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Wale – Bittersweet f. Colin Munroe (prod. DJ Toomp)

blame it on Shake October 5, 2009

I’m not exactly sure what this track is off of or will be included on. All I know is that Wale put up a .wav through his Twitter. So I decided to convert to .mp3 and share with ya’ll. Attention Deficit in stores on my bornday (November 3rd)!

DOWNLOAD: Wale – Bittersweet f. Colin Munroe (prod. DJ Toomp) | Mediafire

  • StReTcH!

    appreciate the mp3 lol Wale cant work a computer

  • bob

    Wale is killing shit!!!! best rapper, in the game.. mark it down. A:D 11/3 11/3 11/3!!!!

    coppin two cd’s

  • Damn, original .wav is 54.3mb, haha. Good song though.

  • wale album > shake bday

  • sterlz

    damn this is nice, thanks shake, i can tell its not finished yet hopefully this is on the album tho

  • 1

    and ppl still stay doubtin him… great song, lyrics r amazin! 11/03

  • shake >> vick

  • Rio$

    this is pretty dope i wish lupe and wale would hook up for a track

  • wale be on some diff ish but its cool.. just wish i could put him in a category but i guess thats what makes him hot… and fuck everybody who said they’re no longer a fan after he featured with gucci… thats some fairweather shit..

  • NorthWestDJD

    im guessing they couldnt get a clearance for the original chorus,cause colin munroe just murdered a classic, i cant even look beyond that

  • purp

    Horrible sample choice, c’mon Toomp, bittersweet symphony? the hook was weak 2, the lyrics were cool tho, for Wale atleast.

  • Toomp can’t just use the same chemistry for all artists. It’s nice to hear Toomp on a different level than the usual T.I. shit.

  • @ shience

    I’m still a fan but having that Gucci feature is points lost in my book. He could at least scrap the song from the album and regain those points but we’ll find out when we get a tracklisting.

  • Cosign 1 Dollar

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  • b

    that hook is awful, otherwise it’s worth a listen.

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  • 619sav

    @ 1dollar i jus asked wale on his live stream and he said its gonna be on the final pressing of the cd

  • lol i set myself up for that one.

  • ChYnO

    Didn’t even notice this post. Dope Monday.

  • jjones

    been waitin for somebody to sample bittersweet symphony for a long time. the rock band group couldn’t clear the sample and got sued out the ass for it so this might not be on it unless they interpolated the whole thing which they might off

  • I could do without the hook. Colin Munroe DID NOT deliver…and I’m a fan of him. Wale’s verses were dope and the production as well.

  • derrik

    The Verve should have stayed on the hook. Colin sounds awful on this shit, and I really like his hooks and music.

  • derrik

    Dope verses by Wale though.

  • @ 619sav

    Well, points lost in my book. What a way to make a name for himself working with someone like Gucci cause people in DC like Gucci. I guess when I get the album I’ll just take the song and edit Gucci’s part out.

  • TC The Prince

    this is hot DMV stand up and Im I the only one who lives her who doest like Gucci

  • Hip Hop

    to da dood who commented above me – i dont like him either
    ppl in da dmv listenin to dat nigga gucci aka garbage rapper like he good
    but yea lets go wale!! lol

  • I preferred the Stack My Paper Up song wit B.o.B imo over this

  • Dope :)

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  • shake and my dad share a birthday, pretty cool
    also cool, i can finally (legitimately) get that cd

  • I’m listening to the Gucci featured song Pretty Girls…..Smfh…..Gucci kills it and I ain’t talking about bars lol. Dude kills the mood and his voice is awful on it. Dude has a mumbling problem. What is Wale thinking??? I definitely need to edit Gucci out of it. Hell, I get an instrumental to go with it I’ll write and record a verse over it myself hahahaha. At least I’m better than Gucci.

  • Mark Twain Fame

    just wish i could put him in a category


    really?… kids today.

  • 91&^UP

    The Verve! great sample, definately wasn’t expecting that!

  • Z

    yo, no disrespect, but in my opinion wale is mad overrated…cool dude, down to earth…but just don’t see anything special in his lyrics/flow

    and this beat & hook are just all kinds of awful

  • 1

    what is toomp doin, murderin a dope joint verve>>>toomp and colin

  • Nice track. Glad to hear some new Toomp. I imagine he couldn’t get the sample cleared though. Verve got their ass taken to court by the Rolling Stones’ suits over that sample back in the day.

  • tyler

    woww….cant believe fucked with bittersweet symphony lmaoo..love that song…colin u can come better i know it lol. why does wales album got alot of known samples all over it like that…need more originality.

  • theeFLYY

    He should’ve left this CLASSIC alone.
    I love ale, but this joint doesn’t cut it for me and that’s usually a rare feeling hen dealing with him.