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Mos Def, Jim Jones & The Black Keys – Hoochie Coo

blame it on Shake September 14, 2009

Yes, you read the title right. And yes, this is official…

Damon Dash is officially back in the music business. XXLMag.com has learned that the Roc-A-Fella co-founder has formed his own, new independent label to release a rap/rock album between The Black Keys and a slew of hip-hop artists, including Mos Def, Jim Jones, Q-Tip, Ludacris and more.

The album (trailer above), titled Blak Roc, also features appearances by Raekwon, RZA, Billy Danze of M.O.P., Pharoahe Monch and Ol’ Dirty Bastard, among others. Set for a release on the day after Thanksgiving, otherwise known as Black Friday in the world of retail, the disc will be on a new label started by Dash and the Keys. [via XXL]

DOWNLOAD: Mos Def, Jim Jones & The Black Keys – Hoochie Coo | Mediafire

  • Damn this is a cool idea. The Black Keys are dope.

  • Cliché Gahvara

    Gotta give it to em. This sounds like a dope project.

  • Rio$

    not jim jones!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • i fux with this joint

  • bryan

    could turn out interesting..we shall see

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  • the interrupter

    elucid – smash & grab
    elucid – smash & grab
    elucid – smash & grab
    elucid – smash & grab
    elucid – smash & grab

  • Fuck this pop-rap shit, i listen to classical

    Awesome track, can’t wait to hear the rest.

  • noname

    Dame was able to put this together? Of all people Dame? Wow.. either Dame is on some shit or this negro just got lucky..

  • Spec Boogie

    … wish Ida thought of that

  • bc1391

    Sounds dope so far, its good to see him active in the industry again.

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  • Mark Twain Fame

    *head explodes* this is MTF’s personal musical heaven. And I say cot damn, cot damn.

  • ^^^what he said!!!!! Black keys! Akron stand up!!

  • Sasha

    Now this is hip-hop!

  • DaPrimetime21

    Black Keys are dope. I definitely fuck wit dem. and Mos def and Raekwon? fuck yeah!

  • could someone re-up?

  • West_Philthy

    A re-up is definitely needed!!!!

  • ask and you shall receive. enjoy.

  • youkj

    DAmmmn, This is sooooo dope, Jim jones’ voice is perfect for this sound, got that southerness to it. This sounds like a song of a bad-ass new school western movie

  • Rubief

    I Only just found about this one yesterday, but I couldn’t find a damn download link.. Finally got one.. Can’t wait for the album. Some dudes I know already got a press copy, but can’t share it.. I understand. From this single, it’s going to be a mustbuy I’m afraid. If Jim Jones is spitting like this, the rest must be exceptional.

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