Shake’s Sunday Soothing Session (Take 29)

blame it on Shake October 4, 2009

Another Sunday and I’m back with the Soothing Session for ya’ll. This week we’ve got new/unreleased music from Ne-Yo, R. Kelly, T-Pain, Mario, Mya, Ryan Leslie, Slim (112), Trey Songz, Johnta Austin, Boyz II Men and more.

DOWNLOAD: Brandy – Goodnight, Good Morning f. Ne-Yo (prod. Stargate)
DOWNLOAD: J. Holiday – Brand New (Drake Diss) [confirmed fake]
DOWNLOAD: Kristinia Debarge – Future Love (rmx) f. Fabolous

Alicia Keys – Doesn’t Mean Anything (rmx) f. Albe Back

Amerie – In Love & War [Artwork]
– In stores November 3rd (my bornday).

Boyz II Men – Open Arms (prod. Randy Jackson)
– Remake of Journey’s record of the same name. Off their upcoming “covers” album, Love.

Brian Gibbs – This Love f. Maino

Johnta Austin – Ride Like This (prod. Stargate)

Keri Hilson – Heart Attack (prod. The Clutch) [NoDJ]

Kristinia Debarge – Future Love f. Pitbull

Mariah Carey – Skydiving (prod. Timbaland) [Tags]
– Off Tapemasters Inc’s Future of RNB 29.

Mario – Stranded (prod. Eric Hudson)
– Off Mario’s upcoming album, D.N.A., which drops October 13th.

Mario – Thinking About You (rmx) f. Diddy [Tags]
– Off Tapemasters Inc’s Future of RNB 29.

Marques Houston – Case of You [Video]

Mya – Ponytail f. Nicki Minaj [NoDJ]

Ne-Yo – Nothing But the Girl (prod. Stargate)

Novel – Momma Said (Bitch U Ain’t Shit) f. Paranoid

R. Kelly – Number One (rmx) f. T-Pain & Keyshia Cole
– Final version, fully equipped with more ad-libs.

Ryan Leslie – Never Gonna Break Up [Snippet]
– Preview of what to expect from RLes’ upcoming album.

Ryan Leslie – Transition [Artwork]
– In stores November 3rd.

Sean Garrett – Up In My Heart f. Gucci Mane (prod. Bangladesh)
– First single off Sean’s upcoming album.

Slim (112) – Don’t It Feel Good f. Maino

Slim (112) – Spaceship [Rough]
– Seems to be missing a rappers verse. We’ll see who hits the mark on the final version.

Teairra Mari – Transform Ya (rmx)
– Tea lends her vocals to the highway clean-up guy’s new single.

Toni Braxton – The Break Up

Trey Songz & Lil Twist – Girl So Bad [Tags]

Trey Songz On R. Kelly w/ Big Boy’s Neighborhood [Video]

Shouts to OnSMASH, Splash & ThisIsRNB.

DOWNLOAD: Shake’s Sunday Soothing Session (Take 29)

  • AggieBoiMarK

    Mama said bitch u aint shit!!! LMAO

  • J to tha S

    so that J.Holiday (Drake Diss) is official? i saw it earlier this week but wasnt sure if it was really him or not…but i guess it is…fuckin hater.

  • a drake diss? drake killed this beat, j.holiday fucked it up! he need to step his singing game up!

  • Keri Hilson always looked better with her longer hair like what’s in the picture above.

    What’s a J. Holiday? Dissing Drake on a beat that Drake already smashed and not even doing a better job? #WHEREDEYDODATAT?

    Somebody should just eliminate this guy’s existence. Drake was on his grind for years before he received his shine, and he can sing and rap. Holiday is just a hater. It’s funny too, cuz he doesn’t seem to listen.

    “Diss me and you’ll never hear a reply for it”. – Drake

  • jackkerorap

    lol @ that lame ^ i guess if you ain’t a dickrider you a hater huh dumbass

  • Adi Pre

    LOL @ shake perving behind Keri…

  • tddddot

    IMO drake has a better voice, better lyrics, writes his own shit, is more multi-dimensional, more swagger etc etc etc than j holiday
    so that whole diss is w.e.

  • zookeeper

    j holiday is a singer… drake is nowhere close to j holiday when it comes to that. lol @ the idiot talking about Drake “on his grind” village idiot much? but this does sound like shit, makes me wonder if that’s even him.

  • This makes up for last week’s session.
    Sorry, imo.
    Good job.

    MORE NE-YO && TREY. i’m getting accustomed lol

    and you’d rather put up songs of a habitual pisser than ike turner jr? juss askin. atleast HE got sentenced. Cause we all know he DID it. Robert got UNCALLED luck. or a dent in his bank account.

