• rcp


  • http://criticallysound.com Critically Sound

    new palm of ice (creator of 'Kind of Lu') mixtape featuring Tupac


  • Young SD

    Looks Like Him & Suge Really Were Tight

  • bous

    in part 3 he says he got raped in jail.
    in part 4 he says he would die before a muthafucka raped him.

    what's up wit that?

  • http://twitter.com/iamreggiepaige Reggie

    NIgga he was Being SARCASTIC N Pt 3

    open YA ears n LISTEN

  • AirMagicMamba

    He was sayin Biggie and Bad Boy were trying to assasinate his character while he was in jail do what Reggie say

  • RICO

    2pac is alive !!! and i know where he lives........IN ME

  • show

    "2pac is alive !!! and i know where he lives……..IN ME"


  • DocCosmos

    ^ hahahahah

  • m3

    damn the nigga pac loved his lil homies ( the outlawz) like they were his own youngn's

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