• http://twitter.com/brotherdante BrotherDante

    Damn this is a cool idea. The Black Keys are dope.

  • Cliché Gahvara

    Gotta give it to em. This sounds like a dope project.

  • Rio$

    not jim jones!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://bananaclipse.com bananaclipse

    i fux with this joint

  • bryan

    could turn out interesting..we shall see

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  • the interrupter

    elucid - smash & grab
    elucid - smash & grab
    elucid - smash & grab
    elucid - smash & grab
    elucid - smash & grab

  • Fuck this pop-rap shit, i listen to classical

    Awesome track, can't wait to hear the rest.

  • noname

    Dame was able to put this together? Of all people Dame? Wow.. either Dame is on some shit or this negro just got lucky..

  • Spec Boogie

    ... wish Ida thought of that

  • bc1391

    Sounds dope so far, its good to see him active in the industry again.

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  • Mark Twain Fame

    *head explodes* this is MTF's personal musical heaven. And I say cot damn, cot damn.

  • http://www.jointcontrast.com stevep

    ^^^what he said!!!!! Black keys! Akron stand up!!

  • Sasha

    Now this is hip-hop!

  • DaPrimetime21

    Black Keys are dope. I definitely fuck wit dem. and Mos def and Raekwon? fuck yeah!

  • http://www.nbuckpresentshiphop101.com/ 206HipHopHead

    could someone re-up?

  • West_Philthy

    A re-up is definitely needed!!!!

  • http://www.2dopeboyz.com Shake

    ask and you shall receive. enjoy.

  • youkj

    DAmmmn, This is sooooo dope, Jim jones' voice is perfect for this sound, got that southerness to it. This sounds like a song of a bad-ass new school western movie

  • Rubief

    I Only just found about this one yesterday, but I couldn't find a damn download link.. Finally got one.. Can't wait for the album. Some dudes I know already got a press copy, but can't share it.. I understand. From this single, it's going to be a mustbuy I'm afraid. If Jim Jones is spitting like this, the rest must be exceptional.

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