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50 Cent – Hard Rock f. Ester Dean [NoTags]

blame it on Meka September 18, 2009

I’m not gonna even lie: this record is horrible. It’s not even dope enough to warrant whatever goomba’s tags on it. Hell, if we got this shit first I wouldn’t be boasting about this audio abortion. Good grief. Link swacked from LowKey’s crew. SHAKE UPDATE: Look ma, no tags.

DOWNLOAD: 50 Cent – Hard Rock f. Ester Dean [NoTags] | Mediafire




    i bet some ppl will like tho…just bc

  • lmao i think it’s a reference rack that leaked lol

  • track*, sounds like a weezy song

  • Melo15

    lmao “all the fellas grab my tatas”

  • P’cola

    i mean fif worth more than anyone who dont like it will ever be. so if he enjoy makin music and wanna make this kinda music then i guess he should do his thing.. i damn sure dont feel it but he rich enough to do what he want i guess..

  • 66_Kingz

    wow…this is horrible





  • Huh?


  • DaPrimetime21

    definitely RAoF. big time!

  • Jeffw

    wait doesn’t 50 make fun of people for making music like this, smh. RAoF.


    50 f Baby?

  • Justin

    I haven’t listened yet.. but Meka hatin’ on a song that dropped? What else is new….?

  • RIP

    hands down the worst 50 song ive ever heard

  • Doja

    50 has officially lost it, he wants a hits so bad, this is beyond garbage. Thank God for Rick Ross huh haters?


    lol at least them Triple Cs tracks are bearable..I dont evne wanna listen to ti again for second judgement

  • bf

    LMAO @ Goombas

    Damn, do I even want to download this?

    Sounds like 50 is following the same path at Snoop and just making music about nothing, just to do it LOL

  • TC The Prince

    this isnt suppose to b on BISD so dont get confused, but I cant even fuck wit this the burbs will love this though

  • freshkidd734

    i’m white….shits gay as hell

  • he’s gonna end up like snoop,nelly, and dmx

  • sounds like a black eyed peas track

    i bet if they dropped this it would be a hit

  • Haha wow, can’t say I’m surprised. This that glowsticks shit.

  • Doja

    1. Where the fuck is Ja Rule!?!?
    2. BISD Is not coming out, and if he cherishes what’s left of his rapping career he won’t release it.

  • SHOWMAN3000

    Hold on 50 Cent… the infamous man for dissing people who make music like this in hip-hop?? The man who went on tour dissin Kanye West for making music like this and so many other rapers!!!!!
    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA that 187 plane was for you 50!! What clown!

  • SHOWMAN3000

    Watch you go to the techno or white type clubs they’ll play this shit there all night and go crazy like it’s the shit!

  • freshkidd734

    this is gonna make the ladies go crazy in the club…thats 4sure

  • for one ppl what makes you think it’s going to be on BISD??? Is there anything that gives it away? If anything it’s not HIS song, as far as I’m concerned, r/t

    Cuz we all know this isn’t tha trax 50 would create… but yea, I dnt believe this is his song and if so, then it isn’t on tha album… that’s what I am going to stick by until it’s in writing, smh… nonetheless good decent song r/t

  • whoisthis

    HAHAHAHAHHAH this is sucky wtf sounds like some flo-rida shit

  • sigh…smfh…lol man this nigga 50 has NO SHAME…like foreal…”grab my tatas you can touch wherever u want please dont touch my ass”…GTFOH…lmao like this shit is sad, hilarious, pathetic all at the same time and im sure im leavin out more adjectives 2 describe this b.s.

  • TC The Prince

    Its not on the album already confirmed it wasnt

  • oh yea that whole grab my tatas line, 50 didnt say it it was dat chick singin the chorus…wtf this bitch thinkin lol 50 really takes the L for this song and especially for actually goin thru with this… @ TC the prince…man i live out in the burbs with all black ppl…ppl round were i live will look at u sideways for playin this b.s. prolly thinkin u gay for this shit lol

  • Rubief

    It’s horrible, absolutely, but I can see this being played in the local clubs and get people bouncing. Cause they love Flo-Rida over here.. Lmao

    Hounest to God I hope that I never hear this song ever again though.

