• chronwell

    Serious jewelry bein dropped right there.

  • http://www.myxmusiclabel.com NDotLang

    album drops 10/27 and it's incredible...

  • y0

    seriously this is a great fucking track. i wish shit like this got more recognition

  • Gremlin

    Total Flames Simple and Plain...

    One of the best in the game...this and the cormega track are the best of the month no question

  • KJ

    This shit is Fire!

  • Mack

    Wooooooooo this is some grown up shit right here! He's got a great song on his hands with this one

  • chronwell

    I like fantasyland rap too. But we need to balance it out with more shit from guys like Kam Moye, A-Alikes, Murs and Joell.Im just namin a few but its plenty of lyricists spittin hard on dope beats(Willie Hutch!) and speakin to our experiences instead of insulting our experiences.Love it!

  • http://www.slaughterhouse.com yowhut?

    my dude stay spitting that real

  • jk44

    so fresh i love it

  • gospher

    really feeling this jam

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