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Charles Hamilton – This Perfect Life [Unreleased Album]

blame it on Illy September 20, 2009

I guess since Charles got the (expected) boot from Interscope it’s alright to let this loose. If not, feel free to hit me and I’ll take it down. I don’t care if this is up either way as I don’t think it’s that good, but I realize there is an abundance of Sonic-stans that frequent the dopehouse. What’s a ddot?

Tracklist + Download link after the jump…

DOWNLOAD: Charles Hamilton – This Perfect Life [Unreleased]

  • Dolce

    This kind of makes me sad, i wont lie

  • hahahaha i going to download it

  • im downloading this cuz of the Crooked I feature

  • Que?

    So James Yancey still is the “Executive Producer” huh?

  • james

    He’s definitely different. I like his production game. His chorus are wack. He spits dope though.

  • Que?

    Speaking of Charles, where the fuck is he?

  • Kick-Side

    damn this sucks him getting dropped, he was dope as hell, He still is my favorite rapper by far

  • grr @Shake being a DICK. aha
    This is cool, hopefully he starts to appear back online soon.

  • melosz

    come back chalres!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kick-Side

    damn this sucks him getting dropped, he was dope as hell, He still is my favorite rapper by far.

  • @shake
    thanks, but the album already downloaded , ay i kinda of like Barbara Walters, but the next track so far is nah…. and the tears of fire song is dope but the beat sounds hella low quality. is there any other good songs by charles that is as good as barbara walters

  • Gnar Gnar!

    The art work alone makes me wanna spew chunks! Im gonna hit the snooze button on this one. Probably more than once.

  • LOL @ “what’s a ddot?”

  • melosz

    he should sign with a not so big label so his album could actually be released asher roths album came out quick cuz he signed with a smaller label charles signed with interscope and we know what happens to rappers there

  • My_Pops_Son

    Doing your own album art of all 83 bullshit mixtapes you put out is one thing. But doing it on your “official” album (even if it gets shelved) is quite another. Who gave his ass the greenlight for that album cover? Worst shit ever.

  • Show Tufli dope any music by him? shit both those two features are better than the whole album, but i like Barbara Walters

  • who cares

    Charles Hamilton is a joke


    Isn’t Meka’s Twiiter MekaDDot? Just a question.

  • sad to see this. i feel almost bad for CH. idk dude had some potential after pink lavalamp. tho come to think of it he did all this shit to himself.


    My bad it’s MekDot.


  • InsanefAx


  • u sleepin Dwayne, Show Tufli has 5 dope mixtapes and he is on 2 other demevolist tapes

  • jon

    show tufli’s metaphor game is weak

  • @monroe
    i just downloaded them, i was sleepin lol

  • Reggie

    I still rep Charles Hamilton.

  • Dang everyone on the XXL Covers seems to be going just fine except this guy.

  • Buck3ts

    @dwayne, check out My Word by Charles Hamilton, it’s a real good song, spits some nice stuff

  • J to tha S

    Yall some haters man…when “Brooklyn Girl” dropped EVERYBODY was on CH’s NUTS. REAL TALK. This album ain’t that bad at all..its got that CH sound.Sucks he got dropped from Interscope,but shit is still ill. Charles is STILL ILL. Can’t wait to hear some new product.

  • ISF75

    Im not a Charles Hamilton fan but after listening to Post Lynching ceremony…I gained a little respect for this cat…..Seriously…

  • JLH

    Instant download. Im still riding with Charles. The whole Dilla situation was blown out of proportion. Its all about the music

  • ISF75


    I dont think that situation was blown out of proportion..

    I mean if some “rapper” was publically stating that he was doing seance’s with (for example “your mom”), how would you feel??…Charles was outta pocket on that, specially after he lied about knowing the fam…..You cant make excuses for that one..and if it was all about the music then he should leave peoples deceased family members and the families out of it.

  • blazer

    I’m gonna listen… hopefully I disagree with most of yall. and the artwork is cool in my opinion.

  • D. $cience

    STILL…don’t know the hype surrounding this guy & his MF DOOM-like song titles. I’ve just always considered who are the dudes that co-sign him, and what are their daily lives like…because there’s too many rappers that is better than him.

