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T-Pain - More Careful

blame it on Meka September 30, 2009

Apparently home slice is apologizing to Shawn. And in the distance, you can actually hear me not giving a shit. Props to TeamSupreme.

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  • This is WHACKKKKKKK!

  • Fan

    I dont know about wack....

    Honestly SB and T did pretty good on this track....to not give this dude props for this is self explainitory...(hate bandwagon)..

    "You could have took of 1 DJ and said T pain we cool"

    Truth...No matter how you put or how hard you on Jay Z Dick...

  • Yu

    why do u support shit like this?

    just dont post it. im jus sayin.

  • Jay Daniels

    Why not support T-Pain. He's a good artist who makes good music. If you don't like it don't click on it.

    No one gives a fuck about what a homotional depressed blogger who listens to nothing but Joe Budden thinks. (example)

    2dopeboyz are for the masses. There ARE actually T-Pain fans in Hip-Hop. (shock)

    Pain goes hard on this but, Drake is that dude so you cannot touch a Drake beat and win.

  • he posts for people that do care. If u do not care then dont listen.

  • I dont care but imjusayin

  • Tap Out

    Damn! This clearly shows with a focused head on Rapping he can be .... decent.

  • T-Pain > Any Trap Rapper(s)

    T-Pain > Young Money's Sidekicks

    T-Pain > SOD GANG

  • Whutchooknow

    I like this, I'd like to hear him cover Successful as I like the chorus. It's pleasant to hear an artist put his issues and thoughts out there without saying offensive statements and what he'd do. He didn't rip into jay z, t pain ain't in it for beef, he has made at least one song you find catchy.

  • Rio$

    why is he apologizing? this is pointless first they act hard then they say "Im sorry" please forgive me. he's a real nigga when he disses then he's a real nigga when he apologizes that's pretty contradictory

  • RICe

    A cat can rap about wiping shit on the wall and fucking midgets on this beat and it could be hot. Favorite beat of the year though is Maybach Music 2.

  • cru jones

    I dont care but imjusayin


    I'm a hater

  • cru jones

    I dont care but imjusayin


    I'm a hater

  • Mike

    At least hes swallowing his pride with this. A lot of people can't do that. This is the best remix IMO.

  • "he’s a real nigga when he disses then he’s a real nigga when he apologizes that’s pretty contradictory"

    Preach. Music aside, T-Pain is a clown in my opinion. I liked him until he contradicted himself like 2 times in a row. First there was a video of him praising "DOA" then he shits on Jay a month later and now he's apologizing.

    He's not doing this to be sincere, he just noticed how many fans he lost for opening his mouth. Now he's trying to win them back before he completely dies out in the game.

  • DaSilva

    “he’s a real nigga when he disses then he’s a real nigga when he apologizes that’s pretty contradictory”


    Tell ya the truth, i relly hope jay awnsers this cuz Pain relly deserves a respons not a diss he is a relly good artist

  • wordtobigbird

    t-pain realizes his run is just about up..

  • Melo15

    Does anyone know if that mike posner mixtape is dropping. i heard it today but idk for sure

  • B EZ

    This sucks. T-Pain sucks. Autotune sucks. Call me a hater. You suck.

    Me > Everybody

  • Shihaby

    Meka makes it seem like T-Pain was apologizing to him.

    Who cares about how much you give a shit?

  • Cam

    t-pain stans? wtf

  • Acid_Sav

    i think this is dope...

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  • KSEE

    t-pain stans? wtf

    Cam said this on September 30th, 2009 at 3:37 pm

  • I mean, T-Pain is dope when he needs to.

    This, on the other hand is wack shit.