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Theo Martins – Goodwill Hunting (RZA 94) (prod. $port)

blame it on Meka September 23, 2009

So dig it: Theo and producer $port teamed up to form the duo Chris Connery (I forget exactly why they go by that name. Oops.), and were to drop their collaborative effort You Can’t Do That On Television earlier this month, but it’s been pushed back. Anyways, here’s a track by the duo to hold you down until then.

DOWNLOAD: Theo Martins – Goodwill Hunting (RZA 94) | Mediafire

  • Jjaycee

    This is kind of crazy, wow props.

  • Jjaycee

    wow this is kind of crazy, props

  • Why He BiTiN Off oF dA grAIn Of The Wu-TaNg sLaNG ReVeRaND?


    ThiS siMpsOn…SI MoSt pOp SoN u HeARda Me?

    YeSSa mY BrOthER YeSSa….I See WhUt U dOiN jJAYCEE AND MeKA……i SeE U….PaRk HiLL SLaNG U GeTTiN A tAsTe Ov RiGHt nOW U hEaRD…..yEsssA…..I See yaLL….HoLLa at yA YeSSa mY MaN..DRoPCiTy….Ya hEarDA mE?

    HoLLa….BlOW sOMe BuGGa ALL DaY…AT tHE oOh buiLDiN…160…..

    sTAtery….I Am NicE-ATrEE,,,,U hEaRD Me

    ThIs HEre thE YeSSaMaN….sHAOlIn.

  • taken from an e-mail Theo sent in August:

    “Collectively, $port and myself are now known as ‘Chris Connery’ which derives from our homage towards individuals we feel exemplify who we are. (The ‘Chris’ representing $port’s homage to DJ Premier as well as my homage to Sean Connery)”

  • Yhuq3

    @ simpson

    Who types like that? Go to school, get a degree.

  • Big ups to my fam! The Rhode Island Hero!

  • Jjaycee

    @ S.I.M.S.O.N


  • Dope


  • Yessir Pt. 2 of the interview we did explains it all like Clarissa:


    I see you Khal dropping knowledge, lol. Quoted the e-mail and everything.

  • KID

    Yo, Just Blaze really just shouted this dude out on twitter,

    “TheMegatronDon This is kinda fresh! http://bit.ly/mH0ll

    this joint is f*ckin crazy. haha, really like some old Rza

  • AO


  • Treywrong

    Just shouted dude out and I checked it out. this joint is crazy.
    dude really said “smell the crushed peppers compliment the best weather” hahaha, mad ignorant and ill at the same time.

  • Treywrong

    But nah, props though #noshots, if Just Blaze is shouting dude out, I can respect that and listen in.

  • juno40

    Shits i-ight. Dude got some flow. Really does sound like a Wu beat. Bangin’.

  • Lito

    the beat sound more just blaze to me than rza…but anyway…HEATROCK!!! definitely bumpin this for a minute…

  • FartIntoTheAutoTune

    Theo Martins is Mr. Beckham!

  • Dope

    Shits i-ight. Dude got some flow. Really does sound like a Wu beat. Bangin’.

    juno40 said this on September 23rd, 2009 at 5:34 pm

    ^^ Agreed, crazy how Just Blaze really shouted him out – http://bit.ly/mH0ll, dope dope.

  • Dope

    ^^ agreed

    Crazy how Just BLAZE really shouted him out: http://bit.ly/mH0ll

  • Nick

    Shit’s fuckin dope. Goin back to what Hip Hop should be.