    Oh, and to the Charles Hamilton fan-boys that reply to me, if you dig him because of his flow & “abstract” wordplay, then sh** I need to get me Pro Tools, a mic, some beats, a ghostly J Dilla “co-sign”, and call myself Crash Bandicoot.

    Just sayin’.

  • JPre21

    I think that his entire problem was overexposure. Things just kept popping up about him in music news, and he just kept pumping mixtape after mixtape into the music world.
    I like how everybody hated him during these times, but everybody loves him now.
    I think that given the time to forget his media misfortunes, and stop being annoyed by the constant music releases, people are starting to appreciate him for the art again.

  • d

    For real, i dont think charles pulled that dilla stunt to get more publicity on his album. I think hes just a weird dude who does things without thinking them through sometimes. But the bottom line is he makes good music, and thats all that really matters anyway.


    ^Im a big fan of jay-z,nas,em,2pac,big,all the greats and i know how great they are as far as spittin and i know Charles can reach that level and had his gr8 moments,listen to “most likely to succeed” and you wont disagree,dude has mad potential on spittin and producing,i didnt get all into his shit after a while and i could see how ppl can say hes wack and overrated cuz of his delivery on alotta tracks sounding bored but he got 2 classics so far imo,”pink lavalamp” and “well isnt this awkward”,now this could be another one too,just gotta listen to it more,but I dont think its better than the two i mentioned,just think he did this for the label when he was signed…

  • MikeDaooo

    I just don’t understand why people were trippin’ over the Dilla situation as if they personally knew him so to be insulted by it in the first place is kind of pointless…He still makes quality shit…

  • MikeDaooo

    NOTE: When I said that he still makes quality shit I meant CH, not Dilla lolol

  • JPre21

    @ Dwayne
    Some classic Charles Hamilton…
    of course Brooklyn Girls
    Swaggerless Swag
    Windows Media Player
    Talent Entrance
    And Im sure Im forgetting several from the hamiltonization process

    To me, his best work is ‘Well Isnt This Awkward’. Taken as a whole, this shit is a masterpiece, and dont let anyone tell you anything else

  • @ JPre21 and Buck3ts

  • Free Download is a dope song

  • ISF75

    Nobody doubts Charles talent…everyone says he can be great……

    Its CHARLES who decides to add all that extra bullshit to his “legacy”

    Extra=(Gimmicks out the ass)…..Pink,Sonic,Dilla etc……I mean come on…

    His mind state is still in the “drug use phase” meaning he doesnt respect himself

    and if he doesnt respect himself, he clearly doesnt respect his “talent”….

    He isnt confident in his abilites, thats why he adds all the “im so different” gimmicks…

    (Insecure) in all aspects…

    So when you people say just worry about the music, You tell Charles that first…

    Its him who isnt worried about the music…

  • ISF75

    He is more interested into how he can flip Sonic virtual reality into a captivating life experience….

  • the-world

    its not that bad I like the album. I hope you still going to make music charles we still your fans out here in the world. sonic is still in you to make it fast.

  • optimusprimerib

    not gonna lie, I miss the Hamiltization Process mixtapes. it was like a treat every 2 weeks, which started about a year ago. damn where’s charles? :(

  • Baythoven

    charles one of the best rappers today imho

  • kal

    Charles is dope hope he continues to produce and create masterpieces.

  • Yeezy


  • good too see he still has fans


  • DP

    album is straight but pink lavalamp is still his best work yet.

  • i think charles is dope.. ppl don’t give him the credit he deserves

  • Sb 562

    I AM A CHARLES STAN! hahaha naw but i really fucks with CH man hes dope i dont have to explain ill let him explain to yall

  • PurpleKushY

    Shit is ill, hope CH can keep droppin’ heat on an Indy.

  • ISF75


    Its not about him and his “beliefs” if he decides to do all that, its his decision..Im not judging him for it..BUT

    Its the way he exploits his “beliefs” that turns them into gimmicks..

    There is a thin line between seeking attention and ecstatically believing in something..

  • LOL @ the DDot jab no here too.. http://twitter.com/dopeboySHAKE/status/4134444520

  • bryan

    music is actually really good..Charles Hamilton may be out there but give him a chance

  • I’ve Been Waiting On This
    It Doesn’t Disappoint either
    (At Most I’m Just is still my favorite group of work from him)

  • Too Many L’s.

