Tupac Shakur: The Lost Footage pt.2 (Video)


In this clip of Vibe's candid interview with 'Pac, the West Coast legend speaks on influencing Biggie Smalls' style, getting shot at Quad Studios and his love for New York pizza. New York pizza >

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  • You speak the truth about the pizza


    before this whole internet thing blew up ur favorite rapper probably got smack up in front of millions but u will never see it or hear bout it

  • ArKe

    i miss tupac's music....i wonder where he wouldve stood if he was still alive....probably would be in jay-z's spot right now.....

  • JonAnderson

    if you act like the king of new york, imma expect that. and when you dont come through, then im gonna crush your empire.

  • joshchristenson

    part 3 please

  • what is it about this interviewer not knowing jack about Tupac? ask better questions, smh.

  • RICO

    'Pac keep it G as fuck!

  • if pac was still alive he'd be ten times better than jay-z's spot... he would done what that mason motherfucker should have done and united hip-hop and brought the revolution to the forefront like he was supposed to... If you ever put jay-z in the same league as tupac you obviously missed what the greatest artist of all times' music was about... Jay-Z will never come an iota of a percentage to tupac shakur... Tupac would have done it bigger better and for the right reasons... he was a revolutionary... when was the last time Jay-z spoke in a revolutionary sense... thinkin you can even compare the two makes me sick... There will never be anyone close to makaveli... that's like saying there will be another michael jordan or mike jackson... its plain ignorant and retarded...

    lol ok done rantin.. much luv to all my tru heads out there who recognize the g.o.a.t... he'll never be touched...

  • 91&^UP

    ^^^^^ ORRRRRR he could be in DMX's spot... lol jokes

    His facial expression at 0:42 is PRICELESS. Inbet you could NEVER win an argument with Tupac haha

  • Clank Clank, You’re Dead

    Gyft.... dont be an ass.


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