Obama Awarded 2009 Nobel Peace Prize

blame it on Shake October 9, 2009

President Barack Obama won the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize on Friday, a stunning decision that comes just eight months into his presidency.
Less than nine months into his presidency, Barack Obama has been awarded the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize.

The Norwegian Nobel Committee said it honored Obama for his “extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples.”

READ: Obama Awarded 2009 Nobel Peace Prize [CNN]

  • Peaceful

    wow , obama “gets” the prize??

  • *Name

    nice… i forget how many of these our last “president” won… ??? hmm….

  • masta_g_


  • jay

    I’m a big supporter of Obama, and I do believe the man has extraordinary talents and potential to bring about great change… but c’mon, he really hasn’t done anything to deserve this award (yet).

  • Adup

    Norway, we know wassup.

  • ^^ Co-sign Jay.

    I couldn’t have said this any better

  • d.dot

    This is a joke. What has he done to deserve this?

  • Yeah…he even said that himself.

    He was like “Me?” LOL.

  • kdubfrmcali

    yea honestly im all for obama but martin luther king jr won a nobel peace prize obama has no where done anything close 2 what sum of the great men that one the award have done… maybe he’ll deserve it in 4 years… but side note… why tha fucc r they shootin rockets at the moon???

  • Kweli

    “I do not view it as a recognition of my own accomplishments. But rather as an affirmation of American leadership. … I will accept this award as a call to action.”

    – I’d be humbled too. The award isn’t a call to action – it’s meant to reward action already taken, such as spending 27 years in prison unfairly and changing government peacefully (Nelson Mandela) or starting missionary services for lepers (Mother Teresa). Even Al Gore somewhat deserved it for climate change awareness.

    – And at the risk of going too far with it, Bush did more for Africa than any other President previously. The aid to Africa under the Bush Administration was unprecedented and beyond what was expected. Just putting that out there.

  • Cage

    Wow…. A lil early for all that but wow…

  • Well said KWELI. I think it’s on the Nobel Peace Prize people…they should have considered all this, because now people are going to feel a certain way about Obama and he had no control over receiving the award.

  • Can anyone say O’Bama for President!!! hehe

    Boy, o-boy! I never thought the day would come when one of my background became president!
    And he is a intelligent smoothy to boot!
    Now he truely is an all american hero. I guess we have to say thank you to the lord. for he must have answered our prayers after we were subject to 8 grueling yeatrs under Georgey Jr.

    Not only is this a great look for america….but it is a great look for all of us in hip hop and the hood!

    Can anyone sing me a tune? How about “Movin on up”!

    Obizzy got it on lock baby!

    Congrats to the #1 man in America/

    In addition, I am really digging all the stuff Meka AND shake have been throwing up on here. He is hooking us up with that dope…whether music or news yall is feeding. Keep doing your thing playaz

  • smh

  • Rio$

    “for his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples. A criticism of the peace-prize are the notable omissions, namely the failure to award individuals with widely recognized contributions to peace. The list includes Mahatma Gandhi, Herbert Hoover, Corazon Aquino, Pope John XXIII, Pope John Paul II, Dorothy Day, César Chávez, Oscar Romero, Jose Figueres Ferrer, Steve Biko, Raphael Lemkin, Abdul Sattar Edhi, and Irena Sendler. that’s a big time list

  • ru

    Nah… In his 1895 will, Alfred Nobel said the prize should go “to the person who shall have done the most or the best work for fraternity between the nations and the abolition or reduction of standing armies and the formation and spreading of peace congresses.”

    Obama meets those criteria better than anyone right now. He’s overhauled diplomacy like no one else and is trying to BAN nuclear weapons. BTW if we want to wait until that’s achieved before awarding the prize, we’ll have to wait a long time. And it’s not unprecedented to give the prize to someone as encouragement or as a way of pressuring them to meet goals.

    What’s with the skeptical comments anyway? Didn’t expect to see that here. We should be showing dude some love.

  • One ID

    Robbie, you’re kidding, right?
    That was the funniest shit I’ve read in a long, long time.

    Quit kidding yourselves…Obama doesn’t give a fuck about hip hop or the damn hood and this undeserved award for Obama does nothing for either.

    Imagine what kind of awards Obama could win if he actually accomplishes something.


    th fuck, what did obama do dayum

  • Rio$

    SMH @ nasa spending 79 million dollars to hit the moon then get fuzzy ass pictures guess we’ll try again SMH

  • grapedrank

    im absolutely fucking furious this happened. this mother fucker hasnt dont ANYTHING for our country at this point. its fucking pathetic, and to call him a hero because hes black? well thats just fucking ignorant. fuck barack obama.

  • chef


    agreed but i don’t want to get racism involved. leave that last part out and we’re good.