  • Sincere

    How bout you ban this guy from all hip-hop blog sites. This is exactly what we don’t need. It’s bad enough we are about to fulfill the prophecy and go to war. People like this are a stain on our community and if any one sees this uncle tom, put a hole threw him.

  • That’s really the album artwork?!
    And only 11 tracks?!

    Alls I can say is… Good Luck.

  • Why is James Yancey still listed as executive producer? Or is this the old art?

    Edit: Never mind. Must be old since the Interscope logo is still there as well.

  • CASH


  • advocating murder? that’s dope man. good luck with everything you got goin for ya.

    i’m just glad to see when people actually defend their reasons for liking a guy. and dually, it’s perfectly cool when people can articulate why they aren’t lookin out for a certain rapper. you do kinda just have to simply get CH’s steeze and overlook all the dumb decisions he makes if you’re gonna be a fan, though. but regardless, i enjoyed this album. “post-lynching ceremony” and “long socks” are my joints.

  • Champ5ound

    i wondered where he went..(myself included on my next sentence)
    media/fans build people up, then love to break them down….then love to wonder..now that we broke them down…where are they?

  • Sincere

    Chris Campbell- Like i said. Beware of all the traitors, sell outs, uncle toms, and the people like this Chris Campbell. Has nothing to do with music at this point. The fact that he is promoting negative stereo types at a time of war. Keep shucking and jiving, bling blinging, and wanting the flash life style. Better wake up Hip – Hop generation. We are going to need you i promise.Eyes closed will get you bamboozled.

  • Steven.

    Haha, sorry. I had to.

    Anywho, I’m a bit saddened by this,
    but I’m sure it’ll only bring more quality music.

    Just look @ Crooked I.
    Same ish, different rapper.

    I’ve still got love and faith for Charles.

    CH all day!

  • Did he seriously get dropped from Interscope?
    It seems like something is going on. He dropped like 30 mixtapes. and when it comes to the album ,there’s 11 Tracks.Charles is dope he just needs to see a therapist

  • I already had this shit but surprised 2db put this up. Hopefully chuck gets himself together.

  • dadadada

    This Is Kinda Fucked Up The Perfect Life Came Out On Shakes Terms

  • i hate Chucky…wit a passion…but “Post-Lynching Ceremony” is a monster. the singing could go. but the lyrics and beat are hard.

  • RavRav

    Man…. Charles Hamilton is a great artist, I hope him getting kicked out of Interscope will teach him to watch his mouth… but the dude is ill still, although he kind of needs to work on his chouruses sometimes…

  • lasean

    @Sincere how is charles hamilton promoting stereotypes how is he a traitors, sell outs, uncle tom fuck out of here with that shit you sont even know what you are talking about at all

  • shake did you have this the whole time? props lol downloading now, im a huge fan of charles, dont care about what he says/does outside of music cos all that bothers me is what he says/does in the booth


    James Yancey – JDilla

    lol at JDilla being used on this, now i know why everyone in the D got mad.

  • Bogodile

    I really have to be honest, I wasnt a fan of mr. Hamilton… but after listening to this LP, the brother got my attention :)
    Songs like LONG SOCKS & POST-LYNCHING CEREMONY are bananaz… Big up to the SONIC brother for making a DOPE LP :)

  • Pumbaclut

    A bit sad really. From mad buzz to tweeting suttin bout Dilla to being dropped from the scope. I think dude is ill though.

  • Jq

    Charles was a good rapper even tho he sounded lyke he sipped som nyquil before each song http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IG2xm4uTntM&feature=channel_page

  • Gotta call a spade a spade. This shit is… smh material.

  • zookeeper

    fuckboy hamilton is officially done. good riddance!

  • zookeeper

    fuckboy hamilton is officially done, stick a fork in his anus. good riddance.

  • DRudgery

    Charles is DOPE. Ppl really stop speaking in the past tense… If you dont like CH… DOnt Fuck with CH… Let it be. Me on the other hand… “its Charles” is dope!! “TPL” is Great!! Reminder, Tears of Fire, three lb bullet…. DOPE.
    Im happy this wasnt his first album though… BUT CHARLES needs to come back!!

  • Reggie

    Isn’t it funny that when starchasers finally get what they want, they get burnt?

