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Pac Div – DJBooth Interview (Audio)

blame it on Shake September 26, 2009

Z chops it up with the Cali trio about their high hopes for the next decade of hip hop, what they’d change about their hometown and the music game if they were collectively elected “Mayor. Z also expresses his difficulties (the same I’ve experienced haha) with the Church League Champions online game.

Guys, the title of your impending debut with Universal Motown is Grown Kid Syndrome. How would someone know if they suffered from this clinically-unrecognizable condition?
BeYoung: You’re still leaving crumbs on the counters at your parents’ house, you’re still leaving drawers around the house, you’re just irresponsible. You’re just a man trying to find your way in the world, or if you’re a girl you’re a girl tryin’ to find yourself in the world, but you still have those childish habits you just can’t seem to break away from.

Pac Div – DJBooth Interview

  • Z

    Thanks, Shake. Pac Div has “next.”

  • grown kid syndrome aka fail at life

  • Batman

    hey what happened to all the links on the side of the site? >>>

  • ^^you mean the covers, etc? im working on a seperate page. ( http://2dopeboyz.okayplayer.com/downloads ). mostly to improve load time as the server was calling for over 70 images everytime someone wanted to check the site.

  • James

    Z talks with perfect cadence. It’s annoying lol.

  • calebbbbbb

    man the background in that picture looks just like downtown fort worth, texas. not to mention that one of them is wearing a texas ranger’s hat.
    I might be wrong but i’m just saying it looks like fort worth

  • It is Ft. Worth

  • p-rag

    Is it only me or does the ref on on the pac div game look like lil wayne

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