• http://alwaysgohard.blogspot.com Mark-J

    I been saying Posner is that dude sense day 1...I thought this was gonna be a tape though. Damn I guess we'll have to wait some more

  • mike

    that concert at tech was at my house...BONG

  • bummer
  • Taber

    Tape will be out on the 29th of October.

    Can't wait!

  • DopeSir

    Kid looks dope

  • XYZ

    Colin Munroe > Mike posner
    nah i'm jut kidding mike posner is the shit

  • ThatBOydnice

    love this guy no homo hes like the cool version of asher...idk why but asher just seems like a dick

  • n88888888

    I seriously cannot wait until this new tape comes out. I would pay for that fucker!

  • Fink

    Does anyone have the opening song thats on this and the trailer? shit has been ringing in my head since it first got posted

  • Fink

    SHAKE! work your magic and get a hold of this opening song Shits been ringing in my ears since i heard it on the trailer

  • ballermal

    they say the name of the song at the end smart guy - mirrors edge feat bun b

  • AreEn

    Damn, I read the text as Sept. 29th and was wondering why I couldn't find the tape. I'll be waiting.

  • Chi1o6

    this kid's gay

  • Chi1o6

    this kid's gay

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  • KSEE

    Mike Posner for prezident!

  • ra

    actually the opening song title isn't at the end..thats for the song at the end smart guy,

  • Mark_NYFL

    mike posner ftw.