Jay-Z - Empire State of Mind Live (Video)

Jay and Bridget Kelly (who also performed at the Madison Square Garden show; and is signed to Roc Nation) performing live on Friday Night w/ Jonathan Ross.

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  • eightiesboy

    wheres the girl to every jay z related post ;(

  • iAdaptToProgression

    no booty? c'mon! smh.

  • Blizit from Harlem

    Good performance like most Jay Z.

  • Charlie

    do they censor "World Trade"? Why?

  • Jenson

    Is this going to be the next single? I hope so!

  • My_Pops_Son

    This is the next single off BP3. They're shoothing a video for it in the very near future.

    Bridget Kelly is BAAAADD!!

  • A

    乃囗口!!!!丁凡丫 乙 与凵匚长与!!!!!!

  • Hova

    What kind of jacket is he wearing...(2)dope

  • drugged

    everyone needs to check out this - http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio1/livelounge/artist/090918_jayz_tour.shtml

    jay performs acoustic versions of Encore/Thank You and Roc Boys.

    great stuff.

  • This was incredibly dope and that singer he has holds her own. She's not too bad on the eyes either. NICE!

    This is an inspiring record. New York is like one of the only cities where you could not be from it, and still feel like you are or want to be when you hear this song.

  • anelka39

    Pfff jay-z c'est le patron du game,pas d'équivalent,pas de concurrent!!!

  • jei

    Lil' Mama in this? Cause she's such a huge part of this song now.


Rittz - "My Window"

I, for one, can't wait for the Strange Music signee's Top Of The Line.

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