Rosa Acosta x Tammy Torres (Video)


Behind the scenes look at the photoshoot for Rosa & Tammy's upcoming calendar. Both of which will also be in Soulja Boy's new video (hit the jump for some bullshit haha). Shouts to Mike Dreams on the heads up [II?].


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  • VanCity10

    all i can say is... wow

  • 1 Dollar

    As much as I despise this dudes music, for once I salute this dude for having women, I said WOMEN, around him insted of Arab and J-Bar. Guess this dude is changing as a person.

  • The Kid CK

    Guess the video ho's finally discovered they can probably grab some easy dollars from Soulja Boy too now that he hit puberty.


    i didnt know that i can loose that much blood in
    my brain so fast like that..i would replay
    the vieo but there aint enough blood in my arm

  • Tye’s Tunes

    Ahhhhhh!!! The thickness...

  • ChYnO


  • tddddot

    wtf shake ure supposed to put me on tunes not jo's

  • ThatBOydnice

    ^^ hes just growing up i dont think people realize he is young as shit..a yr ago i would rather chill wit my niggas 2 but now its just me and my girl

  • dAGUiifLii


    GREATEST 2 mins and 54 seconds of my LIFE
    (Kidding but so close)

  • Young856

    yo real rapp the first time i saw that video it LITERALLY took everything in my being not to hate on that nigga


  • TC The Prince

    Time to go kill Soulja Boi grab the straps naw but damn she fuckin wit SB I envy that nigga right now just for that

  • J to tha S

    sweet jesus! hispanic women are the grrreeeatttest.....been addicted ever since i had my first.....

  • timbuttoo

    these 2 r something serious

  • Cuban Linx

    The video doesnt work :D

  • Lil’ Nello

    Wow Rosa's body is just ridiculous @ how great it's! She definitely one of the baddest chicks out there right now I would put her top 3-5 right now! Video still has me in aww everytime I see it! Oh yea & Latina & Mixed chicks = GOAT!