True 2 Life Music - Who the F*ck is This!? (Video)


Have you ever come across someone that made you ask (in a bad way...) who the fuck is this!? I sure have... which is probably why I'm digging this record (and video) so much as I've been in a few of these situations haha. Taken off True 2 Music's Biggie inspired mixtape, Larger Than Life, which can be downloaded after the jump...

DOWNLOAD: True 2 Life Music - Larger Than Life (Mixtape)

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  • GoldnOsilver

    I like the concept but the song sucks. i dont like seeing buff n fat hipsters rap

  • Jayvon

    this joint is dope, I like the whole concept in addition to the sample messing with the bars too, director did their thing..

  • conRad

    im feeling this shit. song and the video. you sounding like that guy they talking about in the song. lol

  • My_Pops_Son

    Definitely like the song. Hopefully the mixtape is on par with it.

  • LK

    im fucking with this... i heard of them before but this record is crazy. good find Shake!

  • seventhletter

    like how they flipped it. better than that lox one. feel like ive been in all those situations...except being at a party with a mascot with a pistol. keepin my eye out for True 2 Life

  • TheNCMC

    good post. sick video. I seen these guys open up for Lupe in Maryland. hardwork pays off

  • P_B_Neac


  • Lotlan

    hmm...I'm actually feelin this joint.
    didn't know if this was gonna be hot or not, but it actually turned out to be a dope ass track.

    hope the mixtape is the same

  • shibby

    never heard of em before but this track is hot as fuck. gonna check the mixtape

  • bsess

    GoldinOsilver is staight outta the song haha. I've know these guys forever, and they have def been bringing it recently. I suggest checkin out their other songs on youtube.

  • Queen_City

    dope video and even better song. i dl'd the mixtape and thats tight too. im fucking with these true 2 life boys! thanks 2DB

  • badonkadonk

    @GoldnOsilver i like my hipsters anorexic

  • JamesJonez

    shit looks cool, directing was tough...these dudes is from where?

    lol @ fat dude look like new age Gravy

  • yeah

    never heard of them but video was nice and got me downloading the mixtape.. im definitely feelin it

  • JV

    Big dude and bootleg neyo can spit. I can't understand a word coming out the other dudes mouth tho, his gear is too loud.

  • Definitely feeling the video and the track...the mixtape doesn't disappoint either. I see y'all!

  • slyfox

    yeah chocolate buff dude (pause) was a little muddle with his spit.. but the other dudes held it down. They dress funny for good rappers, I was expecting them to dance or jerk with those outfits.

  • Yeah nice Flash. I downloaded the mixtape and its tough. Their website actually said they were in the movie Notorious.

  • funny enough for me to get the mixtape
    they do dress like the stereotype of a hipster though

  • Mogul

    @jamesjonez theyre out of brooklyn. lol at the reference to the gear. people be reaching. i think they dope and the mixtape is solid. these boys could rap. thanks 2DB

  • y'all need to check "that's that" off the mixtape... they go in with the bars. good find, shake!

  • Rizza

    yeah "that's that" goes hard... they nice. true 2 life - thats that -

  • G

    holy shit, not expecting this lol. these dudes are hella dope.

  • Shoutout to the True2life movement....these are my homies...congrats on the post..I see we got some haters

  • ryte

    yeah this shits ridiculous. all these guys can spit. def gonna cop the tape


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