  • Shyguy

    in all reality he hasnt done much. i respect barack but way too early

  • lmao. this shit a JOKE

  • derrik

    I voted for Obama n all, but he don’t deserve this shit.
    And @ RU. He is trying to ban nuclear weapons from what is considered “rogue nation” like iran and iraq and pakistan and korea. In our governments mind, we’re the only ones aloud to have nukes. The US’s (unofficial) number of nukes is over 14,000 usuable and 6,000 unusable(or workable) nukes. thats over 20 thousand nukes that our country posses. And the number may be much higher since no one really knows except a few agencies. So spare me with the Obama is trying to ban nukes. How do you ban them, they’re made, they’re active, you can just get rid of them. Russia has about 10 thousand. so how do you just get rid of over 30,000 nukes(not counting all other countries)

  • derrik

    I mean we want to ban nations from having nukes, when American is the only country in the history of man to have used them…

  • @derrik i mean we saved an estimated 250,000 American lives by not launching a ground assault during a time of war about 70 years ago. we’re now the most powerful nation and as such cannot let nations who have ties to terrorism or unstable dictators have access to nuclear weapons. common sense bruh

  • Wow

    What the fuck did he do to warrent this? He doesn’t deserve it AT ALL. There are better people who deserve this prize.

  • MrM

    yea i agree with wow and jay

  • Kweli

    Mike Dreams – I do almost feel bad for him. This is salt on the wound. People were already beginning to think that the expectations they had for him were unrealistic. This just makes it all the more obvious. The reason I hesitate in sympathizing for the man is because it was his campaign that made him sound like he was going to save the world. He’s the one that created the unrealistic expectations to get elected – that obviously snowballed and now he’s in this bind.

  • cya

    I love Obama, and while I’m certainly not against the idea of Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize; awarding it to him in his first year of office strikes me as a purely political decision by the international community to reward America as a whole for getting rid of both George Bush the man and Bush-esque foreign policy. And the Nobel prize should be about accomplishments, never politics. Even Obama said he didn’t really think that he deserved it.

  • Steve Smith

    nominated 11 days after being in office.

    lmao GG NPP Credibility

  • dirty needles

    What the hell did Obama do to deserve something of that magnitude??? This is worse than the dismantling of the 5 mic rating in the Source…The World Has Gone fuckin nuts!

  • thunda thighs

    I believe they were pressured to give him the award. Obama and his cabinet are STILL campaigning, they want you to keep loving him more and more. I think he’s up to no good.

  • hooaah

    maybe this poor decision by the nobel prize foundation will motivate obama to actually come up with viable results for all the issues that this country has

  • gumbotron

    damn if all it takes to get a nobel peace prize is to kill people in foreign countries and steal money from american people then where da fuck is my nobel prize award (i havent killed some1). dude bombs the shit outa ppl and just steals money from americans like any other politician soooo… And Al Gore deserved one? Global warming isnt even proven to be true. and as for the nuke thing about countries linked with terrorism, we shud be disarmin ourselves cuz last time i checked the definition of terrorism is the use violence and terror for political gain…thats all america does in and outside the country (Hodnuras?) But ah well, usual bullshit politics and stupid people votin on shit they dont look into all in the while fuckin my life up in the proccess. and future

  • dcruz.88

    Well, well, well, look what we have here…

    Considering the level of influence the man has largely in the U.S., Europe and the rest of the world, his efforts he has made to rise the economy back up to it’s pedestal (which is actually making MUCH improvement from the last administration), the efforts he has made to bring our troops back (an idea the last administration NEVER thought of), the efforts he has made to reach out his fellow citizens by promoting well being in schools and healthcare, all in a little less than a year is INCREDIBLE.

    Do-Nothing President? Give me a fuckin break! More people around the world are promoting peace because of this man now. From Africa to Asia. Everyone will be kissing his ass when Mr. Obama is finished with his two-terms, just watch.

    Now, I’ve always known that we were not ready for a black president since he started his campaign, and it is fact that many people cannot stand him being in office. Despite all of that, he has managed to do more and put in effort for problems facing us than any president in the last 80 years, since Roosevelt. Speaking of Roosevelt, people bashed him for being “too weak”. People criticized Kennedy, as well as Reagan, Wilson and Teddy Roosevelt. Now we look at them as of the greatest leaders that ever lived.

    I’m not worried for a Obama at all, when everything is over, everyone will be thanking him, including his Republican “friends”. And now everyone is saying he’s a “Do-Nothing”. How CAN he do anything when all the racist right-wing people won’t even support his bills, which could help the American people greatly, at all? Why? Like I said we weren’t ready for a black president, and that also has to do with jealousy within our own society. You think it’s normal when Rush Limbaugh, just minutes after Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize, to come on his radio station blasting like a damn cannon at Obama for nothing? JEALOUSY. RACISM.

