• http://twitter.com/nrobinson90 Nigel

    thanks shake for the props or the record man i was jus tryin to support good music

  • KJ3668

    im excited about this

  • http://www.wsouf.com Tipwell

    didnt Field Mob break up?!

  • Gizzo Mizzo

    I'm the boss, they workin, I sit back and make calls
    movin ki's I never seen like Stevie and Ray Charles

    Smoke >

  • http://arappernamedbilal.blogspot.com/2009/09/music-is-life.html ARapperNamedBilal
  • RICe

    Are the songs tagged horribly up?

  • -VSOP-

    this didnt open for me-anyone else have that same problem?!

  • Go Hard



  • -VSOP-

    yo props if anyone can up a legit copy-chevy P is MUCH underrated


  • sylnc

    this is a fairly old tape, if u go to his myspace page or dj treymane page it ha s adownload link on there if i remember correctly

  • http://www.youtube.com/shience shience



    Field Mob gotta b the most underrated group ever in the south....peeps from up north or on the west prob.never really heard of em that much...yall may need 2do some homework if ur not from the south on these dudes...they got spit!!

  • http://analoghype.com Marcus

    Yea this is a pretty old tape. i thought it was pretty week to say the least being 1/2 of the Field Mob. I need a FM tape bad. Few months back Chevy made a video. It was shameful.

  • http://www.reupspot.com REUPRoyal

    we had this on reupspot.com like a month or so ago.. im disappointed shake.. lol.. naw but this dude is mad under-rated follow him @SMOKE_FieldMob he always posts new stuff up

  • http://www.kirbythealmighty.com KirbyTheAlmighty

    You can never go wrong with some Field Mob.

  • Chris

    Chris from da A says,"This tape is old as hell"! Propz anyway tho!

  • http://myspace antwan pemberton

    cuz u doin yo thang wit this 1