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ThisIs50 Fest (Official Video x Pics)

blame it on Shake October 6, 2009


As expected.. here goes the official footage from Curtis’ ThisIs50 Festival that went down this weekend on Governor’s Island in NYC. Up top is some behind the scenes action during an interview with MTV; featuring 50 Cent, D-Block, Maino, Cory Gunz and more. Then after the jump is the rest. I’ll update as more clips become available.






  • P’cola

    add nas, leave jigga. and uNitY gon be great.


    delete 50, Maino, Papoose, G-Unit, Unlce Murda, Jim Jones

    add Nas and Jigga..then yea..that would be dope

  • Sb 562

    50 is that dude u cant deny that he got the streets on smash

  • magic

    kiss looks a lil bitter

  • lll

    Is Mr. Jackson surreptitiously building a roster?

  • CuJ

    This is definitely a good look for hip hop. Just to see all the past rivalry’s put behind and everyone getting together to do it for the music.

  • Look at this nigga Jadas face…

    In the back of his head he like fuck 50

  • dirty needles

    Im glad to see unity amongst the prime time players in NY. Missin a couple of dudes but it’s a good start in the right direction…

  • james dean

    eh…say what you want about his music or his tactics….but uhhhh without a doubt man..the streets love 50….good look sir

  • lll

    @CJdaill1: Yeah, there was a lot of ‘politicking’. A lot of cats had their bodies turned away from him, or faces were scrunched up, etc…
    But at the end of the day, all of those dudes showed up. So, Fif—who sounded like he was pimping them all a bit—has the strength of his Pimpin’ Curly hand reinforced.

  • chris

    sheeks mad down to earth, i think everyone was a lil uneasy…..jus wait till the footage of all them come out after the bottles started poppin haha


    @james dean

    what streets?

  • sigfreeeeed

    i feel bad for those kids man… gonna grow up to be a couple of moochers their whole life. poor kids gonna get corrupted early lol

  • Cage

    @james dean

    what streets?

    SUPERSLIM64 said this on October 4th, 2009 at 4:07 pm

    Lol i was thinkin the same thing… But this is still a huge move for NY artists, they will definitely get paid fuckin with fif…


  • IOU


    Ice Cube (June 15, 1969) – 39
    Jay-Z (December 4, 1969) – 39
    Raekwon (January 12, 1970) – 39
    Q-Tip (April 10, 1970) – 39
    Redman (April 17, 1970) – 39
    Ghostface Killah (May 9, 1970) – 39
    Fat Joe (August 19, 1970) – 38
    DMX (December 18, 1970) – 38
    Method Man (April 1, 1971) – 38
    Snoop Dogg (October 20, 1971) – 37
    Busta Rhymes (May 20, 1972) – 37
    Black Thought (October 3, 1972) – 36
    Nas (September 14, 1973) – 35
    Mos Def (December 11, 1973) – 35
    Styles P (November 28, 1974) – 34
    Jadakiss (May 27, 1975) – 34
    50 Cent (July 6, 1975) – 33
    Talib Kweli (October 3, 1975) – 33
    Cam’ron (February 4, 1976) – 33
    Fabolous (November 18, 1977) – 31
    Papoose (December 31,1978)- 30

  • @ IOU. No ne gives a fuck. How about putting up album sales of all those people comparing them to Plies, Soulja Boy, Gucii Mane, Fabo, Hurricane Chris, Baby Boy da Prince, Shop Boyz, New Boyz, Lil Boosie, Mike Jones, Young Dro, & others.

  • Every 2 – 3 years their is an entire new list of southern rappers because they all just follow trends. Ny Rappers are set in stone. Shop boys… one hit wonder, soulja boy.. one hit wonder, new boys… one hit wonder, hurricane chris… one hit wonder, baby boy… one hit wonder, mike jokes.. one hit wonder, playas circle…one hit wonder, Rocko… one hit wonder, murphy lee… no hit wonder. People who didn’t even make a name for themselves…. Bohagon, Lil Wyte, Lil Keke, Romeo, Slick Pulla, Yung Wun

  • the list just goes on and on and on.

