• Jjaycee

    This is kind of crazy, wow props.

  • Jjaycee

    wow this is kind of crazy, props

  • http://LingaMyLo.com S.I.M.P.S.O.N. – BaLiNi YeSSa YeSSa

    Why He BiTiN Off oF dA grAIn Of The Wu-TaNg sLaNG ReVeRaND?


    ThiS siMpsOn...SI MoSt pOp SoN u HeARda Me?

    YeSSa mY BrOthER YeSSa....I See WhUt U dOiN jJAYCEE AND MeKA......i SeE U....PaRk HiLL SLaNG U GeTTiN A tAsTe Ov RiGHt nOW U hEaRD.....yEsssA.....I See yaLL....HoLLa at yA YeSSa mY MaN..DRoPCiTy....Ya hEarDA mE?

    HoLLa....BlOW sOMe BuGGa ALL DaY...AT tHE oOh buiLDiN...160.....

    sTAtery....I Am NicE-ATrEE,,,,U hEaRD Me

    ThIs HEre thE YeSSaMaN....sHAOlIn.

  • http://www.rockthedub.com khal

    taken from an e-mail Theo sent in August:

    "Collectively, $port and myself are now known as 'Chris Connery' which derives from our homage towards individuals we feel exemplify who we are. (The 'Chris' representing $port's homage to DJ Premier as well as my homage to Sean Connery)"

  • Yhuq3

    @ simpson

    Who types like that? Go to school, get a degree.

  • http://www.twitter.com/Thurzday Thurzday

    Big ups to my fam! The Rhode Island Hero!

  • Jjaycee

    @ S.I.M.S.O.N


  • Dope


  • http://twitter.com/MISTA23 MISTA23

    Yessir Pt. 2 of the interview we did explains it all like Clarissa:


    I see you Khal dropping knowledge, lol. Quoted the e-mail and everything.

  • http://twitter.com/themegatrondon KID

    Yo, Just Blaze really just shouted this dude out on twitter,

    "TheMegatronDon This is kinda fresh! http://bit.ly/mH0ll"

    this joint is f*ckin crazy. haha, really like some old Rza

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  • Treywrong

    Just shouted dude out and I checked it out. this joint is crazy.
    dude really said "smell the crushed peppers compliment the best weather" hahaha, mad ignorant and ill at the same time.

  • Treywrong

    But nah, props though #noshots, if Just Blaze is shouting dude out, I can respect that and listen in.

  • juno40

    Shits i-ight. Dude got some flow. Really does sound like a Wu beat. Bangin'.

  • Lito

    the beat sound more just blaze to me than rza...but anyway...HEATROCK!!! definitely bumpin this for a minute...

  • FartIntoTheAutoTune

    Theo Martins is Mr. Beckham!

  • Dope

    Shits i-ight. Dude got some flow. Really does sound like a Wu beat. Bangin’.

    juno40 said this on September 23rd, 2009 at 5:34 pm

    ^^ Agreed, crazy how Just Blaze really shouted him out - http://bit.ly/mH0ll, dope dope.

  • Dope

    ^^ agreed

    Crazy how Just BLAZE really shouted him out: http://bit.ly/mH0ll

  • Nick

    Shit's fuckin dope. Goin back to what Hip Hop should be.