    If ANYTHING like this is on his album, Imma go out and buy all the Cd’s around my city to prevent other people from buying this crap.

  • TC The Prince

    lol u I ferl u they would do the same here but then again niggas b listenin to that B-More Club music its weird

  • Frenchman

    Damnnn… I like Fifty a lot. But is he making fun of us? He dropped War Angel LP with many dope joints, and then… THIS?! What’s wrong ! Come on man… U can do better than that ! Worst song ever ! This joint will make haters even happier

  • A Haters hater

    Lol im a big 50 fan too but this sound like a spin off that Boom boom pow record or sum shit..and i hate that shit..damn 50 tryn real hard to get that single….

  • daveg

    Noooooo, fif was supposed to keep it real. You will FAIL if you keep this track 50. Come on, don’t let us down. fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck

  • J to tha S

    im gonna have to agree with Meka on this one..this shit is HORRIBLE…….i dont’t even think it should have deserved a post.Mos def a RAOF….im mad i even listened to it.

  • Doja

    50 must have fired his ghostwriter, I heard Drake’s available.

  • B

    W T F is this lmao

  • …smfh. This is some shit I’d expect from Wayne.

  • Fiz7

    if it sucks, why post it?

  • Quint

    this is possibly even worse than flo rida… anyone remember power of the dollar/gtodt.. fuck happend to this guy

  • This is terrible. Ima go back to listening to OB4CL2

  • elmer fudd

    wow, holy shit, it’s even worse then i ever could of imagined

  • SWGR

    this song is the shit!!!! all of you are fuckn haters… 50 cent is back baby.

    XD. LOL!!! ha couldn’t help myself this is a stinky ass piece of shit that was pissed and vomited on. 50 can’t find a hit if he fought floyd. This guy should just enjoy his money, be grateful he’s got it and never to anything else in his whole life. This is some bullshit ass song.

  • 50 was doing so well with the last two mixtapes and Flight 187, the fuck?????

  • dirty needles


  • who cares

    @ Gooderz: 4 real man. Exactley what i was thinkin

  • 50felloffyo

    AHAHAH this track is WACKKKKKK!

  • Doja

    You already know the Thisis50.com stans got this bullshit on repeat.

  • “you can touch whereever you want, but please don’t touch my ass” haha, nonsense. this is a club hewer hit!

  • Sb 562

    man at first i thought u were just being a hard grader on 50 until i clicked play damn this shit is TRASH!!!!

  • FredRico

    -_-‘ Wack tracks from 50 don’t surprise me anymore, but letting this get to the audience shows he also lost his brain!!! 0_o How can he jeopardize himself like this?!?

    2 things:
    – this is Flo Rida all the way! lol smh
    – SERIOUSLY, this is what’s supposed to be BETTER THAN “DEEPER THAN RAP”?!?!


    http://www.divshare.com/download/8560940-3fb Show More Sharing Options

  • cya

    Historically awful. Probably the worst 50 Cent song of all time. The clubs will love it.

  • I think this is a joke song.

  • james

    This is ass and I thought Ghetto Techno was dope.

  • GreyOfAA

    If Wale did this song it’d be fire..

  • NYCityREP

    Takes headphones off…shakes head…tries to forget.


  • RK6

    This shit is wack. Definetly the weakest/wackest song 50 evermade. I’m hearing its not supposed to be on BISD though and it’s just a demo record

  • Thank God I ain’t gotta listen to it. 50 been wack for soooo many years now. Dude has lost soooo much respect from me. He’s all about the money. I stopped giving him money a long time ago for half assing. If we ALL stopped giving him money then he would go away but I don’t see that happening. Maybe it will if he sticks to his word about BISD being his last album. He’s like another Birdman, just doesn’t have vocab and topics to talk about.

  • Skylar

    one of the worst things I’ve ever heard. 50 gone Stephon Marbury on me.

