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Maino – Unstoppable (Mixtape)

blame it on Shake September 21, 2009

Maino teams up with DJ Whoo Kid & DJ Scream for his latest mixtape. Featuring the likes of Lloyd Banks, Lil Wayne, Raekwon, Gucci Mane, Young Jeezy and more. Shouts to RadioPlanet on the linkage.

Tracklist + Download link after the jump…

DOWNLOAD: Maino – Unstoppable (Mixtape)

  • oooo


  • Ghost donT BLeed

    MAINO THAT DUDE…fuck the haters.


    not a fan..

  • TC The Prince

    Stay comin wit Dope material

  • maino is too sick, his album still gets bumps from me and i been bangin that bandana joint from this wit banks lately…fire

  • HuBCiTy525

    I would have listened to this Mixtape if it weren’t for Whoo Kid who is one of the most annoying Mixtape DJ’s out.

  • Melo15

    whats up with the site its not lettin me go to page two its been being wierd the past couple of days?

  • ^same shit with me this site been fuckin up been havin to refresh every time i click somethin cuz the shit always blank the first time…

  • blazer

    hey fulltimebitch and melo15… me too, but I thought it was just my computer… it’s making me refresh everything I click for the most part… not terrible, but fix it please.

  • Day-Day

    damn, he called him fulltimeBITCH. lmao

  • Fulltimebitch? lol

    Lol “fulltimebitch”

  • derrik

    @ people who need to refresh. Get a Mac!

    Maino…eh i don’t know, he has a couple okay tracks, but i’ll listen with an open mind. That cover is gay as fuck though

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  • ********

    ^ yeah i’m having the same problems with 2dopeboyz as you

  • ^^working on it.

  • hey… everyone having issues. can you let me know what browser, OS, etc you are using? and maybe a screen shot of when the issue happens? thanks!

  • dirtysixchambers

    firefox, windows vista.

    it happens whenever i click a link, go to the homepage, whenever. goes to a blank white screen, then i hit refresh once or twice and it works.

  • ********

    ^exactly the same for me

  • Remember “Get Away Driver” off GTA IV?

    Them were the days. Oh well, downloading because is seems kind of dope.

  • GOD..that guy

    dont really listen to maino but ill listen nd qiv my feedback in a feww

  • Pitter

    i’m having the same problems. windows vista, firefox.

  • ronnie

    im using safari on a Mac. and i am having these blank screen problems.

  • Rio$

    most likely garbage like his album and other shit wonder if there’s any lyrics about him being in prison so that makes him the hardest nigga in the country

  • Buck3ts

    ^^happening to me too. Running Firefox on Vista. I just get a blank white screen, then hit refresh or home then it brings it up.

  • who cares

    hell yea i been waitin on dis 4 a min

  • boss

    It’s not a 2dopeboyz issue, it’s a Firefox issue. Firefox messes up with my Gmail and other sites too,especially if you’re using Firefox 3.0.

  • don’t care about the problem much but im having it and im on firefox and vista

  • uzi

    firefox 3.5.3 keeps crashing now..especially when i load 2dbz. any1 else gettin this problem

  • Dre

    im using safari and im having to refresh too

  • I got Ghostface and Maino in the same day, I’m good

  • mark

    @derrick i have a mac and the sites been doing it to me too

  • Thomas
  • I’m not having that issue, but lots of times when I try and post a comment it either locks up or wont refresh the page after I click “Submit.”

    I’m on a Mac, tried on 10.4 & 10.6 SL, with Camino & Safari browsers. Happens randomly, not a huge issue but it pops up occasionally, including just now on the Vibes mixtape page.

  • n88888888

    I have a mac with safari and I have had this problem for a week or two. It just goes black or white and after I refresh a couple times it gets better.

  • @ boss

    Apparently it is a 2dopeboyz issue cause I’m not on Firefox or Safari or any of that other shit. I’m on a custom built PC with Internet Explorer 7 and Windows XP service pack 3.

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  • music4mysoul

    Does it matter what computer your using?
    Ummm…No! “Custom” built or not, the problem lies on the hosting server.

    Thanks for the DL Link.

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