Fly.Union - Value Pack III


Here's another quickstrike freEP from the crew from Ohio. Props to Jameel. Tracklist and link under the cut.


DOWNLOAD: Fly.Union - Value Pack III

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  • jcrunk

    they always manage to feature someone that recently dropped a good mixtape big wille the kid...those little teaser are pretty ill tho

  • jogs

    i cant download can someone upload another link???

  • Justin Herschel

    no dl its not working

  • 2duece

    i've liked everything i've heard from them, but i was disapointed in this one. i can't get wit homey doing the pharrell singing and that last joint got repetitive and annoying. the currensy one is my favorite one.

  • AD

    "Great" is.....great!

  • yoyoyoyo

    hmmm.... I can't get it to work either

  • merkone`

    link is broken....pls fix...