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Saigon – Fuck Me, Fuck You f. Quan & Ransom

blame it on Shake October 6, 2009

If this song came out a year ago I’m pretty sure the subject matter would be directed at a certain someone. But alas Ransom & Quan join Sai for a (2)dope joint off Warning Shots 2 (available now). UDPATE: Brought this back to the top as I added another joint.

DOWNLOAD: Saigon – Fuck Me, Fuck You f. Quan & Ransom | Mediafire
BONUS: Saigon – Fatherhood (Rayne Dior) f. Lokz | Mediafire

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  • Cage

    This shit is DOPE… Good cleanup after that autotune bullshit he was spittin the other day…

  • WeRd Up SoN…..They TalkIn AbOUt BernARd BenNJaMiN BuTTeNs….

    WeRD oN dA stReEtZ iN jERsEy CiTy…..AiNt No JoE bUddENs bEEn On Da BloCk IN YeARs….JoE Is sCrrrEd tO cOme BACk To JeRSeY cItY….AND DoNt tHinK tHAT ANyOnE iN slAUghTerHoUse Is wElCoMe…..YaLL iZ wElCoME tO cOMe BuT u AiNt WelCoME To LeavE….yA HeArD Me woRd is My BonD…..
    ThIS GoES OuT tO alll tHE intERnET nERD jOe WanNa bE bUdDeNs fans oUt THeRE….DonT thInk U SafE cUZ u BehINd Ya ComPuTas/////PuTin..We Can Get To You Too HomEYs ANd HomEttEs….

    JoE BuDDeN BettER HiDe Cuz JeRseY dIrtY BiRdZ Is ouT LooKiN 4 hIM…..

    -RanSOM thE gReAt

  • WerD I aM a jERsEy HoOd CAT…..lEts LiNk up tO WoRk On fInDin ThiS FeLLa, BUTTENS…..He Is GiVIn Us A rEaL Bad NamE…..jOE bUDDEn Is Hip HoPS BiggESt HeRB…….

    BuDDDeNz bETtA NoT bE rEPPiN jc No moRe CuZ wE h8 HiM.

  • Yo DisS bE iLL BLOcK GaNGStA ChEcKiN In……wHEN I AINt iN Da StrEEtZ sLiNGiN Or, PoPPin Off GatZ OR sTACkIN PAPes….i Am ChILLiN At 2DoPebOyZ.Com Yall…..

    Yo I iZ hERe tO sAY dat dIss iS fYrE….WARnINg SHOtS fIrED WiLL JoEY rESpOnd…i DOnT know….But I sEE One ThiNg…HE suRE as HeLL AINt wElcOMe iN dErTy JeRsEy Ya hEarD….

  • Fox

    yo what is up with these niggas above me on joeys dick

  • Cage

    ^^^ It’s just one cornball ass nigga…

  • Yo I aM DoWn To CaTch BerNarD….i RoLL wItH RanSOm…Hit ME uP oN mYsPACE afTA tHe JuMP

  • Get this crap promotion outta here….bring back sosa and his croneys!

  • y0

    this song is actually really good.

  • jei

    If you gonna try and be three people AT least chance the lame ass why you type in each message…

  • daveg

    Warning Shots 2 is dope, although I wouldn’t have put For Some Pussy, Cookies and Milk(saigon doesn’t even rap on that song), For Some Pussy Remix…Cut those three and replace with Shout Outs, Break Ups, Change Gon Come, Free Tru Life…then Warning Shots 2 is damn near platinum. Good Job saigon.

  • leak?

    anyone got a leak of thiss

  • RICK RO$$

    haha holy shit a quan sighting 0__0

    but “walking testimony” was dope, not gonna front.

  • hierozion

    fuck that yo quan doesnt even get a verse? i thought it was gonna be some “just a moment” shit. guess not but saigon still aight tho

  • Shotta

    Yo the dude Doc Ish that did Eminem’s “We Made You” produced this joint. Boy is a problem!

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