R.A. the Rugged Man Assaulted by Eminem? (Video)

blame it on Shake September 15, 2009


Haha… R.A. is that dude. Seriously though… in the latest vlog done in promotion for his upcoming project, Legendary Classic v.1 (October 27th) R.A. reads a few of the racist emails he’s gotten in response to his thoughts on Eminem not being the best rapper ever. He also speaks on Lil Wayne and him being the best rapper. Bill O’Reilly is a cock sucker. Michelle Obama bought a sweater. Get off Michael Vick’s dick. Haha…

  • filthy

    R.A. speaks the truth

  • Kanye West

    I voted for McCain!!!!!!!!!!! What now Obama? How could I be so Heartless?!!!!!!!!!!!????????!!!!!


  • this guy

    no joe budden

  • R.A. is sick.

  • jackkerorap

    LMAO good ol Rugged

  • ********

    assaulted by eminem ay?

  • David Jefferis Australia

    hahah love it , ra is a beast

  • dat nigga

    haha i am the legendary! r.a. is dope, literally seen this dude rape some white bitch on stage a few years back. funny as fuck,

  • dat nigga

    haha i am the legendary! r.a. is dope, literally seen this dude rape some white bitch on stage a few years back. funny as fuck,

  • Shag Diggler


  • flyguy

    i hate when people confuse a rapper with an micee. they are not the same thing. rapper are mainstream, that just how it is. rappers can’t rely on lyrics alone, micees can. rappers tend to the mass media, micees don’t. That’s just how it is. Somewhere along the line, the two got mixed together. They have never been the same thing.

  • Digitek

    RA is a beast …the SOURCE of all media outlets even gave dude verse of the month or whatever the fuck they call it ..from JMT’s ‘Uncommon Valor’ track …IMO best verse I’ve ever heard, I did not know RA had that in him. Can’t wait for the new album

  • eightiesboy

    cool dude, but a bit paranoid

  • boston

    “ill snap a fucken poodles neck”…..hahaha

  • muzikxl

    Agreed’n with Shake….R.A. is that dude. Can’t wait for the album.

  • jhink357

    R.a. speaks the truth

  • Bezze

    Co-Sign That ^^^^

  • I hate when people confuse rappers with “micees” too. Micees…”Misdemeanor” Elliotts?

  • Unxpekt

    im sorry everything he said is the truth, I have been saying this for years.. This is the reason I will never buy a Jay-Z album, download download download for free

  • dirty mexican

    yeah ra is the man .. speaks the truth .. my man been through some tough times in life .. and he speaks on alot of that in his music .. i cant wait for his documentary on his dad comes out

  • New RA album. Damn more good quality music to buy next month.

    I agree with what dirty mexican just said.

  • jakefromthebean

    ra sucks……hes such an idiot!

  • RA is unfuckwittable spittable, “Hospitable, hitable, cooler, than Jacob who criminal, Miracle, lyrical, take every syllable literal, Little riddle, profitable, visible, iritibal
    Little brittle, pitiful, for so through little, you tickle, you typical”

  • I love this dude. Jay-Z, you tool.

  • yasser

    Ill snap a poodles neck I dont give a fuck….LMAO

  • rugged can spit. not saying anything that hasnt been said before though

  • jackkerorap

    @M-Select: He spits “cooler than Digable, criminal” etc etc.

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  • illersz1

    Em is jews