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Mike Posner Announces New Mixtape (Video)

blame it on Shake September 21, 2009


After a performance at Miami University of Ohio; Mike Posner announces (via text on YouTube) his upcoming mixtape, One Foot Out the Door, which is dropping October 29th. Dope news… A Matter of Time is really fresh to me.

BONUS: Mike Posner – Evil Women (rmx) f. Hoodie Allen
PREVIOUS: XV – Mirror’s Edge f. Mike Posner, Bun B & GLC (Benzi Remix)

  • DK


  • Jimbo

    I am surprised the acts the bars at my school gets (it’s the middle of no where). We had Kweli last year, The Cool Kids, Big Sean, and Posner this year. Rumor is the school is getting Kid Cudi for the spring…we will see…

  • Taber

    Woo! Can’t wait for Oct. 29th!


  • blazer


  • Pancakes!

    SICK!!!!!!! CAN’T WAIT!!!!

  • mike

    Check out hoodie allen. Their shit is dope and the remix of evil woman is tight. They are looking to play at schools to. They are on myspace and facebook

  • ROTC

    posner has the craaaaaack

  • B

    damn after hearing one of his songs i 4get whut song, i wanted more but couldn’t find any but i just listenend to tht mixtap “A Matter Of Time” shit is fuckin nice, i like every sinle song on tht shit, dude got talent, can’t wait for this next one