  • Reggie

    and starchasers are the fans

  • 14K

    I think this should be taken down, if Charles didn’t put it out then it shouldn’t be up in my option.
    And yea Charles does still have fans

  • xastey

    wow i caught this store on TSS and didn;t even know his cd drop..

  • DayO

    charles hamilton is like kanye west without hella money to make it ok that eveyone hates him…not me, im just sayin.

  • Pumbaclut

    Charles is soo fucking dope on the mic but the way he does his choruses the same way all the time is holding him back. He needs to change it up now and then and quit with the almost singing style hooks. It just doesn’t sound good to the ear at times.
    He could easily get features maybe or take a look at Hov (cos when HOV does his own hooks they never sound wierd. Take notes CH.

  • John

    Barber Walters grew on me. I think Three Pound Bullet has potential. Ghosts is dope. Reminder, All Alone, and Baby are my favorites. Tears of Fire had could have been so much more. I think a third verse back and forth between crooked I and charles would’ve made it hot. He also should of kept the “tears of fire” on the chorus but switched it up a bit. Post Lynching Ceremony is something everyone can relate too, so i gotta mention that.

    I was/am a big Charles fan, he just has to relax, come back strong, and learn from this experience. He can blog everyday, drop music randomly, but let the fans do the talking for him as well as his music. He has a catalog already that people should respect. Of course when you flood the internet with countless music, there will be backlash and medicore songs but his concepts are creative.

    He has the skills to do so much for hip-hop. i hope he makes fans out of the non-believers.

  • george

    Charles dropped more music in the course of a year than many folks could in their careers….too bad 90% of it sucks.

  • bub stoda

    so far so good cant hate on CH

  • MuSIKo

    The Pink Lavalamp is a classic every song has at least over 40 plays on my ipod its a cd i can play without skipping a song and i still listen till this day

  • ChicaGo-Getter

    This nigga is so wack…I didn’t wanna be that dude who comes into post to “hate.” But he’s terrib;e. He hasn’t done ANYTHING worth mentioning since “Death of the Mixtape Rapper” and even that wasn’t just ehhhhhh. I was shocked when he got the deal with Interscope and I WASN’T when I heard he got dropped. Good riddance.


    Charles dropped more music in the course of a year than many folks could in their careers….too bad 90% of it sucks.

    george said this on September 21st, 2009 at 9:28 am

    ^^^^^ Truer words have never been spoken

  • ChicaGo-Getter

    Gotta call a spade a spade. This shit is… smh material.

    J.S. said this on September 21st, 2009 at 5:35 am

    ^^^^ His entire life is SMH material. He should seriously choose another profession. And I’m being DEADASS. This will never work for him. His career will never go pass where it is now. It only has one way to go….and that’s down cuz he’ll NEVER make it to thte top.

  • jerz820

    CH is dope its just he was puttin too much shit that shouldnt see the light of day and got old… the shit he puts out that he puts time in like pink lavalamp is hot

    Crash Landed was his best mixtape by far though that shit was fire

  • Dj ILL One

    I think he should`ve released “Pink Lava Lamp” as his first official album,not this one. Overexposure,lackluster production on alot of his joints and speaking before thinking destroyed his career.

  • FredRico

    This is sad! Both the fact the this album doesn’t get the treatment it deserves as well as people being so pathetic, following any trend (in this case, hate Charles) instead of making their own mind about an artist based on the MUSIC!!!

    This has great production (as in different and successfully experimental) and a fresh delivery also by Charles! Anything else about his private life is non of our business nor should count when rating his music.

  • Charles Hamilton could have been ill. He can flow. But it’s hard to be taken serious when you get Banged on by a female and use Dillas name to get plays.

    So far this isn’t that bad although Im only on track 3

  • CoolMane

    albums good but the weak ass chorus kinda cripples the good tracks CH can spit hes a beast lyrically but the chorus just fucks some of the tracks up

    he kinda ethered his whole career all the dumb shit hes been doin fucked his shit up he coulda been real big guess the balls in show’s court now he aint a dumbass and it looks like he can handle himself just hope he dont fuck up like charles when he get a deal

  • Ape
  • Day-Day

    Charles is the shit. i dont see why yall dont like his choruses though, i love when he sings on the hook.

  • RICK RO$$

    guess its back to tha streets for charles….literally…dude WAS homeless before this music ish.

