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T-Pain w/ His Flippy Floppys on Jay-Z’s D.O.A.(Video)

blame it on Shake September 8, 2009

MTV just let loose of a previously unreleased clip of T-Pain they had in vault from June. A clip that showcases T-Pain praising Hov for the D.O.A. record, etc.

A lot of artists want to rap like Jay-Z. Can’t do that, it’s Jay-Z! A lot of people want to rap like Wayne. You come out rapping like Wayne, people are gonna say you sound like Wayne and then you’ll stop rapping like Wayne. So I don’t see why [jacking] my style is any different from anybody else’s.

Jay-Z ain’t out of touch. Jay-Z been doing his thing for years. If he’s out of touch, then everybody’s out of touch. Jay-Z just set the record straight because he’s that important. They feel like they got to have that niche, in order to make something, in order to make a hit. They feel like if they put autotune on it, it’s instantly a hit. Jay-Z just shut all that down. When people feel like they’re getting shut down, of course they’re gonna say things like that like Jay-Z is out of touch. Jay-Z ain’t never been out of touch, that’s the craziest thing in the world.

Haha… I love it. So Mr. Pain… why the sudden change of heart? Why did you wait til this weekend to start your “fuck Jay-Z, he’s too old, he should be dead” talk? Oh and shouts to Dre on the type up.

  • js

    he feels shut down.


  • Huh?

    Something tells me he was drunk when he that stunt this weekend.

  • Huh?

    when he did* that stunt this weekend.

  • dcruz.88

    word is, some dude from his camp posted on twitter saying t-pain was just joking around. rihanna was in the audience by the way.

  • Maybe he’s bi-polar?

  • Fantum

    When T-Pain stops singing through a fan I’ll consider his opinion then.

  • yuup

    ^^^fabolous was in the crowd also

  • JL

    I really don’t see how he’s talkin jackin styles and people rappin like wayne, when wayne BEEN rappin like Jay AND he himself must be jocking Chers ztyle, cuz she had that autotune shit down 5 years before he was even on the scene

  • Tye’s Tunes

    If this is how T-Pain eats he has a right to be pissed off. If you’re intelligent and actually peep the lyrics on D.O.A. Jay never shut down T-Pain just the wannabees. But we all know how perception is reality and things often get twisted. He couldn’t bitch about it at the time because it was Hov’s show (platform). But you knew the backlash was coming. Look, he just dropped an iPhone app but now it’s like who cares. Ghostface admitted that Jay shut down his joint with Ron Browz & I’m sure there’s been countless T-Pain songs or remixes that have been canceled. Guess it’s time to sell that BIG ASS CHAIN!

  • masta_g_

    t-pain and lil john true lyric…

  • bf

    [email protected] Huh?

    T-Pain probably was drunk, emotional and feelin’ himself in front of the crowd and wanted to get some stuff off his chest.

    He probably don’t mean it though! Obviously from that video, made prior to the stunt, he respects Jay-Z to some extent.