• http://twitter.com/urbanfrugalchic Khristal

    Damn that is a close up...as close as it gets lol Wish I was at the show!

  • LowEndGoon

    Every where in Chicago's House of Blue's is a close up, you could be on the 2nd balcony and you're still as close as it gets. Great show last night.


    this would sound good if so-and-so was on it’
    Nas woulda sounded good on "Empire State Of Mind" ......i mean he is from NY too.....Drake woulda sounded good with a verse on "Off That"....Lupe woulda sounded better than Cudi wit a verse on "Already Home".....Scarface woulda sounded 100times better than Jeezy on "Real as it gets"........IMO

  • Midnight Green

    haha D-Wade.

  • http://www.twitter.com/perfectgent718 BrooklynsOwn

    @ KAMUS - I agree on the Empire State sentiments, but I don't think Lupe would have sounded better than Cudi because Lupe can't sing, lol.