• http://myspace.com/haze386 HAZE

    hell yeah NJ all day son!

  • http://api.ning.com/files/TGh3pl14wk2*LavcjjJQowOtwnfGK85phRnJCNaHIyhT1jtlZQ5gp9JEXu-gXrG*Rz9zIgdmKCaj7IInz3I-7OBRTUtfp9vd/ryuk.jpg Ryuk

    Dope track. Artwork is SICK.

  • Cage

    Shit i'm from dirty jerz too but i dam sure don't love it.. Its turnin into a warzone...

  • Cage

    Song is dope though, he shouted out Munn Ave which was the old block...

  • Cool Steph

    Snooze... I’m really feeling that new Mr. Finley track “Sin City.” I’m not even from Vegas, but if I was this would be blasting through my radio 24/7.

    Here’s the YouTube video to it:

    I also found him on MySpace.com:

  • http://www.rockthedub.com khal

    jersey been a warzone. stand up!

  • Milly

    Whack frail ass drake wannabe nigga

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CNC9NnKx2s0&feature=channel_page Cuban Linx

    Cool Steph" ---------

    We all kno that you are "Mr.Finley"
    Whack ass nikka

  • Cage

    When did they throw the H in wack? Seein a lot of that...

  • ???

    that artwork is so sick, i never heard of this kid but the artwork made me wanna peep it....

    song sounds dope too actually

  • http://www.bf3ars.blogspot.com bfears

    neako's artwork has always bn on point. this song is dope as well.

  • nj boss

    theres better in nj but hes up there

  • http://www.boundlessny.com TK