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Bun B x Chamillionaire x Slim Thug x B.G. x Yung L.A. x Gorilla Zoe x French Montana x Max B [Tags]

blame it on Shake September 23, 2009

No… all these artists aren’t on the same track (or project) but since Evil Empire was on a rampage this weekend I figured I’d bunch all these (tagged) joints up for one post. Houston and the French Montana joints can be found on Interstate Trafficking 9; while Gotta Get My Money is off the Grand Hustle Muscle mixtape. Shouts to X (for taking the time to grab the new shit from each mixtape).

DOWNLOAD: French Montana – Imma Star | Mediafire
DOWNLOAD: French Montana – We Gotta Go| Mediafire
DOWNLOAD: French Montana & Max B – So Wavy | Mediafire
DOWNLOAD: Yung L.A., B.G., Bun B & Gorilla Zoe – Gotta Get My Money
DOWNLOAD: Clinton Sparks – Houston f. Bun B, Slim Thug, Chamillionaire, Paul Wall & Mike Jones

  • y0

    good looks not throwing mike jones in the title

  • OwwwWaverly

    Shout out to the Wavement on Bx

  • french > this site

  • koopa

    mack maine > ^fulltimeboss

  • ThatBOydnice

    French Montana X MaxB. > Everyone on this mixtape

  • Tap Out

    mack maine > ^fulltimeboss

    koopa said this on September 23rd, 2009 at 10:04 pm

    You know you’re doing something right in c-box, when your screen name/alias (i.e. your virtual identity) is being compared to a Rapper (word used loosely) ….

  • Hey Boy,
    I’m tellin ya….no one side of hippity hop is hotta, more gutta, more hood more streets then the dirty dirty right now. Its great to be from Texas these days boi. No other coast weather West or East has unity like the south when it comes to hip hop. Thanks to the unionization of hip hop in the south driven by the late great don Pimp C (RIP Big Homie….u where you belong right now, in the clouds lookin down on us daddy).
    I know that a lot of yall kats be from up north west or east coast and a lot a ya’ll dont give credit to the south for takin over the game, but i am gonna hit you up with a T.I.P. (Free T.I.):
    Go listen to the late great boy’s cd Pimpalation and skip to that there track #3…is called ‘knockin doors down’. That track right there was the start of something beautiful. He unionized hip hop in da Dirty Dirty. Where else are you gonna see so many red hot lobster fire platinum rappers together on a track.

    For instance shawtys….check dat there track ‘Houston f. Bun B, Slim Thug, Chamillionaire, Paul Wall & Mike Jones’ that the big homey shake through up on this here post. You aint never gonna see such top artists in the west or the east on a track like this…..well i gotta tell ya, it took sometime but its clear Hip Hop has been revived by the dirty south. And it don’t appear that she is leavin any time soon. If ya can’t beat em’ join em’. I’mma help ya lil’shawtys out and provide ya’ll with a list of some rappers for ya’ll to check for in the south. From Texas to Atlanta back to Louisana….
    First you got the G.O.A.T. (Greatest o’ all Time) of the south:
    Lil’KeKe da don. He revolutionized da rap game.
    You Got da King of the South Shawty – T.I.. Now for all of yall who don’t know, T.I. is a major player in the streets and the rap game. When he wasnt spittin the best tracks in the game he was runnin the streetz of bankhead ATL. Unfortunately along the way he got caught up in the system of some top notch gangsta type moves and the FBI grabbed him. Unfortunately he locked up at the moment, but he home soon. Then a long time rival of T.I. you got the kid ‘Lil’Flip’. Lil Flip be holdin down cloverville texas. for all yall who dont know Cloverville be like Compton of Texas. However, many reporters have said it be more gangsta then compton. Then also out a Texas you got the best rap duo in the game ever in U.G.K.. For all yall shawtys who dont know, U.G.K. stands for Underground Kings. You got Bun B. and the Late great Pimp C (MISS YOU DADDY). They got many a classic records. Also out of Texas, you got the kid Slim Thug. He the toughest iggest kat in the industry. He is considered in the industry as the Boss of all Bosses. Texas is also home to the #1 underground hip hop artist ever …….Chamillionaire. Aint no one got the underground on lock like Chamillionaire. They consider the kid the Mixtape Messiah. Definitely check for his Mixtape Messiah collection. Then also out of Texas you got the late great #1 DJ in the world….DJ Screw. DJ Screw is the creator of the hottest style of mixtapes in the game that they call “screwed and chopped” But I am sure yall herd of that unless you be sleepin under a rock!
    Now for ATL shawty//You got the young up and comin so Icey entertainment Gucci Mane, OJ Da Juiceman and Waka Flocka Flame. You also got the all american hero Young Jeezy….Jeezy helped solidify President Obamas victory by his promotion and support for the president. Young Jeezy is also the first person to predict the recession of 2008-2009. Believe it or not, Young jeezy dropped an album right before this titled the recession, Which entirely predicts and breaksdown the recent events of the economy and housing market caused by the horrid George Bush Jr. This was history in the making here boy.
    Next, if ya venture over to Louisana you could runn into the holly grove champion of the south Lil’ Wayne, which I am sure you have heard of since he is the #1 rapper in the world for the last 4 years. We also have the best producer ever, Manny Fresh.

    So for all ya’ll that slept on the south…there was a nice intricate history lesson for yall. Learn and study it cause they are what the reason why rap is so hot today.
    Respect and peace to yall.
    Oh ya definitely check for the tracks and mixtapes througn up there in this post by the man, Shake.

    Peace…rip pimp c and dj screw. forever baby.

  • p’cola

    ^holy shit. my screen cut your comment off when you said it’s great to be from texas, so i scrolled.. and then kept scrolling down… and down and down. and now i mean fuck. no one is gon read that shit

  • p’cola,
    my bad shawty. I was just trying to help yall folks to understand that not all of the rap out of the south is ringtone rap. A lotta people have this misconception that all of southern hip hop is garbage and ringtone rap. I am just tryin to spread great hip hop. Sorry for the blabbing above.
    Peace P’Cola….do it big

  • p’cola

    im from the south haha. i know wat southern rap did and is doin for hip hop. but no one gon read all that haha

  • Shihaby

    Can we get a Mediafire link to the last two tracks?

  • Oh Ya….boi, get that TeXas BBQ Goin cuz its gonna be a pawty.

    Yall need to grab this hottness. Texas doin big things Boi…..you know everything is big it texas. Did you know that Texian men have the biggest schL0ngz … pound for pound then any other men of any other state in the country? We doin it big shawtys….ever hear of the saying…once you go texan,,,u never go mexin…

  • see thats what im talkn bout shake…constructive criticism… now u drop a shitload of street shit and kept it to the point… IMO both of ya’ll sumtimes say slick stuff when dropping mainstream or street artists… but for the “Reading glasses and a Flannel” rappers u give them a lil bio complete w/ tour dates and zodiac sign… its ur right to be bias but all these artists tryna eat.. not just the underground ones.

  • ha ha french killed that shit.. free max b… and free the homie dj kayplaya shits fucked up in the game rite now…

  • Ya Boi…but just a little FYI…..a housekeeping note really so keep on the DL and please dont let it out if this circle……French Montana aint from the south.

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