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Joe Budden vs Tahiry (Audio)

blame it on Shake October 7, 2009

Joe Budden calls in during Tahiry’s interview with Angela Yee on Shade45 and it quickly turns for the worst. I should keep my opinion out of this one as it’s not my place to speak on another couples relationship (or lack thereof) but they should really just keep things off the record. Them both being on air and pointing the finger at each other about who is using this for publicity isn’t gonna help either of them. Hold your head Joey (same to you Tahiry). Break ups aren’t fun…

DOWNLOAD: Joe Budden vs Tahiry (Audio)

  • LoLzie!~

    This is quite a bad look for J-beezy

  • MJD

    Tahiry can hold my head…of my penis.

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  • Dfrye

    Jesus… why air your shit out like this. Any publicity is good publicity.

    PS I like how Tahiry’s accent gets thicker when she gets pissed.

  • Chuck

    damn buddens just got schooled

  • Cage

    Pathetic…. They both still hurtin, i hope SH can get through these L’s

  • ChYnO

    is there more of this or thats it?

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  • vinnieadams

    Why did this even happen? What’s the point of forcing people to hash these issues out in a public forum? I understand the concept of folks being public figures, especially given the fact that these two people have essentially put their relationship on display for the internet to see. But let ’em handle these issues off the radio, man…this was extremely sad to listen to.

  • What the fuck was that? Why would Joe even call up? and why would they continue to argue on air?

  • Ak

    joe budden is a ass, i don’t understand why tahiry even fucked with that egotistical nigga in the first place.

  • haha comedy. what a fucking loser. keep your shit behind closed doors. damn.

  • DJ Daz-One

    Damn Joey is taking the L hard. But you look foolish

  • DJ Daz-One

    Quite frankly budden you dont know what you got NOW ITS GONE.

  • Timbo

    I’m really hoping this is part of the publicity for their new show. Remember they had a meeting with VH1 a few months before the breakup? If this is all an act for a show they have planned then cool, if not, Joe’s looking like an extreme cornball for all this shit. Let her do her things, you’re a fucking rapper, on tour at that. Get pussy and get over it.

  • apoclyps

    Damn we know who the bitch in the relationship was…

  • chris

    how did joe let that go?!?

  • chris

    how did joe let that go?!?

  • Huh?

    At this point, I don’t I’d be surprised (or mad) if SL dropped Budden.

    As dope as he is, dude stay taking a seemingly infinite amount of L’s.

  • ^^yea drop the member that basically put them all together. riiiight, that’s not happening.

  • zookeeper

    Lol, not a good look Buddens, only thing missing at this point is the rubber nose. Sounded like a complete ass.

  • Huh?

    ^^yea drop the member that basically put them all together. riiiight, that’s not happening.


    Oh, word. Forgot about that.

  • lol

    nino bless actually got slaughterhouse togother but meh

    buddens take another harsh L ..once again for the public to view…smh

  • ck47

    Budden looked like a ass here , Tahiry sooned him

  • Steviee

    ah man public leave them alone shit reminds me of me n my ex girl in the neighborhood i feel bad for them they gotta deal with the world

  • sad

    people really act like this hip hop shit is real most of the time, shit like wrestling. Probably just a move for publicity but god damn she really is going on a fucking tour discussing their relationship. Id be heated if I was him too tbh

  • TC The Prince

    Joe takin so many Ls its ridiculous, they shouldnt have had them talkin bout it on air because some gonna b bitter about the situation

  • Sb 562

    haha damn joe jumpofff!!!!!! u need to stop fucking with these attention getting publicitiy bitches ie gloria velez, this bitch right here tahiry!
    theres about to be a under the sun pt 2 when he absolutely murdered glo and hes about to rip tahiry

  • Gully

    LMFAO!!!! Dis nigga stupid!!! Fuck it tho. Niggaz ran train on da bitch. Or she slept wit 2 dudes within 24 hrs. same fuckin thing. I did hear of some niggaz trainin her awhile back but I dont know how true that is. Whore is a whore anyway.

  • Everyone saying he taking an L. They both need to keep it out of the public but Tahiry is getting interviews based on her break up. Everyone is asking about it. She chooses to talk more and more about it.

  • james

    I feel bad for’em both. :(

  • blak blak

    not even going to listen to this shit right here. i’ll put both of yall in my prayers, fams. peace to every man woman and child.

  • b.

    lmfao. i don’t like joe so yea… lol.

  • They sound like a real ass couple… shits sad fo real. but real as hell…

    I actually think if they dont end up getting back together… they’ll be fucking around.

    Shit sounds like me and my girl… shits crazy.

  • Busy

    lmfao @ all the previous comments…

  • David jefferis

    haha people are getting mega emotional its good but funny as hell

  • Oh Boy….Is this the only way this dude can advertise himself? Has anyone else ever done as much destruction to themselves for the sole purpose of catching a buzz…..
    I mean where does an artist draw the line from self promotion to self humiliation.
    Yet another move by budden that has me shaking my head. Why not just focus on the game and slaughterhouse. Yet another failure for this lyrical giant/

  • m3

    this is verr plotted…listen 2 when he says “whats this interview?” their back and forth (r.i.p aaliyah) sound like script until the end….maybe it’s jus me. “call me, call me” IDK. it’s just feels dupe-ish.