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Young Riot – Living the Life f. Max B & Curren$y

blame it on Shake October 7, 2009

Just got the go ahead to let loose of the bonus track off Spitta’s Jet Files (available now). Jets!

DOWNLOAD: Young Riot – Living the Life f. Max B & Curren$y | Mediafire

  • Flip Sanders

    This is one of the best songs of the year

    The Beat is nuts and they all kill it

  • SHOWMAN3000

    How ironic is this title for Max B “Living The Life” lol cause he might be seeing life for that case!

  • Sb 562

    he gone beat the appeal so dont trip

  • ThatBOydnice

    hold ya head max niggas still ridin dat waveeeeee bx whats poppinnn


    Boss Don Biggavel and Spitta all on one track..

    Chirstmas in October goddamn..

  • jei

    Ight Curren$y been growing on me, but this track just sealed the deal.

  • Melo15

    one of the best songs of the year.. its ight but your ears must be fucked up or somethin

  • Melo15


  • derrik

    I hate Max B, but this song is nice.

  • anything wit Curren$y on it can’t b the song of the year…SORRY…but dude is trash to me…song is dope though

  • CaliBear

    Just What I Needed To Hear By “Da Hot Spitta”

    “Anotha Smooth Frank Sinatra Hit For You Niggas”

    Stay Up Max BiggaVel.
    Keep It Up Curren$y.

  • This track is def fire…. how about that “Fly Out” track ppl? link?

  • DMV202703

    I’ve been spinning this track nonstop for like an hour lol.

    Free Max B

    And the Young Riot cat is not so bad. Any other material from him?

  • derrik

    Yeah Free Max B, because robbery isn’t a crime… oh wait…

  • derrik

    and lets not forget, the robbery left a man dead. Max didn’t pull the trigger but he is a long way from innocent. But this is the black mentality, he didn’t do anything wrong, the white man is just trying to hold him down.


    stfu Derrick

  • DMV202703

    Derrik, there no proof, NO PROOF, that Max B “conspired” any crime.

    Dude had a poor lawyer, but im hoping dude’s appeal goes good

  • actually Curren$y is aight…his voice just sounds so much like Baby’s lol

  • Nvm…..

  • Sb 562

    derrik i already tried to explain to you in the last max post he didnt do shit u dip shit his lawyer fucked him no vaseline yes homo

  • Cage

    His lawyer DID fuck him, but max dumb ass testified that he “knew” about the robbery…. Hot 75 years for that…. Never approved of grown men yellin owww anyways, that shit is gay…