Lotus & Troy Dunnit - Fly With Me (Video)


The second video from Lotus & Troy Dunnit's upcoming Anti Cupid EP comes with very fresh visuals and pretty ladies. My type of shit!

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  • vancity

    at first i was like wtf...

    but then the track started.

    honestly like nothing i've ever heard before. in a great way. some new new is always good. plus they're canadian. real authentic fresh shit. come fly with me...

    any idea when the Anti Cupid EP is releasing?

  • RICe

    9 times out of 10 I skip over something, I don't know but this is hot. I'm glad I clicked on it.

  • This is real interesting, but I like it. I'm gonna be checking for that EP now.

  • thunda thighs

    spaced out beat. that shit makes you feel cool when you're bumpin it.

  • derrik
  • derrik

    There is the mp3 if anyone is interested

  • JS

    Fly Shit!!!

  • Nek

    Crazy Visuals...Hot Track too!! And they another video too...They might be a problem..

  • Devon

    This is some cool shit. I'm feelin it...

  • Jessy

    DOPE DOPE DOPE DOPE!!!! Dudes gettin creative with shit thats wassup. HYPNOTIC

  • chris

    This is crazy!!!

  • K

    this is some fresh s*%#!! Crazy creative with the music +visuals....Nice to see.

  • Junjun

    Insane!!! Lovin it. Very new.

  • fef1


  • YSK

    took me by surprise...waht is this?? pretty cool tho...I like it.

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