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Mya – Ponytail f. Nicki Minaj [NoDJ]

blame it on Meka October 1, 2009

I know it’s a few days before the Soothing Session, but we all know how much I stan for Mya. Props to Splash.

DOWNLOAD: Mya – Ponytail f. Nicki Minaj [NoDJ] | Mediafire

  • RichieLitt

    her face is FUGLY

  • Did she put on some weight? Because I was watchin Dancin With The Stars (I don’t watch that show by the way I was just surfing through channels) and she looked a lot thicker than I remember her.

  • @RichieLitt


    Mya is beautiful!

  • [email protected]

    ”her face is FUGLY”

    finally som1 who has the balls to say the truth….her face is ugly as my scrotum…naaw just kiddin, my scrotum looks better….maybe coz most of you guys on this forum prolly never got laid, but uhmmm….there are tons of hotter girls around the corner -.-

  • yuuup

    pic of nicki minajjj wud hav been better as she is too sexxyyyy!

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  • m3

    ^^^^@ [email protected]…Mya is indeed a selective dish. but look @ her track record. if u put that on (i.e. just smash) u will yell(not holla) that to anyone that listens….u prolly B on some “i luuv did did her sh#t. blog if u want. Mya is ill…and not ran thru.. no gloria velez. no sprint thru superhead. plus, u won’t C none hotter than her in ur life on the 4real side. PLESE B LEAVE.

  • m3

    and i took the A off 4 a reason…one



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  • Buddy

    Do n e body have da lyrics