  • bummer

    how much do you hear of Nelly, Lil Jon, J Kwon, Chingy, Rich Boy, David Banner, Yung L.A., Young Bloodz, Khia, Chamillionaire, Baby Bash, Choppa, Da Backwudz, D4L. Juvenile, i-20, paul wall, lil scrappy, silk the shocker, pretty ricky, young joc, yo gotti, playas circle, baby boy da prince, shop boys, huey, hurrican chris, rocko, gorilla zoe, and on and on the list can go

  • KoJ_the_YDC

    i don’t understand these lists, you’re naming non relevant rappers that shouldn’t be relevant, what’s your point…every coast has rappers that are just follow trends, and has rappers that get on and stay on what’s the point

  • bummer

    but off of IOU’s list about old rappers in NYC, Jay, 50, Nas, mos def, fat joe, method man, redman, raekwon, ghostface, fabolous, busta.. all still put albums out. who in the south stays puttin albums out…. T.I., Ludacris, Jeezy, outkast(kind of) I’m just sayin The East coast and Midwest STAY putting albums out year after year. the south has a few, but for the most part its one hit wonders.

  • bummer

    NY Rappers are like the Elvis & MJ & Rolling Stones.. meaning they will always be remembered for greatness. Souther Rappers are like Milli Vavilli. People know who they are, but just because they fake ass dudes with a couple radio hits.

  • Cage

    Lol @ the nigga puttin out all those stats and cant add… Nas is 36 now… Sept 1973-Sept2009 = 36.

  • KoJ_the_YDC

    lol alright, first off comparing east coast rappers to to MJ and the Stones is a bit much…yes those rappers are still putting albums out but are they good? ghostface and rae you can count on, fab stays underachieving, 50 is chasing the past, fat joe shouldn’t be mentioned, busta hasn’t put anything relevant out in the 2000s, come on man you can pick that apart all day…are you talking who’s putting albums out or quality? you havn’t named south rappers like scarface, who stays being underrated but dropped 4 of some of arguably the best hip hop albums THIS decade (last of a dying breed, the fix, made, emeritus), AND was doing his thing in the 90s, T.I. with King, Clipse…the amount of albums that come out per yer from heavy weight artists from the south and east is about the same man….it’s cats like raekwon who don’t put out material all the time, drop a gem every 3 or 4, and in between leave the flood gates open for lame rappers to get in and do their thing,it’s been like this…again…what is the point

  • Huh?

    SMH @ IOU.

    As soon as 50 unites NY dudes. Some clown has to boast about how the south is BETTER, When it’s not even about that.

    It’s about grouping together and making money.

    I’m an NY dude, and I grew up on Scarface’s shit. Just because you’re from one area, doesn’t mean you have to hate the others.

    Just stfu IOU. Quit bitching about age, espescially when most of these new dudes are wack as shit, is lame. Period.

  • I am someone who never goes to concerts…

    Seeing these guys come together is going to make me go to a concert I am fans of all of them. This will be incredible ! They are like a modern day mafia except they are legitimate business men getting paper together.

    By Coming together more people are going to want to go to their tour. They are going to make money it was a way to tap into the mid range market that was strong in the late 90’s early 2000. Genius.

  • Huh?

    *Shit is lame. Period*

  • Shady

    Bummer You A Faggot Ass Nigga Hands Down…I’m From Tx And I Can Tell You 97% Of The List You Named Is Garbage…