    Had it not been for Obama, we could have been in a full-out nuclear war with Iran and N. Korea, which could have killed MILLIONS, possibly more.

    And in defense of all presidents, they spend MILLIONS in campaigns just to be the leader of a country that they want to improve, just to receive public, international and media backlash. Obama knew the country was in dire and critical need of help and he’s helping us. Don’t you think it’s tough for an African-American man from the middle-class to become president, inherit wars and the biggest economic problem since the great depression, face media attacks, make efforts to uplift our society, promote peace in the world, and in the end, not have a single problem with it? THAT’S pretty fuckin amazing if you ask me.

    Yes, Obama, even if you don’t know it, you rightfully deserve the award for being an extra-ordinary person in our world today.

  • dcruz.88

    @ derrik, yes, we did bomb the Japanese when there was basically no other rule in warfare at the time except for warning the enemy a day before that they were going to attack. The Japanese knew they were in for it. Obvioulsy we were going to get revenge from the bombing on Pearl Harbor. To this day, no country has a problem with that event because at the time there was little know about atomic bombs and, immediatly following the war, the United Nations was established. As of right now, we do not have any nuclear weapons. Most of the waste from the nuclear developments have been dumped in nuclear waste sites, like Tooele, Utah. Know your facts, nigga.

  • @dcruz.88
    Way to fail. Don’t get on here and try to sound like something you’re not–smart and intellectual. As for Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize? LMAO, the same committee that refused to award Clinton or Bush when nominated. Oh and here’s a little fun fact, I guess they thought Yasser Arafat was a better candidate…and for what? His role during the Oslo Accords? I distinctly remember the man who set that whole treaty/negotiation up….uhhhhh….wait for it…..Bill Clinton.
    can we say, fail?

  • hahaha lol


  • Wow – another good cookie for the wolf to draw more sheep amongst his peril flock of the walking dead. The brink of destruction is amongst us and still we can’t see an inch beyond our hands. Take off the blind folds and read what what this Black President has done to re-enslave, He is Illuminati just like that last guy, Ex President Bush! Fact not fiction: Obama is following every mandate and Executive Order that Ex-President Bush has written into office to destroy this country hook line and sinker! All while he butter us up with his charm —! So soon after the President’s charm wears off – you’re gonna be like what the fuck is going on – my freedom of speech? The constitution – Bill of rights – The second amendment: the right to bare arms to the Garden Plot(Concentration camps and the military on conducting atrocities on US soil), etc, Why- Obama – Why – you will all soon cry out!!!! It is all here boys and girls just which one of you will actually pull off the blinds and see the train wreck coming before it collides into humanity!

  • dcruz.88

    relentless, guess you only considered your best buds, Bush and Clinton. When it comes to presidents, AND they don’t live up to any expectations, America’s citizens AND the American government fails as a whole. Now, Clinton may have been a “bad” president, but he did do tremendously great things for the U.S. as well as Bush. Yes, he basically killed thousands with the wars we currently are in, which I disagreed with us staying in those countries right after they did what that needed to accomplish. But, when it comes to only a little less than a year, Obama has made waaay more effort during his presidency. Out of all the nominations, any U.S. president in the last 100 years other than Nixon and Harding (the real “do-nothing” president, just check his resume, if he has any) deserve to at least be in the nominations, with only a few diserving the prize. What would you have done if you were president? Sit your ass down in the Oval Office and chew on all the pencils? Yes, there are a billion more deserving people, but unfortunatly, for the award to go to someone, they must meet several requirments. If your devestated and not at the least proud that YOUR president from YOUR country won the prize, then start you own peace prize organization.

  • mithritades

    this like saying if someone gave yall a million dollars,yall would say”no sir,i never done anything to deserve this money,you can take it back and give it to someone more deserving” gtfoh,i acknowledge the guy getting it,THE END,he accepted and kept it moving,it aint that complicated

  • dcruz.88

    ^ speaking of a million dollars, the million he’s getting that comes with the prize is going to charity.

  • derrik

    @ D Cruz. We have no nuclear weapons? Are you fucking serious? We have more nukes than any country in the world. Russia is second. The UK is 3rd. Most powerful countries have nuclear weapons. Let WW3 happen and tell me then we don’t have nukes when we start firing all over the world. Your logic astounds me.

  • derrik

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_states_with_nuclear_weapons Get your facts straight you dumb arrogant mother fucker. God your dumb….

  • Obama became president because he’s black. Obama won this because he’s black. I think that society has made up for oppression and slavery. Let’s move on, no more freebies to the black community and no more affirmative action.

