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Add-2 – Chicago Kids (All That I Got Is You)

blame it on Shake September 28, 2009


The above video is of the fatal beating of 16-year-old Derrion Albert. Not posted for visual enjoyment (or crude jokes) but rather to see if any of ya’ll can help identify any of the people allegedly involved. Please call Area Two of the Chicago Police Dept. at 312-747-8272.

I wanted to send this song out even though I know some may already have heard it but it seemed appropriate for this time. 16 year old Derrion Albert was beaten to death which was caught on tape in another case of senseless violence. I can’t hide how hurt I am after seeing this video and all the violence that occurs in our city with our youth and when we have kids killing kids we as parents, friends, neighbors and as a community have failed. I hope that we as a community can step up and be better role models, teachers and parents to ALL of these children.

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UPDATE: Three teenagers (Silvanus Shannon, 19, Eugene Riley, 18, and Eric Carson, 16) have been charged (first-degree murder) with beating to death 16-year-old Derrion Albert, an “innocent bystander” who walked into the middle of a street fight between two groups of feuding teens last Thursday, according to prosecutors.ChicagoBreakingNews

  • Mr. W3st

    damn…shits crazy out there..

  • Double Door

    WOW, im speechless. RIP to the kid. We really have to stop

  • maaat

    thats fucked up, poor kid, RIP

  • Carl

    Stop the press. Stop the press. Some niggers killed some other nigga. Wow who hasn’t seen this news story 14 billions times… oh and in front of 100 people and no one knows anything. They all know who did it, but you can’t be a “gangsta” or “street” if you “snitch”, ah black people and your “morals”(or lack of). Its pathetic. How do these niggers think they’re tough stomping on a dude who is knocked out on the ground.

  • the fuck? these kids can do that to another person?

  • this and there is a black president…

  • Carl

    and yes, they is a difference between niggers and black people. not all black people are niggers. but the dudes on this video, yes they are.

  • @Carl yo i agree, the whole ‘stop snitching’ bullshit is wrong, those kids deserve to spend their lives in jail, it was uncalled for and showed total lack of respect for another persons life.

    thats somebodys son

  • ^^^^^
    Hey Carl this isnt the time for your michelle malkin views. go troll another post.

    Anywhoo, I read this in the paper the other day. Living in Chicago is wild. I really hope they find these fucks.

  • Carl

    it is really sad though, rip that kid. 16 is way to young to be taken from this world.

  • Facet Jointz

    God Bless the Dead


    Sign of the times ya’ll – will change ever come ?

  • Double Door

    “Trying to learn aint they biggest concern, its walking out the door and hoping that they return” Damn thats real shit, song is deep. What type of world are we living in if kids arent safe going or leaving school? I seriously hope they get these stupid ass bitches who did this

  • ben

    i´m writing from germany, and we just had the same shit goin on a couple of days ago. a few 16 year olds stomped an adult to death on a train, just because he had the courage to stand up to help the kid that they were beatin up. it´s sad that the kid riot out for bullshit and beat eachother to death.

  • CoolMane

    sad shit i remember some shit like this happened 4 years to my homeboys brother who was 17 at the time and just last year one the lil niggas from my block got stabbed walkin home from school

    kids these days man it only gets worse

  • noname

    Man sometimes I can’t stand my people..Yahweh please be with this young mans family. *SMH*

  • raul

    damn i dont understand

  • P’cola

    them cats got off folk

  • P’cola

    not like in a green negative way. i mean they gon have to get theres.. but they was picking up wood and shit. what the fuck is that

  • 619sav

    UPDATE: Three teenagers have been charged with first-degree murder in the beating death of Derrion Albert, according to the Cook County state’s attorney’s office. They are: Silvanus Shannon, 19; Eric Carson, 16; and Eugene Riley, 18. The three are expected to appear in bond court at noon.

  • jakefromthebean

    ^^^i hope to god that is true…but more than 3 people should be facing charges….kids nowadays need to learn you fight one on one and if that kid goes down its a win. and i mean he must have looked like he was beat pretty bad….this shit is out of hand.

  • wow


    not “snitchin” never has anything to do with being a “gangsta” or “street”, it’s more about fear for one’s own life…

    if your gonna talk about people, at least understand the dynamic before you run your keyboard off with foolish statements. we could go deeper than that but i’m guessing you’ll just attribute everything to people “being niggers”, when honestly, regardless of race, all people are capable of such evil

  • That whole “Stop Snitching” movement is for pussy type cats. That gang ish too. What happen to if you had a problem with a person, going head to head in a regular one-on-one fight, and once one person gives up, the dispute is over. Cats wanna get with big groups and pick up weapons and all that bull.

    NONE OF THAT MAKES YOU GANGSTA. That makes you a pussy type dude. I don’t care whatever cats on here try and make a rebuttal about being on some goon stuff or whatever. You’re wack, a loser and what is wrong with Black People. I’ll never say I’m not proud to be a black person because of y’all ignorance, but I swear us intelligent, civilized black folk are about to work hard to eliminate y’all lames off the streets. Get a job, go to school, do something.

    If somebody gets killed in cold blood like this and you know and watch who it is and don’t let somebody know because of some lame Stop Stitching stuff, you deserve to go to jail for just as long as the cats who did the crime in my opinion.

