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Drake – Forever (Komplex Remix) f. Eminem, Kanye West & Lil Wayne

blame it on Shake September 9, 2009

Treacherous Records’ in house producer laces an unofficial remix for the track that shut the internet down. So what ya’ll think?

DOWNLOAD: Drake – Forever (Komplex Remix) | Mediafire

  • js

    sounds more chill than the other one. the other one i can work out to. this one not so much.

  • Meldon

    who the fuck r these busta ass niggaz where my nigga gucci mane at

  • officer duscrom

    swagga like us >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> forever

    not even close

  • Level

    Ok Beat. Sounds more crafted 4 Em tho. Otha then that dis fukin shit is just like da originoo. GARBAGE!!! flake is weak!

  • Level

    Em need to stop throwin wack rappers rope. U supposed to b destroyin them not fukin collabin wit them!!! WTF!?!

  • Neo

    garbage remix

  • THATguy

    I agree with Level..the beat is too similar to the original. But more importantly, who are all these ppl from the south that are commenting recently…calling eminem and kanye ‘busta ass niggaz’ and then asking for gucci mane? Really?

  • n88888888

    The beat is cartoony. The song was perfect the way it was. Listening to the remix makes me want to listen to the original.

  • Exactly. What is that about.

    Is that what we are on now? REALLY THOUGH?

  • Melo15

    ^im pretty sure that all those people who are talking about gucci mane are just kidding. there is no possible way that anyone can think he is good..at all

  • Level

    Fuck coochie man and that nigga he run wit dat got da lil girl voice. Nigga frontin wit brass n his mouf.

  • i just one a $1,000 gift card from Wal-Mart!

  • And for your information, I hear Eminem is working with Drake on a track for Relapse 2.

    Blogger’s Opinion About What Eminem should be doing = Irrelevant
    What EMINEM the person is ACTUALLY doing and who he IS Cosigning = All that matters.

  • won*

  • This version was decent. I wasn’t a big fan of the original production. I felt it should have been a more crisp, epic production for a collab of these proportions. This version was okay. I hope to hear other remixes that might be better than the original and this production.

  • JL

    MJ’s death literally shut the internet down…or at least Google for about 15 minutes

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  • Level

    Oh my bad. Guess u like lames like flake. Damn guess real HIP-HOP dont matter either.

  • eww this beat ahhhh runs

  • JL

    And you know what? Why did this song get all these names…because of the BEAT…this song was tight back when some young money rapper had the third verse ‘I’ma tek chef all my beef prime cut’….so to Komplex, your Love Lockdown remix was pretty good, but stick to originals or remixin crappy beats

  • JESUCRISTO!!!!!!!!!!!

  • e

    its true, em should be bodyin’ these fools, not co-signing lyrically challenged bozos.

  • J

    Feels like I’m playing The Legend of Zelda lol. Kinda dope though. Don’t know where the Drake and Kanye hate is coming from. Dudes will be top 10 of all time if they continue on this path.

  • Level

    ^Seriously? (Ppppfffttt)

  • SSJ Goku

    Uhhhhhhhh, I Don’t Like 2 Talk Bad On Other Produce, I Mean Beatmakers Tracks Cuz I’m An Upcoming Producer Myself And I Refuse 2 Hate On Others But…………… This Is A BIG Downgrade From The Original. Dude Shoulda Kept This One 2 Himself.

  • this guy

    beat is coo…donno why it was wasted on this. i thought the original was dope but it might have been different if i heard this version first

  • VP

    L A C K L U S T E R. I woulda liked to hear this track on a crazy Just Blaze track with some nasty drums or maybe a Timbaland joint.

  • someone’s still lookin out for timbaland?

  • Oh my bad. Guess u like lames like flake. Damn guess real HIP-HOP dont matter either.

    Level said this on September 9th, 2009 at 4:35 pm


    No we don’t. There’s no such thing, that’s why. That’s a stupid term. Music is music. If you are still calling things “Real Hip Hop” or “Fake Hip Hop” or whatever, you should get #OffThat.

    U just sound like a hater.

    Oh yeah, and calling Drake “FLAKE” is wack. LOL. You could have a least come up with a better joke. He was on a Canadian Teen Show and what not. Perfect fuel. So that’s too FAILS for you. #HatredFAIL & #ComedyFAIL.

    That is all. LOL.

  • *two

  • js


    please explain to me what real hip hop is? because obviously there’s something me nor anyone else knows what real hiphop is that you know.

  • Level

    OK about hate. Niggaz been sayin dat shit since BIG 2nd CD. Get a new word. Who’s hatin anyway. FLAKE, Jay-Z, Wu Slaughtahouse & countless others all do da same shit and get money. So if I hate 1 I gotta hate them all right. Notice how fools talk dat hate shit and they all corny dry n wack. Niggaz come out first single & video nobody even heard of them & they already talkin bout somebody hatin. WACK NIGGAZ USE DAT SHIT AS A COP OUT! How da fuck u gon hate somebody u dont know? As far as da FLAKE comment. Who’s jokin? I wasnt laughing when I typed it. Shit wasnt funny cus it wasnt meant 2 be. Thats ur bad taste n comedy for recieving it as a joke. JSS u on the other hand r absolutely right. There is only HIP-HOP. Plain & simple. Disrespecting the art & culture. Its a pop song.

  • J to tha S

    ehhhh……this remix does not do the OG version justice. Personally, i like Drizzy’s Verse on the original a lot better than the new remix.

