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Freck Billionaire – 39-1 (Floyd Mayweather Diss)

blame it on Shake September 19, 2009

…dying for a little attention, here it go Lil Mama

Freck continues to take shots at Floyd Mayweather (who’s fighting tonight… and I need a stream!).

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  • lol @ generic punchlines. the gotti line was crazy, that’s about it. i love how rappers are going at, boxers?

  • dKm

    ufc > boxing

  • UFC > all

  • CoolMane

    when did freck and floyd have a falling out?

  • This nigga go both ways like a Round trip haha my bitch taller than u freck is the man I could tell he wasn’t even going hard bit it was still dope… Slumdog billionaire haha damn I’m high

  • GDC

    UFC is trash. It’s got nothing on boxing.

  • GDC

    Freck is mediocre at best. There’s nothing impressive about him.

  • Rio$

    amateur boxing>freckle

  • Rocsta

    any1 got a stream of the match

  • I guarantee anybody who disses a boxer would never say the same thing to their face.

  • freckthebilly.blogspot.com — Slumdog Billionaire coming soon!

  • Dems

    Like the state of oklahoma, OK. Lmao, damn this guy is the worst.

  • mee

    what’s the story behind this?

  • Evince

    im in need of a stream too shiiiiittttt



  • Cage

    Don’t know the whole story, but Floyd will knock this nigga the fuck out… Quickly.

  • KoJ_the_YDC

    ok freck soooo you dissed him on wax, why dont you let him do the equivalent in his world…exactly…he cant rap and you cant box so stfu

  • could someone explain the background story to this??

    and i cosign KoJ_the_YDC. whats the point of anybody going at a PRO fighter? regardless whatever happened, at the end of the day, going at someone who makes a living outta beatin the shit outta dudes is just silly

  • figgy

    http://wrwrestling.com/ for live stream of mayweather fight

  • uzi

    wtf i thought both of them were tight? sum1 fill me in

  • Doesn’t he like, K.O. your brain in like, 3.6 seconds?

    Me thinks not smarts to diss such a person.

  • D. $cience

    This song title is officially irrelevant now.

    Money Mayweather: 40-0

  • My_Pops_Son

    The fuck is up with all these nobody rappers dissing Floyd Mayweather. Not even tryin to defend Mayweather, but damn at least let a rapper that has some skill and an inkling of a career do this shit.

  • Milly

    I think he meant that he beat floyd so he 39 and 1, lol

    i like the pic
    i like the beat
    everythin else was ok