  • haterade

    damn shame…and its even more fucked up that sites like worldstar puts videos like this up for entertainment.

    i really feel for our people where we’re perfectly fine with ganging up and beating the shit outta a brother, but when police do it we march in the streets….god damn shame, my heard goes out to the family and friends of this young man…and pray for our young people

  • Mark_One

    Smh when I watch vids like this that shit jus changes my whole mood..

  • “If somebody gets killed in cold blood like this and you know and watch who it is and don’t let somebody know because of some lame Stop Stitching stuff, you deserve to go to jail for just as long as the cats who did the crime in my opinion.”

    @Mike Dreams i agree with all that and about the above quote, in some countries you can get charged for standing and watching somebody die and not helping, i cant remember what country but we did it in law class a few weeks ago, i remember thinking that we need it in all countries though.

  • P’cola

    i mean 100 tho it aint no need to be snitchin. dont no one know the whole story. one of them cats coulda been jumped 2 days earlier. i mean its easy to run yo mouth about shit you dont understand but to come out wit that nigger shit and all that stop snitchin talk is stupid. 100 tho dont none of yall cats understand wat stop snitchin mean till you been to new orleans. murder a everyday thing cuz they cant pin shit on you. once they arrest you and no one talk they let you go. then you free.

  • @Mike Dreams – I definitely feel you on that. It’s saddening hear people talk shit about us saying all we do is rob, steal and kill when some of us are grinding our asses off trying to make something of ourselves and an honest living.

    And what kinda name is Silvanus fucking Shannon. I mean seriously. That sounds like one of those Latin names for animals like Canis Aureus or some shit.

    Jokes aside that’s really sad to see. Especially as he was minding his own business and randomly got hit with a piece of wood. I hope these pieces of excrement get life man.

  • @ P’cola

    Who gives a fuck if he was jumped days before? Thats reason to murder? Theresint anything cool about murder. Like I give a fuck what happens in new orleans. God forbid if someone killed someone cared for, or hell even someone I dont know, and I know who did it, I would make sure that scum gets locked up. All these kids being murdered have mothers, fathers, brothers, and sisters that have to suffer cause of your dumb ideology . Go fuck yourself.

  • Common Sense

    This is exactly why we need an improved educational system in this country…or better parenting, take your pick.

    People who breed children such as these sacks of shit should not be allowed to reproduce.

    Let’s put all these lowlifes on an island and blow that shit up.

    Condolences to the family of Derrion, he did not deserve to die.

  • They deserve every second of jail time they get.

  • what you all fail to realize is he was the one that was in the middle of all this. If he was smart, he wouldn’t be anywhere near the fight.

    He fell victim to his own stupidity whether it be that he wanted to see the brawl or that he was actually apart of it himself.

    Regardless this shit is disheartening and just will not be served until ALL of his assailants are arrested and tried.

  • *justice

  • zookeeper


    who faults someone for trying to stop a fight? You’re a moron.

  • It doesn’t matter whether he was fighting, walking home from school, or just an innocent bystander. That’s no reason to kill someone!!

  • there’s no stopping a fight of that magnitude.

  • shayan

    god damn i hate seeing this shit

  • Good shit add! Its a shame when Im on my way home i discriminate against my own people! RIP!

  • Jaffi

    Touching song, heartbreaking video. This is sad to see. Hope the dumbfucks spend the rest of their lives in a cell

  • Alex

    Next time I see a fight I’m bookin’. For an honor student that was really dumb. Who walks toward a fight? That was stupid. It’s sad that he died, but common sense would have prevented it. The price he paid was too much. Life is hard.

  • bigzizzo

    im from chicago and this makes me sick 2 my stomach. i have a son that will be sixteen in january and i fear for him everyday.

  • damn…im speechless…
    these kids are just an example that were doing exactly what the powers at be want us to do. when will we realize this and wake up?
    shits ridiculous man…im upset now.

  • HP

    To stomp on the head of an unconscious kid who didn’t do shit to you in the first place….what the fuck is that? That’s not human. 16 years old–didn’t get to life live for what? fuck i know asking is pointless in itself but i just need to get it out.

  • haterade

    “who walks toward a fight” guess u never been in public school homie. dog in middle and high school if cats look like they bout to fight people crowd…its fucked up and not very smart, but thats what kids do…..

  • Twon

    i dont even live far from there in Chicago. i was shocked and scared when i saw this on the News to be honest.i was like WoW!!! This SH!T Gotta Stop.Everyday Some Stupid no Reason at All SH!T Happens and its black people.its disappoints me everyday that we see this from my own people.Some times i cant Leave the house B Cuz of this. RIP Derrion.

  • G

    RIP to the boy..

  • One ID

    Damn shame what happened to Derrion Albert.
    4 arrested. They best makes examples of all of ’em.
    And where is Chicago native President Barack Obama on this? One would hope he addresses this shit, but I’m guessing he won’t. He’s on a campaign to try to get the 2016 Olympics in Chicago, and mentioning this wouldn’t be good PR now would it. Gotta hate those conflicts of interest. SMH.

  • Yeah. Forget the Olympics and get that city in order.

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