  • and j…i love ya – love the 2nd album but “where dey do dat at?”. just sayin.

  • Huh?

    “and you’d rather put up songs of a habitual pisser than ike turner jr? juss askin.”


  • Nope. It’s not about dickriding. There’s a difference. There is supporting an artist, hating on an artist, or dickriding. (PAUSE)

    People usually dick ride because they are going to get something out of it (PAUSE AGAIN). Regular fans of an artist will defend an artist because they are fans.

    Drake did have to grind to get where he is, especially coming from a NICK Teen TV show. People were already against him because their ignorant minds can’t see past TELEVISION and someone’s ACTUAL LIFE and the talent.

    I was talking about J. Holiday being a hater. If you can’t respect that, you’re whole perspective is wack.

    If J. Holiday is so great, why is he dissing someone else and furthermore, why is he not even doing it like a man. He didn’t even drop a name. He’s a lame for the entire idea and if you cosign it, you cosign his ignorant hatred. It’s that simple.

    And if you’re still walking around saying that fans of artists who show support are “dick riding”, you should grow up. That’s why so many people can’t prosper, cuz people are on some gay stuff about showing props.

    “The human mentality so eager to hate something, and try and play it off like it ain’t jumping” – Drake

  • zookeeper

    lol nice dickrider escape quote… let me be blunt and direct. drake rode waynes coattails/cock to where he is now. if that’s not a hell of a jumpstart i dont know what is.

  • He really didn’t though. He already had some stuff going for him. Wayne just cosigned him and elevated him quicker than he could have done it himself. I think that if he didn’t get with Wayne, he still would eventually become successful. “Comeback Season” was pre-Wayne and he was already building a decent buzz. It would have been better if wen he was trying to sign with Roc-a-Fella back in 2007 that they wouldn’t have gave him the run-around.

  • mostknownunknown

    that mariah needs to come out in proper CDQ damn

  • skullclubnyc
  • sylnc

    i really dont think that that is j. holiday. it sounds mothin like him. and drake isnt the only rapper/singer out. so how do u know he dissin drake if he didnt say a name? he could be talkin about anybody. and as far as vocally i think j holiday is better. i agree that drake was gettin a buzz pre wayne. room for improvement and comeback season were both way better than so far gone to me

  • wow

    Zookeeper just end your life. Calling someone a hater for calling out an artist for hating on Drake’s success is just what you’re doing. J. Holiday just made a fool out of himself.

    “They’re tryna take my spot, always in my shine”?? Are you serious right now?! If you were handling your business, no one would be able to take your shine. *See Mario, Ne-Yo, Trey Songz, Lloyd, The Dream, R. Les, etc. You create your own damn shine and no one can take it from you so his whole argument is pathetic whether he said “no hate” or not. That’s the equivalent to touching another man’s penis and saying “no homo”. Sorry, it just doesn’t work like that.

  • Hahaha! Cosign WOW!

  • Canin



    J.holiday needs to make better songs, then ppl will listen to him more.

  • J to tha S

    ^^ i co sign the look alike Sean Kingston (mike dreams).

  • mmkayy

    yo shake when does the Novel album drop..?

  • BornLoser

    #29? by all my downloads this is actually #28 unless last week’s got posted as something else? Shake?

  • HAHAHAHA SAKE AND MEKA AND EVERYONE WATCH THIS VIDEO OF RICK ROSS AT HIS SHOW ITS TOOO AWESOME… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EAmR-R8AP5k&feature=player_embedded

  • Jay Daniels

    Shake that ain’t J.Holiday. Been confirmed. Sounds nothin’ like him, i’m a big fan got both his albums. Who-ever made that can’t sing a note.

  • hhrs

    @ the dude that was saying J Holiday didnt call any names. He’s singing over Drakes beat and saying that rappers need to stop singing.. iono about you but 2 & 2= 4 in my world.. juz sayin

  • lolol @ this drake diss.

  • My_Pops_Son

    That shit is NOT J. Holiday. Irresponsible post gonna fuck around and have people hatin on the wrong artist.

  • J





  • “That shit is NOT J. Holiday. Irresponsible post gonna fuck around and have people hatin on the wrong artist.”

    dude shut the fuck up. seriously… its called a mistake.

  • J

    lmao Shit makes sense now. Dude wass trying to pull a 50 Cent/ ja rule type joint. He failed.

  • VSOP

    lol fuck him shake-good looks on postin new music still

    it was tagged j holiday on every other site-whaddayagonnado-tony soprano

    props on another successful sunday


  • Cheahh

    who iz that girl in the picture?

  • jFerosa

    i do believe its keri hilson from the timbaland scream video, but im not 100% sure

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