  • P.Diddy

    all of you reside on charles’ genitals

  • if you check out that DDot post, he’s sideways sendin shots at the dopehouse.


    seriously, i used to be on this site called Holla Front. DOmen was seriously the laughing stock of the whole place, hell, the whole internet.


  • Zach

    links not working???

  • fizzyfakedodgers

    this be that dope shit…..2dope shit

  • charles hamilton over every rapper out now.

  • CH ” This Perfect Life ” aint so perfect the regular quates thasts wat hes tryna say this life isnt perfect. – Mike

    other then that the album is dope but Life isnt perfect if u get it.

  • CH will never be able to put out an album lol they will all be unreleased well only two but the third will be out sooner or later and that interscope drop is a rumor.

  • thompson

    charles hamilton is nice, people hating let em’ hate. its all good. keep making music ch. peace.1

  • EC


  • dang. it doesnt work anymore

  • jstar

    can u repost the link

  • keep making music bro get signed to Def Jam or Young Money (Young Money lol) start making more videos (for All alone, Long Socks, and Post Lench) Then start featuring with other artist like Cudi and Drake but try your hardest on them. Then make another album and TAKE YOUR TIME!!!

  • darren

    i’m not a charles hamilton fan, but i can’t front… this album is fuckin dope and different. too bad he couldn’t promote his music as much as he could promote his mouth.

  • the album is amazing.

  • meezy2ucee

    i honestly think charles hamilton has potential
    w/ his career.

    & maybe if yaw get off his dick he would comeback.
    if yaw niggas dont like his shit dont listen to it.
    would you wanna comeback to the internet if everytime you posted some shit…half of yaw internet junkies had some shit to talk about it.
    i know thas how the music industry is but still man…chill
    i know he suck and can be garbage at times
    but man ease up on the kid man…calm down

    eventually he’ll comeback @all the real CH fans
    just gotta be patient like the rest of us.

    if you havent heard any of his previous stuff
    check em out…

    American Gangsta v2.0: Where Is Charles Hamilton?
    American Gangsta:Who Is Charles Hamilton?
    And Then They Played Dilla
    At Most Im Just…
    The Binge Vol. 1: Staring At The Lavalamp
    Crash Landed
    The Dead Zone
    Death Of The Mixtape Rapper
    Dope2Go (The Halo+Hamiton Project)
    Every Charles Hamilton Ex-Girlfriend’s Worse Nightmare
    It’s Charles Hamilton
    The L Word
    My Brain Is Alive
    Outside Looking
    The Pink Lavalamp
    Sonic The Hamilton
    Staff Development
    Well Isn’t This Awkward…

    & also an unofficial mixtape i found w/ stuff un heard
    Where is Charles Hamilton

    there’s older ones that he has
    but none of them are leaked.
    dont bother waistin your time looking for them

    signed- an actual Eddie-Lee fan

  • Kidjo131

    CH has got alot of fans, tons of haters, and plenty who dislike him(yet still comment on all his music and listen to him…???????), but this album is good. this is better than 90% of the BS on the radio today. SUPPORT CH OR LEAVE HIM ALONE. get off his nuts and quit hatin, hes a talented artist

  • Zach

    Mmeezy2ucee where you get the unofficial mixtape “Where is Charles Hamilton” at ????

  • meezy2ucee
  • I like how everyone here thinks they are an expert and thinks they know how to fix Charles’ life. Shut up. The fact that he likes the color pink and likes sonic doesn’t make it bad. This album is great and you are a moron if you think it’s bad for any reason other than if the music isn’t your style

  • wtg chuck

    damn, this album is pretty fucking great

  • austin

    this album is okay, still think charles is a comple dope that needs some help hes talented but he needs to chill

  • mike

    bring charles back hes fucking talented.

  • derrick

    i don’t mess with most of his mixtapes, but this album is dope.

  • Well he’s on his way back! CH is not really stoppable. I cant believe so many people wrote him off so quickly. Watch him come back and be big as hell.

  • Mixtape Monkey

    What I’m trying to figure out if anyone can help me, where does the album art for this come from? I’m sure theres some meaning behind it because I doubt Charles would just put up some random monkeys… does anybody know? Thanks

  • codeo

    After listening to charles all 2010, I believe this is his best work ever.