A (2)Dope More Than A Game Contest: NY Edition

blame it on Meka September 28, 2009

The good folks at ThinkTank Marketing has linked up with your favorite site to provide two lucky New York residents each a pair of passes to attend the screening for Lebron James’ More Than A Game film this Wednesday. What do you have to do to win? Simple: answer this question first:

Who were the victims (all three) of Knicks guard John Starks’ “The Dunk?”

Be the first two people to email me the correct answer and you’ll win passes for the screening. One email per person, please. If you flood my email like a few jackasses have done in the past, you’ll be relegated to my spam folder, essentially voiding each and every other chance you have at any future contests. Non-New Yorkers, have no fear: tomorrow will be the contest for those that live in Atlanta, San Francisco, Chicago, Philadelphia and DC. Speaking of 2003 NBA Draft alumni, check out Carmelo Anthony’s newest spot on the Internets. UPDATE: Contest done. The answer I was looking for was BJ Armstrong (who was trying to guard Starks), and Michael Jordan and Horace Grant (who Starks dunked on).

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  • Michael Jordan, Horace Grant, and Scotty Pippen

  • Cashfeen

    MIchael Jordan, Horace Grant, Scotty Pippen

  • I kno the 3rd is wrong ^_-

  • I emailed you the correct answers, Mr. Meka =)

  • LOL he probably marked me as spam =P
    NEway that third guy is John Paxson, for those who care…

    • >NEway that third guy is John Paxson, for those who care…>

      actually, you weren’t in my spam box; your answer was wrong. and now that your tried to spoil it for everyone, you now are. thanks for failing, however.

  • LOL that answer isn’t wrong…

    • you keep believing that.

  • 23 Michael Jordan
    54 Horace Grant
    5 John Paxson
    And I wasn’t trying to ruin it for anybody, I just had a gut feeling I was either too late, or I’d be screwed out of the contest some how. Go figure…

  • The video doesn’t lie…

    • >The video doesn’t lie…>

      no, just your saltiness at the situation you put yourself in. ironic how one person gave me the answer i was looking for.

  • 24 Bill Cartwright was the only other player anywhere near the screen, and he definitely didn’t get dunked on…

  • Who were the victims (all three) of Knicks guard John Starks’ “The Dunk?”
    Michael Jordan
    Horace Grant
    Bill Cartwright

  • ev

    no winners yet im guessing? i sent mine in but no response

  • tddddot

    Yall acting like “THE DUNK” wasn’t t-mac’s death-blow-dunk on James Felton…


  • DJIO2012

    ^Was that me?? (djio1221)

  • The video clearly shows John Starks dunking over Michael Jordan (#23), Horace Grant (#54), and John Paxson (#5). His own teammate, Charles Oakley (#34) is even under the rim when it goes down. Bill Cartwright (#24) did not get dunked on, nor did anyone else–on that play. Sooooo, Meka, define “saltiness” for me and tell me I’m wrong some more, when you know I’m right.

  • “The answer you were looking for.”

    That’s hilarious! So, is it a trick question, or do you not even know the correct answer?

    • >That’s hilarious! So, is it a trick question, or do you not even know the correct answer?>

      if one person got exactly what i was looking for, obviously i’m not wrong.

  • magic

    wats tha email lol im new

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  • Maybe that one person is just as wrong? Just a thought…

  • magic

    meka who was correct

  • mattiev


    Meka’s never stated that the people dunked on had to be on the opposing team.

  • @mattiev
    Actually, by asking for the names of the “victims’, that is exactly what he insinuated.

  • ZL

    think outside the box its ewing

  • If you’re saying that the answer is Charles Oakley, then the whole question would be misleading, as there were 4 men in the paint @ the time of that dunk.

  • Ewing?? He’s the one that set up the screen!!

  • I’m not even mad or upset @ the fact that I’m not winning those tickets, because I would most likely not be able to attend, myself. I do smh @ the fact that if somebody else would have given the answers I provided, they would have probably been “correct.”

  • idea*

  • ev

    how can the victim of someones dunk be on the same team??

    victim (n): an unfortunate person who suffers from some adverse circumstance

    oakley’s team just got two points he didnt suffer shit!

  • yadida

    lol give up the answer then..im sure you got 2 winners already..cause i don’t see how relentless is wrong

  • CannonsMcFly

    Wow Meka Is A Total Dick For That Move Or His Sports Knowledge Is Horrible.

  • random

    who were the victims of “The Dunk” is not the same thing as: who got dunked on. somebody almost broke their ankles.

  • No they didn’t…Cartwright was blocked via screen. Nobody got juked or jived–no ankles broken. Y’all need to get your fucking facts straight…

  • Relentless904 was right. why meka say he wrong? and what’s up with the corny childish blockin shit all about anyway? :?

  • has anyone won this yet?

  • LOL I know I’m right, and so does everyone else…2haterz.com

  • JJ

    if its not paxon, the other “victim” is bj armstrong for gettin rocked

  • Old Man

    FTR it was Jordan, Grant & Paxson.

    All THIS hoopla startedcuz ,from what i see on the posts, Relentless WAS wrong(his is very 1st post), and Meka is probably only giving you one chance to get it right.

    This is a perfect example of a misunderstanding becoming a clusterfuck..

  • duhhhh

    Michael Jordan, Horace Grant, Bill Cartwright

  • He never said one guess, and no it isn’t a misunderstanding. He clearly stated that “the answer he was looking for” wasn’t “Jordan, Grant, and Paxson.” And, that would mean I am right, you dumb fuck…

  • Old Man

    chill wit the dumb fuck bullshit son. I saw ya myspace page you are not a tough guy, mase!

  • LMAO, you didN’t see my myspace page, “Old Man. The shit is on private to keep creepy ass stalkin mother fuckers like yourself outta my shit! NAd I don’t use that shit anyways…lol blow me

    Who the fuck was trying to act tough? I called you a dumb fuck because imo, you sir, are a DUMB FUUUCKKKKKK…gg.

  • LOL @ all the stans on the 2dopegirlz tiny totems. Go cry on your blogs and punch your pillows… =P

  • MIchael Jordan, Horace Grant, Scotty Pippen

  • Old Man

    but see thats the point, u can call me a dumb fuck behind the protection of your computer, but if we were face to face, you’d get ur bitch ass handed to you. you’ve been postin all day too, so who the fuck u callin stan. you made the link available for people to see what a fuckin cornball u are it dont have to be private, the whole design looks suspect. Matter of Fact ya pic right here is neon green. UR A BITCH………And ya fuckin Jags SUCK, They had to face houston to get a W.

  • damn

  • lowskiwoski

    Ewing, Oakley, and Starks…they didn’t win another game that series

  • You’re a fucking idiot, BJ Armstrong was not even a factor on that play. Way to be a sore fuckin piece of shit, though. Congrats to 2dopegirlz!

  • LMFAO So because Patrick Ewing pushed Armstrong down from behind, that makes him a victim of Starks’ dunk? Way to be a jackass, lol 2dopegate…

  • ^^^^^^
    You need to really calm down and stop talking like you’re tough, you faggot ass white kid with a dude lookin hair cut

  • JJ

    You realize that like half of these comments are yours on this page. Its not that fuckin big of a deal so just calm your weak ass down

  • hsimpsonjr75

    Who were the victims (all three) of Knicks guard John Starks’ “The Dunk?”

    1. Michael Jordan
    2. Horace Grant
    3. Bill Cartwright