    I Love Ny Hip Hop Because It’s Competitive…
    Unlike The South…They Just Don’t Play Themselves Out And Just Make Music For The Radio And Money…Guys That Have A Love For The Music And Not Just The Money Are Chamillionaire,J.Cole,Scarface,Outkast,Ludacris,Little Brother,T.I.Clipse,Young Jeezy,U.G.K.& Slim Thug…Yeah Realistically I Hate 2 Say It,But We Do Produce A Ton Of One Hit Wonders And Wack Artists As In F.L.Y.G Spot,Lil Wayne(Lost All Cred After Trying To Be Something’s He’s Not And Turned Pop After His Buzz Started To Get Bigger)Young Joc,Chingy,Shop Boyz,Lil Wil,Birdman,Plies,Rick Ross,Webbie,D4L,Dem Franchise Boyz,Gucci Mane,Mike Jones,Soulja Boy,Shawty Lo,J Kwon,Flo-Rida,Dj UNK,Project Pat,Oj Da Gayman(Juiceman)Lil Flip,Lil Boosie & Hurricane Chris…Yet Soulja And Hurrican Is Trying To Stay Relevant…

    Yeah New York Has Wack Artist As Well…Jim Jones,Fat Joe,Benzino,Diddy,Ja Rule,U-God(From Wu Tang)Tony Yayo,Noreaga,Hell Rell,Mims,Sun NY,Sheek Louch,Dj Webstar,Loon,Freeway And Cam’ron…

    I Mean We All Have Wack Artist From Each Region…You Can’t Just Say That A Certain Coast Is Wack Cause Your Damn Near Offending That Whole Section…Like If You Say The Midwest Is Wack…Em,Common,Lupe And Others Will Shut That Shit Up Just Like If You Say The West Is Lame…Then Game,Snoop,Dre,Yukmouth,Nipsy And Etc Would Do The Same…

    You Can Say The South’s Mainstream Radio Play Is Lame…But Don’t Just Single Out An Entire Region…Cause That’s How Pointless Beefs Start…

  • Jay Daniels


  • this is beautiful thing….

  • co.

    Gotta applaud Fif for this one. NY’s slowly but surely uniting. So I expect some NY bangers in the near future.

  • chronwell

    Its good he unitin the artists in his city. I aint never upset with seeing brothers workin together!

  • RWord

    LOL!…all in a sudden everyone is applaud fif for uniting NY….the dude is the main one who beef with every N artist. this is fake to promote is album in November. Where is Fat joe, wehere is Fabo, where is Ja, where is Jay, and all the other NY artist he attack…50 is fake as hell.


    @ IOU

    LOOOL! Notice how the moron didn’t include Banks, Cory, Pap, CH, Tufli, Kid Cudi, Joell etc in his list. Dude is retarded, hahahahaha….

    Wow, who gives a fuck about age? Soulja Boy made young and mad retarded…. that’s a fact. Fuck outta here with ya Gucci Manes and all that bullshit, there isn’t an age restriction in Hip Hop as long as you’re dope. If you’re over 40 and you’ve become wack – that’s a whole nother thing.

    Ice Cube (LA) / Nas (NYC) > Any new/young South Rapper who’s hot right now ANY DAY! Fuck outta here you faggots. Fucking lil Brother and Scarface would laugh at your little age restricting lists… dude’s is ignorant. There are mad young talented dudes (B.O.B, Asher Roth, etc) and cool cats rocking it since back in the day.

    Don’t forget that Eminem is quite old and has been doing this for years. Most of us known him since 10 years ago, but he’s been rapping since about 20 years ago, so fuck outta here with age lists. Someone sister/brother might be fucking 10, doesn’t mean he/she is a better MC on the mic, you fucking ignorant fucks. IOU, you can eat a fat dick you fucking piece of idiotic shit. But I gotta thank you for making me laugh, I showed my dudes your little list too, we had a good fucking laugh at that. Almost as funny as your momma’s face after I’ve fucked it.


  • 2:28 MY NIGGA


  • Shady

    i showed my dudes your little list too,we had a good fucking laugh at that.almost as funny as your momma’s face after i’ve fucked it-OMFGLMFAO

    that alone just made my day ahahaha….

    oh yeah fuck you IOU…you fruitcake ass faggot…

    What Up Shake…

  • guest

    i guess you missed the fact that nelly has one of the top selling albums worldwide of all time…he obviously isnt relevant anymore but you cant put him in a category that he was a one hit wonder thats just some bullshit