• http://dotgotit.com Dot

    One of my favorite MC's right now.Dude is fire

  • http://www.dotgotit.com/ clubba lang

    Señor Kaos is that dude. I haven't heard a wack anything from him yet...Don't sleep!!

  • Melo15

    i like his shirt haha

  • n88888888

    I seriously thought this was Evidence for a few minutes.

  • Chris from the A

    ATL underground!!!.....STAND THE FUCK UP!!!!.....

  • Kiloko

    can i get a different link.. i reached my limit on rapidshare..



  • Pancakes!

    Senor KAAAOOOOSS!!!!
    He is that dude! Really dig his flow!

  • P.SO the Earth Tone King


  • http://www.myspace.com/daniel-joseph Daniel Joseph


  • smka

    blammm...well done homie!!!

  • http://www.djlowkey.com DJ Low Key

    KAOS!!! Dude is super dope and on his grind like a motherfucker...Hopefully I can catch one of his shows at A3C this weekend.

  • bc-tw

    sure wish this link was anything but rapidshare...

  • Rahgroove Productions

    warm it up kaos.

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