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50 Cent on Hot97 (Audio)

blame it on Shake September 30, 2009

In yet another hilarious interview, Curtis talks with Angie Martinez about Kanye & Lady Gaga’s “gay tour”, how Jay-Z is the coolest punk, smashing Kim Kardashian (kidding, sort of), how he thinks Eminem isn’t happy with the features on Forever, how his career hasn’t peaked just yet, Lil Wayne and more. Shouts to RR on the rip.

DOWNLOAD: 50 Cent On Hot97 w/ Angie Martinez

  • dan

    Curtis is officially Reaching

  • o’dog

    man, some of 50’s new music is wack as hell, but the dude has a seriously accurate perspective on shit.

  • yepyepyep

    if he is the greatest how come kanye shitted on his last two albums

  • This nigga is to funny! lmao

  • 50 is off the reservation…

  • derrik

    50 said he hasn’t peaked hahahaha. he peaked after his first album…. its been down hill since that. this dude is funny to listen to n all but his view on shit is so retarded, its mind boggling.

  • what.

    50 Cent is hilarious but damn I wish he would make a half decent album! Hasn’t made a dope album since Get Rich or Die Tryin.

  • Quam

    mind bottling…… your thoughts r in a bottle

  • sideshowRaheem

    Funny how 50 complains that the MTV hottest MC in the game list is comparing his current work to his debut stuff even though he just said hasn’t peeked yet. How does that make since?

  • derrik

    Um no you dumb fuck tard. mind boGGling. not bottle you unintelligent cum stain. Mind boggling… its an adjective. refer to mind blowing, overwhelming…. dumb dudes on here…..

  • Datdude

    shake u know if this is true or not?

  • wordtobigbird

    50 really thinks hes smarter and more talented than he actually is..

  • fif is the truth

  • wordtobigbird

    …but hes entertaining.

  • “Um no you dumb fuck tard. mind boGGling. not bottle you unintelligent cum stain. Mind boggling… its an adjective. refer to mind blowing, overwhelming…. dumb dudes on here…..”

    you obviously havent seen “blades of glory”

  • wordtobigbird

    grammar. serious busines.

  • UTP

    50 needs a comedy show. 2 good albums Get rich & War angel (Does it count if its free?) Vs. his dumb ass tomfoolery. Ill take the tomfoolery.

  • TC The Prince

    he tellin the truth and it funny how niggas say he hasnt made a dope album since Get Rich when most of u bumped The Massacre and probably still do but hes right on Jay he us the “coolest punk” even Nas said it, DMX and many others

  • bt

    shake u know if this is true or not?
    Datdude said this on September 30th, 2009 at 1:53 pm

    ye seriously, wuts up wit this. lookin at the shitty artwork, im guessing it fake

  • i hate fifty but he’s right about some of these things. Kanye would not take an award from him no matter what. The dude is actually funny. But his music sucks

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  • This guy is forever talking shit to remain relevant in music. When you make another dope album and decide to spit some rhymes that go beyond 2 pattern rhyme scheme then you can start talking shit.

  • wordtobigbird

    i bumped massacre.. but he hasnt made a really dope album since get rich. every album after that was worse and worse. your peak is your highest point.

    for example, im a huge eminem fan, his peak was eminem show.. his albums got better before, got worse after.

  • Fifty is a bitter ass nigga

  • sean

    “I’m about a dollar, what the fuck is 50 cent?”

  • Melo15

    where the hell is this mike posner mixtape? i heard it was dropping today but im still waiting?

  • Shihaby

    Shouldn’t 50 have quit after 90% of his fanbase hit puberty?


    no homo but 50 is a cancer and im a cancer and a few people i know is cancer and one thing we do is anaylze everything and break it down to u and obesrvere alot of shit u cant get nothing by us and that the way 50 is and in im not a big fan of him

  • TE

    50 has become an absolute comedian over the past couple of years. i don’t know weather thats a good thing or bad thing.

  • derrik

    @ Melo15
    The new mixtape by Mike Posner called “One Foot Out The Door” is scheduled to be released October 29th. Yesterday was September 29th, you are one month off.

  • Q Deez

    November 17th Get ready haters get ready to blog Bitches HAHAHHHAHAAHA Jay z always been a puss hes cool as shit though he never spit no hard shiy

  • 50 must have finished his album or must be about to drop a single or something with all of the shit he’s been talking lately. Dude needs to start making good music if he’s gonna keep opening his mouth.

  • ThatBOydnice

    ysll niggas is buggin im not a big fan of 50 but he drops dope music..and the massacre was a GREAT album..come on wake up and wash the hate out your eyes guys

  • rdannnnnnnngggg

    HAHAHA. u guys are so ridiculous, those of you who hate on 50. Why the fuck do you visit sites like this if you don’t like him? u guys are giving him more publicity by even just cussin him out. u guys are retarded. if u dont like him so much, why the fuck are u on here? fucking idiots.

  • geez

    Before I Self Destruct was supposed to drop last February, then after Relapse, now November 17th. I’ll believe it when I hear it.

  • fif’s logic on jay is spot on. all i hear i grdt was his only good album. massacre is so raw and to this day is one of my favs, i really related to it back when it came out and still to this day enjoy it. i still think fif isnt creative recently, lots of cliche music and flo. but the guy is just on top when it comes to ventures.

  • neezyb

    if you gonna wear a uniform wear it correctly…fuckin civilians


    aye 50? all that money and you still a mediocre lyricist…lol he needs to stick to targetting weak rappers like Joe and Ja, cuz when he goes at people who are CLEARLY superior to him, he just looks more pathetic…but aye, he keeps names in his mouth to stay relevant.


    can’t knock the “hustle”? maybe?

  • anyone notice he said regardlessly?

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