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Will the Fugees Get Back Together? (Video)

blame it on Meka October 8, 2009

Wyclef had some interesting things to say about the state of the Fugees and the role that Dave Chappelle played in almost getting them back together.- Q

Speaking of Wyclef… here’s two more joints off his upcoming Gangsta Grillz mixtape with DJ Drama.

DOWNLOAD: Wyclef Jean – I Was Born a Shotta | Mediafire
DOWNLOAD: Wyclef Jean – Walk Away | Mediafire

  • Wutang

    I love dave chappelle

  • B EZ

    Where is Dave Chappelle at?

  • TheBS

    1st…. and that was a dope clip, would love to see the Fugees get another little somethin somethin goin but more than that for the time being, gottin dig the realness of Wycelf

  • TheBS

    not first…. damn :)

  • Jimbo

    I love the Fugees but there is no way he can compare them to The Beatles.

  • TheBS

    ^ different music genre, different fan base, different intentions with their music… it’s debatable, but its a case that can def. be argued

  • Jimbo

    Well in terms of overall influence in their respective genres, I don’t think it’s very debatable.

  • Isn’t Clef dropping a rap album?

  • Dcruz.88

    No fuckin way in a million years should The Beatles and The Fugees be mentioned in the same sentence, fuck it, paragraph! Their the closest thing to Jesus Christ when it comes to music. Ha, no way, never… “who better than me? Only The Beatles” – Jay-Z, Reminder. No ones a hair compared to them.

  • EC

    Dcruz needs to chill I definitely think they can be compared. You just have to take into account that as TBS stated, its two different genres and fan bases and time periods in which both appeared but as far as impact goes both are definitely in the same place.

  • Nous

    Beatles? Um, no. I don’t like that. Not the statement, but the fact that Wyclef… WYCLEF! had no qualms in saying it. Who does he think he is? Who does he think the Fugees are? Wyclef can’t even hold a candle to Lauryn in ANY aspect of what they do, so he needs to chill out. Different genres, and fan bases aside, comparing the Fugees impact figuratively AND statistically (don’t even go there) is a waste of time. The Fugees are not to hip-hop what The Beatles were to rock/pop/whatever. No way. Sorry.

  • Cisum oidar

    The Fugees made one dope album and one average album.
    The Beatles changed music.
    Pras sucked.
    Lennon was a genius.
    Enough said.

  • Belve

    1. He said “OF RAP” not they are the same..
    2.The impact he mentions is that everyone acknowledges the music they made and all feel the break-up happened too soon in the process.
    3. Pras does suck..lol
    4. Basically Wyclef is saying.. yes I would be down to get back in the studio but the magic is gone and we (The Fugees) all know it.

  • I don’t care about the Fugees getting back together, get Dave to make a come back! Comedy just isn’t the same without him :(

  • Can anyone say Oh-La-La-La.

    What a delightful interesting video. It had to be about what 15 yrs ago when the FugEe-La crew bursted on the season to super stardom.

    A dj Drama Wyclef Gangsta Grillz mixtape? Can anyone say Yes!

    Unbelievable….Hip Hop is here to stay baby. How sweet is this news. Also, liked Wyclef’s comments about Dave Chapel.

    Wyclef u define Hip Hop….Keep up the great work!!! And Meka,I cannot thank you enough for bringing us this news! Rock On!

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  • oohlalalala

    are you guys delirious? the comparison is in the HYPE surrounding a reunion, not the quality of music. the same type of hype was around the beatles re-uniting. just because you mention 2 groups in the same sentence, it doesn’t always mean its a versus situation. calm down people. digest the facts before commenting.

    as for the dave chappelle situation – honestly, i can’t figure out if wyclef is just putting it nicely that lauryn chose family over music and that’s why they’re not in the lab together (not that its a wrong decision, its just heartbreaking for the fans). i do think its a bit unfair, kind of a burden to place on dave, who did a lot to bring them together in the first place.

    it is what it is. many great groups have disbanded. do you really think, after 13 years, we’ll see a fugees anywhere equal to or better than THE SCORE? i hope, like all of us, but realistically speaking, its not happening.

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