Brother Ali, Evidence, Toki Wright & BK-One - The Freshest Kids (Video)


Brother Ali, Evidence, Toki Wright & BK-One team up for the official anthem of their Fresh Air Tour (which kicked off a few days ago). On top of the .mp3 they also put together a fresh cypher-esque video (shown above). Check the tour dates and see if you're luckier than me and have a show in your city. Regardless... I'm traveling to see this shit!

DOWNLOAD: Brother Ali, Evidence, Toki Wright & BK-One - The Freshest Kids | Mediafire

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  • Cam

    so dope

  • chavo

    Tight song but they took the beat from hiero/Del "at the helm: from the 3rd eye vision cd

  • skeme


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  • kaohtix

    man that shits dope
    i love the video concept

  • Mr. W3st

    this is dope, just copped the album from bestbuy, there was none on the aisle, they was on the side, struggled to find it, but copped, now ima take a listen

  • J to tha S

    shit is dope! ill cypher session.

  • stevep

    thats MAD!

  • the truth

    the truth is so plain to see! aint nobody fuckin wit that R S E !!!!

  • Dopeness

    This is easily my favorite track right now. So good!

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  •*LavcjjJQowOtwnfGK85phRnJCNaHIyhT1jtlZQ5gp9JEXu-gXrG*Rz9zIgdmKCaj7IInz3I-7OBRTUtfp9vd/ryuk.jpg Ryuk

    Hell Yes.


    This is HIPHOP ! crazzzzyyyyy

  • Unxpekted

    real hip hop

  • ill cosby

    saw the show and actually met ali on thrusday. needless to say one of the dopest shows ive ever been to. yall definitely gotta see this shit.

  • Slammu

    I saw them on their first stop in Duluth Tuesday I met them all. ANT was there too. You definitly need to get to the nearest one.

  • Sneakrhed

    Seattle October 7th its goin down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Alteez

    @ Chavo, yeah they did take some of the elements from "At The Helm", but this shit is way better. And... why is there only 18 fucking comments on this post?

  • JL

    sick as cancer


    I'm checkin these Brothers out when they come my way, w/o question.

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