  • @derrik you stupid shit you have no clue how a 3rd world war would go down. there would be no nuclear weapons used. nukes are in storage as deterrence against other nations using them, if Japan had nukes we would not have nuked them. nations learned from this. politicians are not going to risk their cushiony rich life with the possibility of a nuclear fallout. god the ignorance of people who think they know what they’re talking about is amazing.

  • LoveBaby Jones

    the G.O.P. planned this all…don’t be deceived ppl!
    it’s a ploy to knock the black man down another notch
    let the crusade begin

  • Hmm..we can all agree that Obama didnt deserve this..

  • derrik

    P’cola. kill youself you Muslim terrorist worshipping piece of shit. You’re telling me i have no idea how it would happen, but then you are telling me how it would happen? how do u know? are you from the future? stfu, no one was even talking to you so why chime in? need a life? go blow random guys like ur dad. I was just stating that the US has nukes (D Cruz said there weren’t active nukes in the world) Again, I was stating that the US has nukes. Not saying we would use them, but we might, you never know. Again, kill yourself

  • P’cola

    Every statement you’ve made so far is idiotic? Obama was elected President, so now black people can’t complain about racism, slavery, and oppression? How does your mind work, really?

  • Black should never had complained about racism or oppression in 2009, and slavery damn sure shoulda not been brought up post 20th century. Shit cute when cats use my name, that turn me on bruh.

  • gumbotron

    damn this is still goin…


    STFU about the racism thing. if there was ever a fuckin cop out (tat how you say it?) that is the fuckin prime example of it. STFU and look at the issues. LEADERS!?!?!? WTF. BLAHAHAHHAHA arent leaders selected and not forced onto ppl? if you dont believe me wasnt he forced on the people that didnt want to participate in this little my team vs your team bullshit like me(blue vs red) and the ones that voted for that old fuck. raise money to try to improve our country? killin people cross the seas isnt improvin anything. and they dont raise money they get bribed by those big ass companies so they can get away with shit. only guy i saw raise money was that ron paul guy. o and ticketin you if you dont have health insurance inst gonaa help no one. NO ONE!!! and as for troops withdrawal…WTF are you talkin bout any amount of people that was withdrawn from IRAQ the same amount or more were put in AFGHANISTAN and or SOMALIA. save us from nuclear attak from IRAN blahahahah. the fuckin UN has been goin into that country for a while now and lookin for how the uranium is bein used and even if it was bein used for weapons it would take around seven years for IRAN to get nuclear weapons out of the small uranium they have. there is no fuckin improvement from the last “administration”. Obama hasnt turned over policies that Bush put into place that let Bush get away with so much shit and gain power. Listen to fuckin Truth, he has most of it down. dont really give a fuck which gang dude belongs in (illuminati or wateva da fuck) Obama is still not given a fuck bout you unless you got mney for him. Politicians remember. People who usually want to get elected are bitch ass niggas who want to wield power over people. i mean are you gonna say fuck you public official. no cuz you think they actually have power over you which is fuckin amazin at how they get ppl to believe that and stupid at how ppl believe it.

    In the end guy is still killin people or at least lettin it happen ( most likely tellin ppl to kill other ppl). HOW IN DA FUCK IS THAT PEACEFULL!?!? LOL

    i thinks thats all i wanted to get off my chest.

  • Obam is bankrupting our country to the tune of trilions of dollars. Besides, he has done very little to deserve the Nobel peade prize. To me this seems to be a political alap in he face for George W. Bush.

    Obama seems to have a very gloomy view of America. Has anyone ever heard him say anything good about our country? And do European countries like France and Germany like us any better now that Obama is president?

  • gumbotron

    there is nothin good or very little things good bout our country. please tell me whats good

  • DannyRodrigueZ

    yo fuck Obama, he’s just another puppet! how could he possibly win the award when he isn’t doing shit to fix the economy? CAN SOMEBODY PLEASE ANSWER THAT FOR ME?

  • dcruz.88

    fuuny how everyone wants him to fix EVERY issue we have in this country in such little time. The Economy, Healthcare, their Mom’s toilet, god-damn.

  • Speed

    You people have all this shit backwards. They`re awarding Obama the prize to show support for his endeavors. For Sweden to show that they support Obama, and also to help him build a better America. The last person to win the Peace Prize didn`t do anything to get it, but once he got it, he changed a lot. Read what it says on the Nobel Prize site:
    “for his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples”

  • Ben

    I know this is a super old post by now but… for those of you who didn’t realize it, the reason he got the award is really simple. The committee that decides who gets the Peace Prize gave it to Obama because they were trying to pressure him into pulling out of the war. It’s sort of hard, as the president, to have a war agenda when you’ve been awarded the “peace” prize. Obama clearly understands that he didn’t deserve it. The war probably won’t even be over by the end of his second term, assuming he does get reelected.