Barack Obama x David Letterman (Video)

blame it on Meka September 22, 2009


Let’s be real: when you see photos like this, you can’t tell me that Jimmy Carter’s claims of racism are unfounded. Face it: this man has to undo damn near a decade of fuckery, and already eight months in “citizens” of this country are calling for his head. Expecting ol’ boy to miraculously turn stool into gold in such a short time is just ridiculous. But what do I know, I’m just a lonely blogger that barely watches anything outside of SportsCenter.

  • Huh?

    Word, it’s crazy how everybody expect so much in little time.

    “How you have high expectation, and have no patience” – Mos Def.

    Other another note:

    Either I’m going crazy or a Jay-Z post commenting on how “no one’s scared of 50 Cent” just disappeared.

  • Americans are really ignorant, and they wonder why half the world can’t stand us. Smh. If people think racism is dead then they’re living in a dream world. Those pictures prove how ridiculous people are.

  • Justin Herschel

    Obama all the way he is doing a great job after Bush fucked america up

  • Carlprit calls Obama “A Jackass” president responds !


  • Politics is a joke… and those photos and the video is a travesty and depicts everything thats fucked up with America.. Freedom aint Free work to Brother Ali

  • wordsworthisthetruth

    Meka, first off, you don’t know anything, so thanks for acknowledging that. Of all those pictures you linked to, where is the racism exactly? Or are you just going to make broad general claims of racism as people tend to do with nothing specific to back it up?

  • One ID

    Meka, stick to the wise cracks on hip hop posts.

    Jimmy Carter was one of the worst presidents in History (worse than Bush), but yeah, you’ll co-sign him on the racism claims. SMH. Claiming racism here is nothing but a diversion to actual issues. There are crazy, uninformed, misguided people in all walks of life. Anyone who thinks the ‘racist’ people in the photos represent the majority of Obama’s critics is a fool. Alot of people act like Obama is squeaky clean and untouchable and anyone who criticizes him or his policies is a racist. What a joke. Does anyone know about Obama’s ACORN ties? Does anyone know about the corruption in Chicago politics? Man, people are blind sheep these days.

    How is Obama doing a great job? Yeah, Bush was a mess…but how long does everyone just get to blame Bush for everything? As weak as the Republican Party is, the Democratic Party could be even weaker, despite having the Presidency as well as the House & Senate Majorities. They can’t get anything done. His proposed reforms are a mess. He hasn’t curbed the irresponsible behavior of corporate America. He’s surrounded by public sector people who know nothing about the private sector they’re meddling in. We live in a nation where special interests take precedent over what the people really want, and it doesn’t matter whether it is the Democrats or the Republicans in power. Pelosi, Axelrod, Rahm Emanual, bureaucrats & lobbyists are running the country. Obama is only a talking head reading from the teleprompter

  • Nydutchmaster

    fuck ^that^ dude (above). you’re prolly in one of the pictures if you’re dumb enough to say all that. and wordsworth is the truth lol, apparently you just like to use his name.

  • Nydutchmaster

    well i took too long, but luckily another dumb bastard squeezed in before me

  • Rio$

    let’s just be honest every race is racist but doesn’t like to show it if someone of a different ethnicity got a job instead of you what’s the first thing you’d say ” that nigger”, that wetback(or spic). that cracker(redneck,trailer trash,nazi, that chink, that sand nigger(raghead). alot of people say they aren’t racist but the truth is everyone is just depends when you bring up racist shit. alot of the people that disagree with obama aren’t racist. there’s beck and o reilly followers, others that just dont like the views of democrats, and some are actually just bigots seeing an opportunity, but to say that they are all racist is ignorant to yourself. i didnt vote for obama but i dont give a shit who’s president they all fuck up in some way. people blame bush but then forget they or someone in their family voted for him

  • Im Just Saying

    its not about the color of your skin its about the mind and where your heads at and when everyone in the world realizes that then we all can progress as human beings.

  • kidadonis

    One, Racism is still alive and kicking. If you look at the polls, Obama didn’t win not ONE southern State…I wonder why? Two, fools expect change to occur over night and when it doesn’t happen that quickly, they lose their minds.

    Jimmy Carter wasn’t the Best President but just because your opinion is that he was worse than Bush, how does that validate anything? And how long can we blame Bush? Bush hasn’t been out of office for a year and you are already giving him a Buy? After 9/11, horrible responses to Florida hurricanes, Katrina, Iraq, Afganistan(Did everyone forget we are still there) and allowing all of these companies to continue outsourcing jobs as Detroit has a 30% unemployment rate. You want Obama to curve corruption in more than eight months?

    If a rapper can’t create a solid ALBUM in eight months, what makes you think Obama can change the entire COUNTRY in the same time?

  • kidadonis

    Also, Racism is not just prejudices. Racism is Prejudice + Power to discriminate due to those prejudices. So it is not possible to be a minority in America and be Racist. Even the largest Black Network is still owned by Viacom.

  • me

    I am white, and I voted for Obama. Racism definately played a role in the opposition without a doubt. But, that does not mean that the majority of Americans or white Americans are racist. A higher percentage of the white vote voted for Obama then voted for the (white) democratice candidate in the last election. but yeah, there are definately some shitheads in the country, but with 350 million people, pictures of a few dont show the mood of the nation as a whole (thank god) although the nation does seem to be going a little fucking crazy

  • Sportscenter!! ya fuck everything else going on..im not worried about them ive got my own to worry about right now..people who want things to change are too lazy to live their own life, they spend it all trying to find a new perfect way to live, if life was easy it wouldnt be as great as it is

  • faze

    whatever kidadonis, if you are prejudiced against a group of people because of their ethnicity, you are racist whether you are a minority yourself or not. dont kid yourself

  • It’s fucked up how no one said shit when Bush’s ass was bombing shit (9/11 and other sorts of random fuckery) and hunting down men in holes. Now I’m not the biggest fan of Obama because I have my suspicions of him being a puppet since the last one who wasn’t ended up in a box (JFK) but shit at least let the man try and help. He hasn’t even been in office for a year yet and people are talking shit. Sometimes you have to move backwards to go forwards. And worst comes to worse at least he’s not stupid enough to nuke anything.

    And these racists needs to stfu what does him being Muslim or Black have to do with health care policies? I didn’t see no minorities protesting calling anyone a cracker (as far as I’m aware) so people need to grow the fuck up.

  • noname
  • Just watch “The Obama Deception” people. Open thou eyes.

  • snakeyes

    Carlprit kills it – he breaks down the Deception in one solid verse


  • jdmartinez08

    Obama Deception is wack compared to Zeitgeist, watch this: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-594683847743189197#
    and Zeitgeist Addendum http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=7065205277695921912#

  • ihavethajuice

    If you liked Obama Deception, this is a lot better, Zeitgeist, watch this: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-594683847743189197#
    and Zeitgeist Addendum http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=7065205277695921912#

  • J.bell

    Reading most of the comments here gives perfect evidence of the failure of public education. It also reenforces my belief that there needs to be an intelligence test before anyone is allowed to vote. Most of you would lose the franchise(the”franchise” means the “vote” for those of you unable to interpret words that are not mono-syllabic).

    Oh By ythe way, I voted for a black candidate for President in 2008. A blck canndidate that has a mind and is a true American patriot. Unlike the guy in office, he will show you his birth certificate, and is actually qualified to be, and has proven to be a leader of others. His name is Alan Keyes. You Obama lemmings would do well to google him and listen to what he has to say about your man!