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cARTer – $1000 Fit (Video)

blame it on Shake September 16, 2009

Since Meka posted the latest mixtape from the Houston (to Hollywood) artist earlier today, I’ll go ahead and post his latest video. Along with my favorite cut off said project.

DOWNLOAD: cARTer – Houston Summer f. Bun B | Mediafire

  • Yo this is fresh.
    But that Houston Summer?! wheeew. That joint is dope.

  • imhotep

    foreal crooks? what a shame

  • wow u gotta be kidding me…this shit is GARBAGE. haha i had to turn the video off after he spit the first couple bars..what a fucking joke..i thought shit posted here was supposed to be fresh/good

  • Maximillion

    ^^ boohoo

  • Nous

    I’m from Houston, but I’m not co-signing this. Sorry.
    “Houston Summer” is HARD, though.

  • this site is goin downnnnnnnnnn

  • Ears1

    better that that SKEME faggot

  • Ears1

    better than that SKEME faggot!

    cARTer is kinda whack TO!

  • sammy swords

    this shit is hot trash juice in the summer time. video had cool effects but it was wack too. his whole style is on some cash for clunkers…..

  • Adup

    this was pretty lame

  • atc

    from diz to carter? huge downgrade, crooks

  • T-isinurmouf

    so…..is that jean jacket jawn his favorite $1000 fit? cuz he’s always in em

  • dude had some of the sickest artwork for his mixtape cover and by far some of the wackest music ive heard in a minute…and 2dope is postin his shit up like its somethin to look out for ..go figure

  • Who???

    Won’t yall cats lighten up?
    This is some smooth party cut.

  • Tre

    whoa…the hate on this site is sickening. i thought the tape was nice

  • aj

    I think the mixtape is decent and this song is actually kinda dope! HOUSTON SUMMER is classic tho!

  • Yeezy

    garbage but this cat is fugly!!! lol brush dem teeth lol

  • wow, sounds like that generic radio shit. wasn’t expecting this from carter, smh.

  • dirty needles

    Why this nigga sound fake as fuck?

  • Hip Hop nerds be spoiled son.
    This shit would bang in a club.

  • 1000 fit ? $1000 crook fit? HA.

    tired of seein up n comin rappers support these lame streetwear brands.. They use ya’ll to get their shit up there, like your a billboard or sum shit. You think you benefit from it? nah, you just put yourself in the same category w/all these other lame cats.

    I rather see you in a plain black tee homie.

  • purp

    ^^^^^ he talked all that shit but his na,e is NIKE Tyson…..exactly….now
    i usually dont fuck wit too much south shit, but I like his music.

  • Aye EARS1 you’re a bitch lol come through Inglewood Compton West LA South Central and ask em who the best nigga spittin under 21 is g… Get off my DICK… Like what do you do besides comment hate on my shit…. MARK… Niggas respect my shit that’s why I’m posted all the time you bitch boy…. SHOUTS TO CARTER THO… Since this is HIS song lol

  • ohrlly

    sound off tho cutty

  • Chris from the A

    Dope song & vid!! Lotta lames get exposed in these comment sections…

    *shakes my head @ some of you bitches*

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  • Jay

    Carter is nice…and if you listen to the tape you’ll understand why. This guy gives “hip hop nerds” from Houston something to be proud of. Check out the song he did with Dom Kennedy…the boy spit fire on that track.

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  • Nous


    Another Houston guy not cosigning. This dude annoys me.

    Check out P.R. & Zo, though.


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