  • chipcityls

    NO TAGS???!!!!???

    shit…..this is the one song where the Tags make it easier to listen to…

    i would listen to 4 min of nothing by tags instead of listening to this again…..

    BOOOOOOOOOOOO 50…..and im one of the niggas who rock wit u….

  • Buck

    50, what the fuck is this? I’m honestly a huge fan of yours. BUT WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU THINKING? you sound like a fool, the bitch on this track is trash, the beat is trash, and your….vocals (whatever you want to refer to that shit as) are god awful.

    That being said, I will continue to be a loyal fan, even through your garbage throw-aways.

  • Q Deez

    This sound like a leftover track from the Black eyed peas cd damn 50 u my nigga i ride for u anyday of the week but………….. YOU GOT A HIT MY NIGGA! MONEY MONEY MONEY!

  • added usershare x mediafire links

  • im a 50 Cent fan ESP after flight 187 Track …but lets just forget this track came out i be happy U BE happy….

  • crashspike22

    Umm…I really dont know why the fuck he did this. This is some next level awfulness…I mean my god man…50 what the fuck happened to you man? You have just gotten worse and…damn…

  • crazy russian

    what the fuck was he on when he made this

  • crashspike22

    No really WHAT THE FUCK happened to you, man?

  • j-t-09

    Wow, this song is terrible even by the standards of regular terrible 50 Cent tracks. I never wanna hear this shit again, sounds like some trash Flo Rida hit mixed with some of that bullshit stuff of Black Eyed Peas’ latest album. Kids in the UK (where I’m from) will love this.

  • Impulse

    this shit is the most garbage ass song I’ve ever heard 50 come out with. 50 fell off big time man…/Fail /GiveUp

  • @j-t-09 hey, im from the UK, i hate this song, your comment should have read ‘girls and white teenagers will go crazy for this song’

  • 2dope4u

    yEah im from UK 50 shud push this in the uk. every1 loves flo rida here. This is perfect for british kids (white only)

    but seriosly 50 u need to be more consistent

    whens the 50th law miztape coming– that gon be hot

  • 2dope4u

    this explains the fuckery (kind of)

  • Dumbest Song Ever Officially A Fall Off He Got Pressured From RICK ROSS N He Cant Even Reign With Nas, DIDDY N JAY. Dammit Even GhostFace Shits Better Than THis Dude

  • Fuck everyone who hate on 50 this song rocks

  • AtlanticC



  • Thomas

    Damn… when “Flight 187” came out, I was kind of excited for his new shit. The “Baby By Me” nonsense, and this Flo Rida rip off shit fucking sucks.

    I don’t understand why hip-hop wants to be techno all of a sudden. There is much better techno out there already that these cats that are brand new to the genre (rappers) are going to fail at, then this fad will dissolve and we’ll all be happier for it.

    And “grab my ta tas”? Really? What are you, twelve?

  • black9

    straight comedy…

  • y0

    one reason i love this site is because shake and meka have good taste in music when they give they opinion its usually right

    and they write funny ass paragraphs like the one above about this song. lmfao @ audio abortion

  • Rambo

    This aint even a club banger…dis is straight trash. Wat club is gona play this???? lol

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  • peptoo

    clubs going to rape thiss shiit believe me
    50 doin stupid on this tracq but its whatever
    i think weezy wouldve been better off with a track like this lmao.

  • Waleesa

    This is a really good song. All you peeps who don’t like it have no biz with music. Big up 50. B4 I Self Destruct is shaping to be a good album. I knew that ever since I listened to the War Angel LP. He apparently still has the Get Rich or Die Tryin fire in him. War Angel LP was way better than the Curtis album.

  • Pakiston90

    I FUCKING LOOOVE THIS SONG. AMAZING 50…what you guys fail to realize is music is shifting in this direction so quickly that all the music artist have to produce club songs to keep up. you think LMFAO is Music? hell no but it sounds good and clubs play the fuck out of them. Stop bitching all of you….KEEP IT UP FIFTY, IM LOVING THIS SHIT