    Drakes x Weezy’s OG Verse x Eminem’s new verse should be remixed on the ORIGINAL tracc and should be made the OFFICIAL.

    Just my opinion.

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  • @Level you’re last post is the most incoherent thing that I’ve read on here. You’re saying ‘hate’ is a cop out used by ‘whack rappers’ but it’s evident that you’re ‘hating’ on the aforementioned. Drake and Kanye produce quality music on a consistent basis and yet you continually bash them. Even though I detest listening to Gucci Mane, I don’t have myself click on his post just to say how ‘GARBAGE!!!’ it is and call him ‘Coochie Mane,’ that’s just ignorant and totally objectifies anything you’ve said in your last post.

    That being said, I can do with this one. I was listening to the original ‘Forever’ long before this one came out and never really enjoyed [the beat] much. This is familiar sounding, but overall a lot better.

  • B

    im sorry i think this beat is way fuckin better lol its more epic and wayne sounds fuckin dope on this shit and em does too and thts funny cuz i aint even like lil wayne


    Bank shutdafucup u cornball. lol I read all yall shit n I agree wit da dude Level. Bank u need to read his shit agn. Then read da dumb shit u just said. Wack niggaz do use dat shit as a cop out. Niggaz iz insecure. Yall dudes cryin cus yall a fan of drake and sum1 made fun of him. Sensitve ass niggaz. Bitches need the last word. Bank jss Mike Dream (lame) thats yall Q. LMAO. Lets c wat BITCH jus has to have the last word. Level it aint wack. Just aint u. Like u said homes dis shit is pop not HIP-HOP. (didnt mean to 2 rhyme) lol

  • Level

    By the way ONLY BUILT 4 CUBAN LINX 2 IS A OFFICIAL BANGER!!!! Show respect n spell out da whole thing!!!! (jus kiddin) Jay-Z Shit is tight 2.

  • Krhyme

    Hate on me all you want.

    Ain’t feelin’ Drake.
    Never felt Kanye (his earlier productions before the Roc years were amazing)
    Lil Wayne……hopefully his Rebirth becomes an abortion
    Eminem….like some dude up top said, he should destroy these dudes and not collab with them.

  • Js

    Is hitman saying jss to me? Damn you had a whole rant there just to talk shit instead of input anything of importance. The song is good, the original I like way better though. I’m a drake fan and I listen to all genres of music. If I likeit I like it. I don’t think drake is ruining hiphop because he’s not just talking about drugs and being a gangster. That’s what I’m sick of. Hiphop music is being distorted and it’s coming into a new era. Hov said it best with everyone wanting his old shit, buy his old album. If you don’t like the music we don’t need a million posts about gucci sucking which is not related to the post. This is where hiphop is headed like it or not. If you don’t like it make your own version of hiphop or what you think and you won’t have anything to complain. Oh and hitman. Shut the fuck up. Overall, original is better. This is more chill.

  • Smackyobitchup

    The thread in this comment section is very gay. I just had to keep it real and inform all you candy asses that Hip Hop will be overrun by pink florescent pant wearing fruity loops and mindless auto tuned gibberish by the end of the year. Ohh wait, we are to late.

    Hip Hop = End Game

  • Js

    Candyass = gay?

  • ASID


  • kindbuddy


    swagga like us >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> forever

    not even close

    officer duscrom said this on September 9th, 2009 at 4:13 pm
    why are they being compared? hahaha two totally diff. songs

  • OTS

    LMAO!!! jss nobody cares.

  • juno40

    WWWWWWAAAAAAAAACCCCCCCCCCCKKKK!!!!! drake is a let down. had hopes 4 him but i dunno. cant put my finger on it but his shit jus sucks. kanye n wayne is eh. em came hard tho.

  • Milo

    @Level Stop hat… C ur point. lol Yo Ineva thought of it dat way. MAAAADDD rappers b sayin hate on dis hate on dat an all dey shit sound da same. we dont listen to u because we hate u. not the case. we dont listen to u because ur trash. lol

  • juno40

    lol my best friend rap. he trash. I dont feel any hate towards him tho.

  • BXNY

    OK Drake aint no super lyrical guy but damn yall he aint that bad. lol Id never buy his stuff but if Im ridin with my girl and she got it Id throw it on. Remix dont make the song any better. Just because you pour syrup on shit dont make it pancakes. Any chance of a download clip of just Eminem verse?

  • TheMainEvent

    I thought this song was pretty dope. Em killed it — thank GOD he didnt use his gay voice. I thought the other 3 came nice with it too. I dont care much for Drake, but he came cool. Wayne — I usually like his lyrics but hate his voice — but the voice was okay with this beat. Kanye came nice. Pretty dope.


    I thought this song was dope. Disappointed though at EM for doing a track with Drake he doesnt need anyone in a track he sounds better by himself. Relapse was okay since EM took a break and just came back. Wayne is okay but i dont understand why a lot of people listen to him he’s not that good. Kanye is Kanye he just good and has good punch lines and Drake hes Canadian so i respect him for that
    real hip hop is with auto-tune with talking bout real stuff bout life and the hood. Not about money, girls, cars, OR how big your dick is.

  • kush420

    all of u are fuckin haters, i dont think its as good as the original but u dont need to talk shit, talk shit, get hit!

  • kush420

    all of u are fuckin hatas, i dont think its as good as the original but u dont need to talk shit. talk shit, get hit!