• chef

    crazy excited for this. i just made bunch of people sean price fans last night after playing some tracks. they are gunna love this shit haha.

  • Dilla = G.O.A.T

    is this an album or a mixtape ?

  • mee


  • ck47

    Recomended me some Sean Price songs.

  • http://www.2dopeboyz.com Shake

    ^^ sean price - __________

    fill in the blank and your good.

  • skeme

    cant wait for this to drop

    @ck47..i recommend all of his albums

  • Pancakes!

    There's a SUPER ill Sean P hat that you can get at undergroundhiphiop.com, looks kinda like the title

  • Elboogie619

    No one track is enough, you need albums (Monkey Barz/Jesus Price Supastar/Master P). Highlights: "P-body" "Stop" "Let It Be Known" "Bye Bye" and of course "Leflaur Leflah Eshkoshka"

    Always quality with Sean P

  • Dfrye

    You can't go wrong with anything by P. I would say start with Jesus price Supastar then go monkey bar/master p. I do have to say that JPS is one of my favorite albums, and I can't wait for this.

  • Big p feliz

    Monkey bars is my shit but they all are fukun sick I
    Hope he never go pop fukin justin timberlake and shit Ahahahahaha

  • https://twitter.com/criticalhype DJ Critical Hype

    yo cant wait... Sean Price is the fukin truth
    & that "Duck Down" track with Skyzoo & Torae is insane!!!!!

  • 18th letter

    ahh man why he have to have the guy with the fucked up ear on the back lol! sean p is crazy

    i need this asap

    "I'm better with the words bitch/ kinda like Mic when he fighting with Trevor Berbick"


    SHAKE DOWN!!!!

  • y0


  • http://yungdrew.com Yung Drew

    "Boom Bye Yeah" "Spliff N Wessun" "Da God" "Church" "Monkey Barz" "King Kong" "Onion Head" "Stop"... all classics.

    Shake pretty much said it best with "Sean Price - _________" and you're good, but those are some of my fav's.

  • http://www.myspace.com/sirnigelmusic Sir Nigel


    looks cool. wish there was more Rock though. D.I.R.T. was so refreshing.

  • http://www.imthatdude.com fulltimeboss

    yall r riding dick a lil too much, p has definitely made some wack tracks, not many but he has...dont fool urself....P!

  • jackkerorap

    Sean P ain't never spit a whack verse. And that Slum Shady skit was hilarious

  • guest

    one my favorites is heartburn

  • TheGreat?

    Classic Sean Price tracks:

    I Love You (Bitch)
    Bye Bye

  • ProjectZero


  • LamboBlue

    to ck47

    Listen to Onion Head and if after that you aren't convinced....well...hang yourself I guess

  • Markeith504

    Royce da 5'9" and price damn that sounds like a beastly song right there.

  • Bert

    the first sean P shit i heard was peep my wordz, i was hooked ever since.

    that eminem skit had me laughing my eyeballs out

    - peace from holland!

  • Kholdstare79

    A really good one is Blood Runs Cold is when he in his Pre-Sean P...

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