Those Chosen - Soundclash Live (Video)

Who knew MTV knew about these guys also? Still crossing off the "M" however...

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  • FreshCoast24

    they got stage presence

  • ANTI-ha8er Machine


  • yinch

    Very Good!

  • AlifeInDeed

    That A-Life Hat is dope. serious flavor on this joint

  • faez One

    aint a fashion show homie

  • Charlene

    Dope Footage

  • phurrealzziestar

    westside represent!!! where can i catch them here?!

  • keepit95

    Flows are mad at all.

  • Rosie

    Wow! They're really good.

  • Bullyfootrap84

    Caught'em live before. Steamulus is my $h%t!

  • melo muthaphukkn kán

    yeah budddy. my nigs dun hit that mtv2 on they asses dig that. proud of yall man. true kongofonia representatives right there. KáN said it, so shall it B. 100.

  • mocasusie

    off da HOOK! keep it goin fellas!