Stephen Colbert Gets At Kanye West (Video)

blame it on Shake September 15, 2009

I understand the whole situation is pretty much dead now as Kanye and Taylor have spoken and resolved whatever issues they had. But Stephen Colbert is the fucking man, so this is getting posted.

  • kanne

    i lol’d

  • dhack21

    hilarity on that auto-tune tip….

  • This was Uber Funny

  • ocurtain

    Seeing how Kanye got all whiny when Colbert made fun of him last time, I’m waiting on Kanye’s response so he can make an ass of himself again.

  • stephenator

    fuck stephen colbert – . –

  • Kanye took his site down

  • This is Hilarious!!!!!

    Kanyeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! *in autotune* ROFL

    Kanye will just flip all of this backlash into some dope music, thats what he does, thats who he is. Yea he’s a lil baby, but the nigga is illy with the music.

    “Wait till Ox hit me with this new shit, peep how that flow come in, BETCHU jump back on my dick” Bun in Belly [II]

  • pdid

    dude kanye and colbert are friends. Colbert called him a “walking sunglass manikin” and he goes “who the fuck is stephen colbert?”

  • sideshowRaheem


    Kanye didn’t get winny when Colbert made fun of him the first time. He never said “who the fuck is stephen colbert?” that was from a fake twitter account. I think he said in an interview he thought it was funny.

  • derty

    any1 post another link of this, this video is not available in all states, or even in some countries

  • CG
  • Isaiah Thomas


    leave Taylor or I will attack your soulmate, you. lmao

  • Rio$


  • CG
  • ocurtain


    Oh yeah? Damn fake twitterers.

  • LO$

    Kanyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyeeeeeeee! LMFAO

  • classicp

    Charles Hamilton you can come back now your not the most hate person in Hip-Hop anymore

  • tictoc

    hahahahahah at his autotune usage!!!!!!!!!!

  • kanye is an idiot…dude always wanting attention n thinkin everythin bout him….he sucks mad dick and his music is overrated as hell……i question any males sexuality who is a legitimate fan of kanye

  • PapaSmurf

    ^Taylor Swift fan

  • Dude this shit is classic hahahahah!

    [auto tune] Kaaannnnyeeeeeeeyeeeeeyeeeeeeeeeeee [/auto tune]

  • honky tonk kids

    Kanye West was just dropped from Rockafella Records after the “Jackass Move” at the VMA’s. Jay-Z later commented “Kanye needs to worry about his own girl and back up off mine” We will have more infromation as the story unfolds.

  • Owned.

  • shibby

    Kanye’s a gay fish

  • Paul Is So Dope

    yo, i made a kanye west/taylor swift tshirt

    picture of the front and back:

    it cost $15, plus shipping and handling.

    if you want one, hit me on twitter @paullyeast or on with a message, comment, etc.

  • yo paul get rid of the graffiti font, make it all caps arial bold and that shirt might be official. that font kills it tho

  • Shawn

    Kanye sucks balls!!! A racist bastard at that!!! He should be hung!!!

  • Benny Blanco from Da BriX


    On the real, if I hadn’t seen the video of what actually happened, I would’ve sworn by the way people are reacting that Kanye went on stage, took the mic & beat her fuckin face in or some shit. Buncha emotional pussies there are nowadays. What she should’ve done was ignore his drunk ass & finish her speech.

  • black

    the whole kanye taylor swift incident is really overrated everybody needs to shut the fuk up and smoke something

  • Kanye is STILL an asshole. Fuck his apology. And dude made it worse when he said he’s taking time off from everything cause he hasn’t had the chance to do it. All he’s gonna do is secretly make a new album and then return with a single. Dumb ass gay fish Smfh…..

  • Icardi


    Kanye is a faggot.

  • eightiesboy

    hell that made me laugh

  • frylock