need to get all emotional about it

  • Cage

    Lol Sai is a fuckin fool, that nigga was drunk as hell…

  • AinT nO OnE TrAPPiN lIKe A aTL Trap ArtIsT…tRap tRaP TRAP TRAP

    We TrappIN on eAST cOAST sUCkerS

  • KoJ_the_YDC

    saigon just another one of those “i’m retiring from rap before i’ve done anything oh way wait now i’m reconsidering” rappers that nobody cares about but thinks what they say holds weight…do something significant, cause right now buzz over anything jay elect + just blaze > sai + just blaze album, and elect don’t got official anything out

  • MikeG

    Wow Sai, I used to co-sign this dude, literally like 7 years ago. This interview might be the last time I check for him. You are supposed to be an MC and now you are complaining about MC’s emceeing, I dont get it. Get your album out instead of NOT reading scripts, or maybe just put down the weed before interviews, how old are you? Damn, I hate sounding like a hater, but come on.

  • Nah, I agree, Mike^ This a real cocky interview, especially considering how much talent he has/had and how he’s gone about using it. Poorly. Not a good look.

  • Wonderin

    This was a dumb interview (although it was obviously edited to show mostly Sai’s negative comments). If you just gonna diss Budden throughout your interview about shit that doesn’t concern you you’re just going to start more beef. And he didn’t just half cosign Joe Budden, he half cosigned Slaughterhouse with his “they all can rap, but they just can’t make music” comment. You can rap too Sai, but nigga what have YOU done? Everyone in Slaughterhouse has a better track record than you so it’s stupid that he’s taking these jabs at them.

  • james

    I thought the interview was going to be complete trash based on the reviews but it wasn’t that bad. For the most part he’s talking sense – even about slaughterhouse. They’ve yet made a dope song. They made dope rap records but they’re lacking in the song department. Move On remix was their best joint.

    It’s obvious Budden gets under his skin when it comes to rap. Budden did win both battles by the way. When you beef with someone lyrically and they admit they lost there’s a victor. Saigon admitted defeat and Budden won that beef battle.

  • Starks

    What song has Saigon had that’s being played 2 years after? This nigga doesn’t even have an album out besides that wack 24-hour digital trash he released…

  • overlooked


    sorry just had to finish that cliff hanger budden line

    Sai is dumb. Why is he still talking. This beef is stemming from a line said in 2007, they both did the whole battle thing months ago. Why keep talking if you feel your to old to be addressing it?

    Sounds a little hypocritical to me. He should stfu and give us Warning shots 2 and Greatest Story Never told already.

  • Pain In His Life > Greatest Story Never Told

    Why you ask?? Cause GSNT is a Unicorn, Leprachan, Nessie (Lock Ness Monster), Big Foot, and the Lost City of Atlantis. It doesnt exist. No one has seen it or heard it. Wasnt this supposed to drop in ’06? 4 years of being pushed back = Stevie Wonders hair line. Get a Job, pay taxes contribute to society.

  • tc

    whens part 2 commin out?

  • tony

    The fuck is a Saigon ;). Kids a fag.

  • It kills me that Saigon takes these stupid shots. Not because I’m a Budden fan but because Sai actually is a damn good rapper.

  • JOE should do dum out 2 that would be fucking dope

  • w.b. mason

    sai who? saigon? oh that dude Budden bodied in the beginning of ’09…I forgot all about him..I’m suprised he still raps.

  • james

    If you’re a Budden fan and criticizing Saigon for silly antics you should just check yourself.

  • Sean Juan

    I like Saigon and everything, but Joe Budden wiped the fucking floor with him hands down. Who the hell does he think he’s fooling?

  • apoclyps

    Joe Budden aint got no fans, just stans.


    Joe Budden stans are the new G-Unit stans…they make no fuckin sense

  • FakirWise

    So would that make me a stan for saying I like his music?

    Those are real rhetorical statements, people…

  • agreed ^^

  • Skylar

    That interview bitch got an annoying voice.

  • THE E


  • 9


  • 4realz

    how your bitch butt got a bigger buzz than u?


    Keep pumpin out the music saigon
    what music?? if u notice he got a mini buzz when him and Joe went at it, then it stopped after they supposedly squashed it……
    same wit INS….he was wit a legendary GROUP….thats it.
    “if your group got deaded 2day they’d call you a fool” -Joe Budden

  • If you’re a Budden fan and criticizing Saigon for silly antics you should just check yourself.

    Gotta agree with James here. I’m a thorough Budden fan, but dude has some gotdamn antics that make you want to just not support the nigga at times…but then again, as much of his life as he gives us, there’s a lot of shit niggas in general do that would get a “damn nigga SIT DOWN” from someone else…whether deserved or undeserved.

  • If you’re a Budden fan and criticizing Saigon for silly antics you should just check yourself.

    james said
    the difference is budden has 2 official albums (1 gold), 2 web albums, 1 official group album and a retail mixtape. saigon has 1 web album and an up and coming retail mixtape. sai is really really nice (i still bang “moral of the story” and “warning shots”) but he needs to get his business and music together before speaking about anybody.

    joe may have his own antics he pulls, but you CANNOT front on his work ethic. he will have put out more material this year alone than saigon has since 2007.

  • t.a.morales

    Sai should stfu about Greatest Story Never Told…because that’s EXACTLY what it is…a great story that never will be told. I wanna see it like everyone else but its been too damn long to wait for it. Fuck that album until we actually see it. At least leak a track so its not just an urban Hip Hop myth…sorry, just hate hearing about this “great” album in every interview that he does.

  • Thought336

    This nigga fell off…HARD..I used to enjoy this nigga’s music, bumped all his shit, but this nigga is gone, for real. Number 1, you cosign that faggot OJ, but got the nerve to say Slaughterhouse can’t make records, but OJ can? You can’t get ya album out, so to sell that bs Warning Shots 2, which is gonna be hot garbage, you collab with OJ, and now you back to dissing Buddens? Do you not remember sluggin Prodigy in the club, hiding under the DJ booth, and running off behind ya bodguard? U such a hardbody nigga though right? Then saying he could get Joe Budden killed if he wanted to, but you trying to SAVE the black community though…Nigga grow the fuck up, i;m done with this guy.


    Saigon is fucking ill and he told the truth no one will be singing any slaughter tracks in 2 years… Saigon is a real dude, unfortunately for Budden stans truth is he is a fagget

    “I could get Budden killed”

    Pummpp pummp it up got fucking destroyed

  • james

    Cannon, I haven’t fronted on Budden’s work ethic. I’m just saying they pull stupid ass antics. Stop defending Budden so damn hard. He gets his ass into so much bullshit because he feeds into by bullshitting. Hell, Budden admits he likes pissing people off.